What Equipment Should Be Paired With The Jaw Crusher In Basalt Processing?

Basalt, a mineral material renowned for its hardness and wear resistance, plays a crucial role in the construction industry owing to its stable chemical properties. Often employed as sand and gravel aggregate, it provides a solid foundation for architectural structures. Nevertheless, to fully capitalize on the characteristics of basalt, a complete set of crushing equipment is indispensable.

Basalt Processing On-site

What equipment is essential for a complete basalt production setup? How can jaw crushers be complemented with economically viable devices for maximum profitability? Here I have provided some information for your consideration.

What Equipment Should Be Equipped With The Jaw Crusher For Optimal Processing In Basalt Production?

The raw material diameter of basalt during extraction is relatively large. Customers familiar with mining production processes know that a primary jaw crusher is commonly chosen for basalt’s first-stage crushing, while due to the hard texture of basalt, a secondary crushing stage often requires the use of a cone crusher. While, how to choose the right secondary crusher? What should the clients considered when selecting the secondary crusher?

Basalt crushing production line
Basalt crushing plant working on-site

Two Additional Considerations In the Selection of Secondary Crusher

1. Cone crushers offer high production capacity and advanced automation, usually accompanied by higher quotations. The cone crusher is suitable for large to medium-sized basalt crushing and sand production facilities with a capacity exceeding 200 tons per hour.

2. For small to medium-sized basalt sand and gravel facilities, the fine jaw crusher is suitable due to its moderate production capacity, strong crushing capability, and lower production costs, making it a more economical and popular choice compared to cone crushers.

Cone Crusher for Basalt Processing
Cone Crusher
Fine Jaw Crusher for Basalt Processing
Fine Jaw Crusher

Equipped with Sand Maker for Finer Particle Size Aggregate

To further meet the demand for construction sand, the VSI impact sand making machine comes into play. Not only does it further shape crushed basalt particles, but it also refines them to the desired particle size, with the output granularity typically below 5mm, providing high-quality sand and gravel aggregates for the construction industry.

VSI Sand Maker
VSI Sand Maker

Other Auxiliary Equipment Needed

Apart from the main crushing equipment, the whole basalt crushing plant also need other equipment, such as vibriating feeder, vibriating sreens, conveyors, dust removal equipment, electronic control system, etc.

If you’re considering acquiring a crushing line for processing basalt, feel free to reach out to us for personalized recommendations. AIMIX has been dedicated to the mining industry for decades. Besides, most importantly, we can tailor customized crushing layouts and solutions to meet your specific needs. Contact us without hesitation for more information.