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What Is Granite Crusher?

Granite crusher is a specially designed equipment, which ensures an efficient and accurate crushing of granite.
quarry crusher plant mobile-type

Granite is a kind of natural hard stone, known for its resistance to wear and weathering. It is an indispensable raw material in the construction industry. After the fine processing of the crusher, this stone can be converted into finished materials suitable for the construction of roads, houses and railway construction and other diverse construction needs.

However, due to the high hardness characteristics of granite, ordinary crushers cannot deal with it effectively. Therefore, granite crushers came into being to meet this special need.

Granite crusher has a wide range of applications in mining, construction, cement, chemical and other fields. It can break large pieces of granite into small pieces or powder to meet the needs of granite granularity in different fields.

At the same time, with the continuous development of science and technology, the performance of granite crusher is also constantly improving, making the crushing efficiency of the equipment higher, lower energy consumption, more convenient maintenance.

What’s The Components Of Granite Crusher Machines?

At present, the most commonly used equipment for crushing granite rocks are jaw granite crusher and cone granite crusher.

Jaw crusher: Through the relative movement of the moving jaw and the static jaw, the material is broken in the way of animal chewing. It is usually used for primary crushing, with strong crushing capacity and efficiency. It can handle large granite, and can break the granite into small stones with uniform particle size. The jaw crusher has the advantages of simple structure and convenient maintenance. According to different capacity requirements and granite size, users can choose the right model.

APJ-V Granite Jaw Crusher
APJ-6090E Jaw crusher machine

For example, for those who need to output 15-45mm material, our APJ-1525E model crusher is undoubtedly the best choice. With a feed port size of 150×250mm, it can easily accommodate large blocks of material, thus ensuring crushing efficiency and yield. With a maximum feed size of 130mm, the machine is able to handle a wide range of feedstock sizes. In addition to the powerful crushing capacity, APJ-1525E also focuses on the user’s ease of operation and the stability of the machine. Its compact design and 0.8 ton weight make it easy to handle and install while ensuring performance.

ModelFeed opening (mm)Max feeding size(mm)Output size(mm)Capacity(t/h)Power(kw)Overal dimension(mm)Weight(t)
*Note: Technical parameters are subject to change without prior notice.

Cone crusher: Use the relative movement of the inner cone and the outer cone to compress and break the material. This crusher is usually suitable for secondary processing. It adopts the principle of laminated crushing to make the finished product particle size uniform. And it uses very little energy. Cone crusher also has a variety of different specifications models, such as single-cylinder cone crusher, multi-cylinder cone crusher, full hydraulic cone break, etc.

APC-100D single cylinder cone granite crusher
APC-132C Compound Stone Cone Crusher

ModelCrushing cone diameter (mm)Cavity typeMaximum feed size (mm)Adjustment range of discharge port (mm)Processing capacity (t/h)Mixing power (km)Dimension (L×W×H) (mm)Weight (t)
APC-600Y600 (2’ft)B6512-2512-25301740×1225×19405.5
APC-900Y900 (2’ft)B11515-5050-90551990×1640×238010.2
APC-1200Y1200 (2’ft)B14520-50110-2001102805×2300×298025.5
APC-1750Y1750 (2’ft)B21525-60280-4801603610×2950×418550.5
APC-2200Y2200 (2’ft)B30030-60590-1000260-2804790×3430×508084
*Note: Technical parameters are subject to change without prior notice.
1.Standard B type is generally used in medium crushing.
2.Medium Z type is generally used for medium and fine crushing.
3.Short head D type is generally used for fine crushing.

Performance Parameters Of Granite Crusher

The performance parameters of granite crushers are important indicators to measure its work efficiency and ability, mainly including:

  • Crushing ratio:
    Crushing ratio can reflect the change degree of particle size before and after crushing. A high crushing ratio means that the particle size changes much more during crushing. This is very important for users who need to obtain a specific particle size of the material.

    With advanced crushing chamber design and high-quality crushing components, Aimix granite crusher achieves a high crushing ratio to ensure excellent crushing results.

  • Production capacity:
    Production capacity refers to the amount of material that the crusher can handle per unit time. This parameter directly reflects the working efficiency of the crusher, and is also an indicator that users are very concerned about when choosing the crusher.

    By optimizing equipment structure and manufacturing process, Aimix granite crusher reduces energy consumption while running efficiently.

  • Power consumption:
    Power consumption is an important parameter for evaluating the energy efficiency of a crusher. Low power consumption means that the equipment consumes less energy during operation, which is very helpful in reducing the user’s operating costs.

    Advanced energy saving technology and efficient transmission system make Aimix crusher significantly reduce power consumption.

