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Uzbekistan Stone Crushing Plant

Uzbekistan stone crushing plant is a kind of mechanical equipment mainly used for crushing, and refining of materials. AIMIX has in-depth cooperation with Uzi Market. If you have crusher plants (дробильная установка) or crusher machines purchase needs, please read on, and I will provide you with more product information. Please feel free to consult me at any time.

Uzbekistan Stone Crushing Plant 200tph

Aimix Stationary Type Stone Crushing Plant In Uzbekistan With Flexible Configuration

Next, I will introduce AIMIX stone crusher in Uzbekistan to you through a case. This case is a set of sand making machine facility for Uzbekistan in 2022. Let’s take a look.

AIMIX 200t Stone Crushing Plant And Screening Plant in Uzbekistan

In 2021, we signed a contract with an Uzi customer on exporting an Uzbekistan 150-200 cobblestone crushing plant. Customers met us at the exhibition. AIMIX has a local office in Uzi. In 2021, our office participated in an exhibition in Uzi and met customers at the exhibition.

Processing raw materials: mainly river pebbles

Finished product requirements: the output range is 0-5mm, 5-20mm, 20-40mm, 40-70mm

What Is The Configuration Of The 200tph Uzbekistan Crushing Plant

Vibrating feeder APG-4911W+jaw crusher APJ-7510E+cone crusher APC-300M+VSI crusher APV-1145+sand washing machine APW-3019D

Below are some actual photos of the equipment. Because customers have sand making needs, we are equipped with VSI crushers and sand washing machines, which can ensure the cleanliness and fineness of the finished products.

AIMIX salesperson with customer
sand making machine
jaw Uzbekistan Stone Crushing Plant

When you inquire about the Uzbekistan crusher plant, AIMIX’s business personnel will ask you about the type of material, the processing capacity requirements, as well as the climate, the site environment, the budget, etc. According to the consideration of various factors, our professional engineers can equip you with the most suitable metals processing plant for Uzbekistan.

AIMIX is an experienced stone crusher plant manufacturer in Uzbekistan, the crushing plant that AIMIX can provide has a production capacity between 45tph to 300tph. Below let me introduce to you what kind of gravel crushing equipment we sell.

Uzbekistan Stone Crushing Plant for sale
large Uzbekistan Stone Crushing Plant
stationary Uzbekistan Stone Crushing Plant

Stone Crusher Meets The Requirements Of Coarse, Medium And Fine Crushing

Stone crusher in Uzbekistan is one of the core components of the crushing plant, and its main function is to crush the material into the required particle size. According to different crushing principles, crushers can be divided into jaw crushers, cone crushers, impact crushers and vsi crushers, etc.

Taking the above case as an example, it is equipped with an Uzbekistan rock jaw crusher, cone crusher and vsi crusher. Let me briefly explain why the engineer gave this rock grinding and crushing in Uzbekistan.

The reason for choosing a crusher machine usually involves factors such as material properties, crushing particle size and production capacity. The following is a classification of coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing to introduce the characteristics of different stone crusher machines.

Jaw Type – Mostly Used For Coarse Crushing

The jaw crusher is suitable for coarse crushing and can crush materials to 5-150mm. It can crush materials with high hardness and high strength, such as granite, iron ore, etc. In the above case, the customer’s raw material is large in size and high in hardness, so our engineers equip the customer with a jaw crusher for coarse crushing to crush the stone into a suitable size.

jaw crushing machine for sale

AIMIX is a kaolin jaw crusher supplier in Uzbekistan,there are three main types of AIMIX jaw crushers: APJ-E series for the common version, APJ-V series for the European version, and APJ-X series for medium and fine crushing. If you want to get their detailed parameters and stone jaw crusher prices in Uzbekistan, you can check the jaw crusher page:

jaw crushing equipment normal version
APJ-E Series

european version jaw Uzbekistan Stone Crushing Plant
APJ-V Series

APJ-E slim jaw crusher machine
APJ-X Series

Cone Type And Impact Type – Common Equipment For Medium Crushing

Both cone crusher and impact crusher are equipment suitable for medium crushing. The cone crusher can crush the material to 10-50mm, while the impact crusher can crush the material to 5-50mm.

The biggest difference between the two in terms of processing materials is the hardness of the processing materials. A cone crusher is suitable for crushing materials with high hardness, such as granite, basalt and so on. The impact crusher is suitable for crushing materials with low hardness and high water content, such as limestone and quartz sand. Considering the customer’s raw material selection, our engineer equipped him with a cone crusher.

Uzbekistan Stone Crushing Plant how to choose a crusher
processing materials of Uzbekistan Stone Crushing Plant

There are many types of AIMIX cone crushers and impact crushers to choose from, so I won’t go into details here. If you want to consult these two devices, welcome to leave me a message.

