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Why Impact Crusher Is Good for Construction Waste Processing?

Among many kinds of crusher machines, such as jaw crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher, etc, the impact crusher is commonly recognized as the most suitable kind of crusher machine to process the construction waste. Please continue to find answers.

mobile impact recycling crushers

Impact Crusher Has Unique Structural Design and Working Principle – Can Handle Construction Waste More Efficiently

The reason why the impact crusher can perform well in crushing construction waste is because of its unique structural design and working principle, which enables the impact crusher machine can plays an irreplaceable role in a crusher plant to process the construction waste.

impact mobile crushers

Unique Internal Structure – More Suitable for Handling Brittle Construction Waste

Inside the impactor crusher, there are two core components: the rotor and the counterattack plates. Their joint action can crush the stone materials fed inside of the impact crsuher efficiently. Now, let’s take a closer look at the features of these impact crusher components.

High-speed Rotating Rotor – Brings Powerful Impact

There are many heavy hammer heads or plate hammers installed on the rotor. When the construction waste material is put into the crushing cavity, the rotor rotates rapidly, and the hammer heads impact the material at high speed and break and collide the material in a short period of time. This kind of working principle can quickly crush materials with medium hardness and high brittleness such as construction waste and improve production efficiency.

Counterattack Plates – Strengthen the Crushing Effect

There is a rotatable impact plate on both sides of the crushing cavity of the impact crusher. When the material is impacted onto the impact plate, the impact plate will generate a reaction force, causing the material to be thrown to the rotor area again, further strengthening the crushing effect.

impact crusher working process

Larger Feeding Inlet – Make It Easy to Crush Materials with Larger Size

  • Wide feed port: The construction waste material usually have larger size, and the impact crushers usually have a relatively wide feed inlet, which allows larger-sized construction waste materials to enter the crushing cavity smoothly and adapting to the needs of materials of different sizes.
  • Flexible adjustment for the feeding port: The feed port is usually designed to be adjustable. The operator can flexibly adjust the size of the feed port to adapt to the crushing needs of construction waste materials.
  • Wear resistance design: Since the feed port is often impacted and rubbed by sharp construction materials, it is usually made of wear-resistant materials to extend the service life of the feed port.
Types of Impact Crusher

Closed Structure Design – Dffectively Reduce Dust Pollution

The impact crusher adopts a closed structure design, which can effectively reduce the generation of noise and dust, reduce environmental pollution, and meet the environmental protection requirements of construction waste disposal projects.

  • Closed shell: Impact crushers usually have a closed shell structure, which can effectively wrap the crushing chamber and rotor part to prevent dust and debris generated during the crushing process from splashing into the surrounding environment.
  • Sound insulation design: The closed structure also takes into account the issue of reducing noise pollution. By adding sound insulation materials or sound insulation panels inside the shell, the noise generated during the impact crusher working process is reduced from being transmitted to the surrounding environment.
  • Ventilation system: The closed structure also considers the internal ventilation issues in order to ensure a good ventilation environment inside the crushing chamber and eliminate heat and odor generated during the crushing process.

Advantages of Impact Crusher
impactor crusher

In addition to the above characteristics, there are some other reasons that make the impact crusher play an important role in construction waste crushing projects.

Impact Crusher Can Control the Discharge Particle Size and Particle Shape

The Gap Between the Rotor and the Counterattack Plate Is Adjustable

By adjusting the gap between the impact plate and the rotor, the time that the material stays in the crushing chamber and the degree of crushing can be controlled. A larger gap will increase the speed of the material and reduce the degree of crushing, while a smaller gap will increase the time the material stays in the crushing cavity and increase the degree of crushing.

Impact Crusher Working Principle

The Rotor Speed Can Be Adjusted

The rotation speed of the rotor will affect the residence time and number of collisions of materials in the crushing cavity, thereby affecting the degree of crushing and particle shape. Higher rotational speed will increase the impact force and collision frequency of the material, making it easier for the material to break into fine particles.