  • Particle size distribution:
    Particle size distribution describes the particle size composition of the crushed material. For some specific applications, such as the need to obtain uniform particle size of the material, the uniformity of particle size distribution is very important.

    The advanced design of Aimix granite crusher equipment ensures that the material is evenly stressed so the particle size distribution is uniform. At the same time, the granularity distribution can be adjusted according to user requirements.

Working principle of impact crusher

Various Application Of Portable Granite Crusher

Due to the high efficiency, wear resistance and stability of granite crusher plant, it has been widely used in many industries, and has brought significant economic benefits to enterprises.

In the production of building materials, granite is a common raw material. Granite crusher machinery can break large pieces of granite into aggregates suitable for use in concrete, asphalt and other building materials. This not only improves the production efficiency of building materials, but also improves the performance of building materials by optimizing aggregate particle impact construction waste crusher plant

In the construction of roads and railways, the laying of roadbed and pavement requires a large amount of stone. Granite crusher can quickly and in large quantities produce stone that meets the requirements of specifications to meet the needs of large-scale construction.
250 ton per hour mobile crusher to build road

In mining operations, a large amount of granite ore needs to be broken for subsequent beneficiation and refining. The efficient crushing capacity of the granite crusher ensures rapid processing of the ore, thus increasing mining efficiency. Its wear resistance ensures durable performance when crushing hard ore, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and replacement parts, and reducing operating costs.

In the metallurgical process, various ores need to be broken into small pieces for smelting. Granite crushing equipment can efficiently and stably complete this task to ensure the continuous operation of the production line. At the same time, its precise crushing particle size control helps to optimize the metallurgical process and improve the metal recovery rate.

In water conservancy projects, such as the construction of DAMS, embankments, etc., a large amount of stone and aggregate are needed. The efficient production capacity of the granite crusher ensures the timely supply of materials required for the project. Its wear resistance ensures the long-term stable operation of equipment in harsh working environments, and provides a strong guarantee for the smooth completion of water conservancy projects.

What You Cannot Miss To Choose The Best Granite Crusher Machine:

When purchasing and using granite crusher, it is recommended that you pay attention to the following points:

Clarify the needs:

Before choosing a granite crusher, we must clarify our own crushing needs, including the granite needed to be crushed, hardness, feed particle size, discharge particle size, etc. This will help users choose the right type of crusher model and specification.

Focus on quality:

There are many granite crushing plants brands on the market, and the quality is uneven. Users should pay attention to the brand reputation and quality reliability of the product when purchasing. High quality granite crusher machine not only has high crushing efficiency, but also has low failure rate and long service life. Then it can create greater economic benefits for users.

jaw granite crusher
jaw granite crusher equippment

Reasonable arrangement of production process:

When using granite crusher, the user should reasonably arrange the production process and equipment layout according to the performance parameters and production requirements of the equipment. For example, ensure uniform and continuous feeding to avoid equipment overload; Reasonable arrangement of equipment start-stop time, reduce no-load running time and so on. By optimizing the production process, the production efficiency can be improved and the operating cost can be reduced.

Pay attention to maintenance:

Maintenance of the granite crusher is the key to ensure the stable operation of the equipment. Users should operate according to the maintenance manual provided by the manufacturer, regularly replace the worn parts, clean the inside of the equipment, check the fasteners, etc. In addition, attention should also be paid to the normal operation of the lubrication and cooling system of the equipment to ensure that the equipment is in good working condition.

Training and operation:

Ensure that the operators have received professional training and are familiar with the operation process and precautions of the equipment. Proper operation can not only improve the service life of the equipment, but also ensure production safety.

Safety and environmental protection:

In the purchase and use of granite crushing machine, you should also consider the safety and environmental performance of the equipment. Choose a crusher equipped with perfect safety protection devices and noise and dust reduction equipment to reduce safety hazards and environmental impact in the production process.
Granite Crushing Plant in the Philippines

A Recommendation Of Granite Crusher Supplier

If you are looking for granite crusher for sale, you could take Aimix crusher into consideration.
As a professional granite crusher company, we offer high quality crusher plants.
Our granite crushers not only offer excellent crushing capabilities, but they are also specifically optimized for the hardness characteristics of granite. This means that when dealing with granite, our crushers are able to maintain higher efficiency and a longer service life.
In addition, our portable granite crusher for sale also uses advanced hydraulic system and automatic control system to ensure the stable operation of the machine and easy operation.
At the same time, we provide a full range of customer service and technical support to ensure that you are worry-free before,during and after use. No matter what kinds of products you are looking for, our customized granite crushing solution could meet your specific needs.

We- AIMIX GROUP CO., LTD are committed to providing you with excellent products and services to help you achieve greater success in the field of granite processing.

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