What Is The Capacity Of Mobile Jaw Crusher?

The capacity of a mobile jaw crusher in AIMIX can vary depending on the specific model and size of the equipment.In AIMIX, the capacity range for mobile jaw crushers is as follows:

Small/Compact Mobile Jaw Crushers

Capacity range: 50 to 100 t/h
The mini mobile jaw crushers are often used for applications such as demolition, recycling, and small-scale quarrying operations.
Small Mobile Jaw Crusher - 50tph

Medium-Sized Mobile Jaw Crushers

Capacity range: 150 to 400 t/h
The mid-range mobile jaw crushers are commonly used in medium-scale quarrying, mining, and construction projects.

Whether the mobile jaw crusher is mounted on a wheeled chassis or tracked chassis. The capacity is not over 400 t/h. If you need a higher capacity for your projects, the stationary crusher plant is the wise decision.

Crawler Mobile Jaw Crusher
Tire-type Mobile Jaw Crusher

Factors Influencing The Capacity of Mobile Jaw Crusher

Model of Jaw Crusher

Different models of jaw crushers have varying capacities. Typically, larger and more powerful models can handle higher capacities compared to smaller ones.

Size of the Feed Material

Larger feed sizes require more energy to crush and process, which can affect the throughout of the crusher. If the feed size exceeds the recommended maximum feed size, it can lead to capacity-reducing and wear-increasing on the crusher components.

Level of Moisture in the Material

High moisture levels can cause material to stick to the jaw plates, leading to reduced crushing efficiency and potentially causing blockages in the crusher chamber. Additionally, moisture can cause material to clump together, affecting the flow of material through the crusher and reducing capacity.
Manufacturing Mobile Jaw Crusher in AIMIX Factory

Hardness of the Material

Harder materials require more force to break, which can impact the capacity of the jaw crusher. The mobile jaw crushers are equipped with durable jaw plates designed to withstand the impact of hard materials, but excessively hard or abrasive materials may reduce the crusher’s capacity over time.

Required Product Size

Achieving smaller product sizes requires more crushing stages and may reduce the overall capacity of the crusher. Conversely, larger product sizes can be achieved with fewer crushing stages for higher capacity operation.

If understanding and managing these key factors, you can optimize the capacity of the mobile jaw crushers to meet the specific requirements of your project and maximize the overall productivity and efficiency of its operations.

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