The Shape and Position of the Counterattack Plate Can Be Customized

The design of the impact plate will also affect the crushing degree and particle shape of the material. Impact plates of different shapes, sizes and arrangements will have different effects on the materials. By optimizing the design of the impact plates, precise control of the material crushing process can be achieved.

Rationally adjusting the above impact crusher parts can achieve precise control of the crushing process of impact crushing materials, thereby obtain finished products with the required crushing degree and particle shape that meet the requirements of different users for finished particles.

Impact crushers have so many features. We often use impact crushers to crush construction waste and make recycled aggregates of various specifications for use in road construction, concrete product production and other fields.

Processing construction wastes

Cases of Impact Crushers Used for Different Fields

50TPH Impact Crusher Plant for Construction Waste Recycling Project

impact crusher plant

  • Configuration: vibrating feeder, impact crusher, vibrating screen, and several belt conveyors.
  • feeder
    impact crusher
    Impact Crusher
    screen machine
    Screen Machine
    belt conveyor
    Belt Conveyor

  • Appliction Field: Production of recycled construction aggregate for producing concrete
  • Advantages of using impact crusher for this project: In concrete production, aggregates with specific particle sizes and shapes are required to ensure the strength, compactness and durability of concrete. Impact crushing can control the discharge particle size and particle shape, thereby ensuring the uniformity and stability of concrete and reducing shrinkage and cracking of concrete.

50TPH Mobile Impact Crusher in the Philippines

50tph mobile impact crusher

  • Model: 50TPH mobile type impact crusher
  • Configuration: mobile impact crusher, and mobile screening machine
  • mobile impact crusher
    mobile impact crusher
    mobile screening machine
    mobile screening machine

  • Application Field: Production of recycled aggregate for road paving project
  • Superiorities of applying mobile impact crusher:

    In road pavement construction, the discharge particle size and particle shape of aggregates have an important impact on the compressive strength, skid resistance and durability of the pavement. Therefore, customers need to be equipped with suitable crusher machines to help them produce suitable aggregate particle sizes and shapes to ensure the smoothness and durability of the pavement and reduce pavement deformation and damage. The particle size and shape of the finished products produced by impact crusher are very consistent with customer requirements.

    At the same time, the customer has several demolition projects, so they hope that the equipment should be easily moved to the next project after use. Therefore, they finally adopted this mobile crusher plant to carry out their projects. The mobile crushing plant has high mobility and convenience and can help customers complete the migration of equipment within a few hours.

50TPH Portable Impact Crusher for Construction Waste Crushing

  • Model: 3-in-1 portable impact crusher plant
  • Components of 3-in-1 portable impact crusher plant: feeder, impact crusher, and vibrating screen
  • portable primary impact crushers

  • Application Field: Production of recycled construction aggregate for the railway track laying project
  • Merits of Using Portable Impact Crusher in This Projects:

    When laying railway tracks, laying a gravel base is an essential step. Controlling the discharge particle size and particle shape of gravel can ensure the uniformity and stability of the railway track bed and improve the safety and comfort of railway lines. The aggregates produced by the portable impact crusher are well-controlled no matter for the particle size or the shape. Thence, portable impact crusher can help customer to better implement the railway track laying project.

    At the same time, the railway track laying project belongs to a long term project because the railways often stretch for thousands of kilometers. Therefore, the construction sites will frequently change. By using a portable impact crusher, customers can save a lot of time and labor costs to transport the recycled aggregate to the sites.

In general, the impact crusher has the characteristics of high efficiency, flexibility, strong adaptability and easy operation. These characteristics make it outstanding in crushing construction waste and has become one of the important equipment for processing construction waste.

No matter you are interested in a small impact crusher or a mobile impact crusher, please feel free to contact us for a customized solution for you. We can help you choose a suitable impact crusher model as soon as possible according to the type, scale and processing needs of your construction waste to ensure the performance, quality and applicability of the impact crushing equipment.

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We, Aimix Group, as an experienced and professional supplier of impact crusher equipment, can supply both stationary type impact crushers and mobile type impact crushers for your construction waste processing project. If you have any problems about choosing which type of impact crusher for your construction waste disposal project, please contact us and we will reply you with professional crushing solutions.

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