VSI Type – The Best Equipment For Fine Crushing

VSI crushing machine in Uzbekistan is suitable for fine crushing and can crush materials to 0-5mm. VSI Crusher has the characteristics of low energy consumption, large crushing ratio and uniform output particle size. It can produce high-quality sand and gravel because in the above case, the customer has a demand for sand making, so we have equipped with a VSI quartz crusher. Generally speaking, the sand washing machine is also its partner equipment. The cooperation of the two can further ensure the final product’s cleanliness.

aimix stone crushing fine sand making line
Uzbekistan Stone Crushing Plant with vsi crusher

The above is a brief description of the crusher machines. If you need Uzbekistan stone crushing plant prices, you can write your requirements into the message form, and our project manager will give you the most professional reply.

Mobile crushing plant reduces freight costs

In addition to the above-mentioned fixed crushing plants, AIMIX also has a mobile crushing plant in Uzbekistan for sale. According to different driving modes, the mobile crusher plant can be divided into tire mobile type and crawler type.

Tire mobile – easy to install and remove

The tire mobile crushing plant adopts the way of tire walking and relies on trailer traction. Its biggest feature is its flexible movement, which can be quickly assembled and disassembled on the job site.

AIMIX tire mobile crushing plant has many types, including jaw mobile crushing plant, cone mobile crushing plant, impact mobile crushing plant and the most popular four-in-one mobile crushing plant. Below I show you some picture examples.

mobile Crushing plant in Chile

APY4-4660S Mobile Granite Crushing Plant Delivered To Uz SuccessfullyCapacity: 16-40(t/h)

  • Feeder model: APG-3090W
  • Tire configuration: Parallel three shafts
  • Primary crusher model: APJ-4060E
  • Production capacity(t/h): 16-40
  • Secondary crusher model: APC-600Y
  • Transport Length(mm): 15500
  • Vibrating screen model: APS-1237Y
  • Transport width(mm): 2800
  • Transport height(mm): 4200
  • Weight(t): 41

ModelFeed opening (mm)Max feeding size(mm)Output size(mm)Capacity(t/h)Power(kw)Overal dimension(mm)Weight(t)
*Note: Technical parameters are subject to change without prior notice.

Crawler movement – strong adaptability

As a professional Uzbekistan crawler mounted crusher supplier, our crawler crushing plant is a crawler-based mobile crushing equipment. It adopts a crawler chassis, which can work in various complex terrains and environments, and has the characteristics of flexible movement and strong adaptability.

Comparatively speaking, a crawler-type crushing plant is very advantageous for self-driving movement and climbing ability. At present, AIMIX has some stock crawler mobile crushing plants on sale. If you need them, please contact me.

crawler type Uzbekistan Stone Crushing Plant

Crawler Mobile Impact CrusherCapacity: 180-320(t/h)

  • Volume (m³): 4.5
  • Crusher Type: APF1315H Impact Crusher
  • Walking speed (kw/h): 0.6-1
  • Working Dimensions L×W×H (mm): 18586×7698×4587
  • Machine power (kw): 250
  • Shipping Dimensions L×W×H (mm): 18586×3532×3800
  • Machine weight (t): 62
  • Climbing angle: less than 20°

crawler screening plant for sale

Crawler Mobile Screening MachineCapacity: 80-400(t/h)

  • Screen machine: APS-2160Y3
  • Working Dimensions L×W×H (mm): 15048×14076×5565
  • Walking speed (kw/h): 0.6-1
  • Shipping Dimensions L×W×H (mm): 15500×3510×3670
  • Machine weight (t): 32
  • Climbing angle: less than 20°

The choice of two mobile crushing plants should be determined according to the specific use environment and needs. Whether it is a tire portable crusher plant Uzbekistan or a crawler crushing plant, they can improve crushing efficiency, reduce costs, and contribute to resource recycling and environmental protection.

What fields can the crushing plant be used for?

Above I introduced the classification of crushing plants to you, and below, I will introduce you to the selection of crushing plants in terms of application fields, which you can use as a reference. Gold crusher plant in Uzbekistan is widely used in the following fields:

crushing plant application fields


The crushing plant is essential equipment in the mining process, and it is also the most common application scenario. Crusher can crush the ore extracted from the mine, making it easier for further processing and extraction of valuable metals or minerals. Mining is usually a long-term investment process, and it is a good choice to choose a crusher stone plant for sale.


Crushing plants are also often used in construction projects, which can break construction waste, bricks, concrete, and other materials into smaller particles for transportation and reuse. Generally speaking, crawler mobile crushers are usually selected for the treatment and reuse of construction waste. As I mentioned above, one of the great advantages of a crawler is that it can climb slopes and adapt to harsh terrain conditions.

Road construction

During road construction, crushing plants can crush unwanted road materials such as asphalt, concrete, etc. into smaller particles for reclaiming road surfaces. Because mobile crushing equipment can realize on-site operations and reduce transportation and infrastructure investment, most people engaged in road construction will choose mobile crushing plants.

Metallurgical and chemical industries

Crushing plants are also widely used in metallurgical and chemical industries. Through the reasonable configuration of the crusher, metal materials, chemicals or raw materials can be crushed into the required particle size.

In summary, crusher plants have extensive applications in many fields and play an important role in the crushing, grinding, and refinement of materials. Now click the button for a hot sale Uzbekistan stone crushing plant price.

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