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Stone Crusher

With the continuous development of the stone crushing industry, the stone crusher has become indispensable equipment. In recent years, it has even become a leader in the mining industry due to its wide applications. Indeed, stone crusher machine can crush various kinds of ores, cement, refractories, glass raw materials, mechanism building sands, stone, and various metallurgical slags and so on.

Furthermore, a crusher stone is widely used to crush materials in mining smelting, building material, road, railway, water conservancy, engineering field, chemical industry, mining field, and other fields. In the engineering field, a stone crushing machine is ideal equipment for producing machine-made sand, cushion material, asphalt concrete, cement concrete aggregate, and so on. In the mining field, it is widely used in the crushing process. It can produce a large amount of coarsely crushing materials and improve the processing capacity.

stone crusher materials
stone crusher materials

Types of Stone Crushers:

As Aimix’s experts say, it is not specific crushing equipment or a specific kind of machine. It consists of a stone jaw crusher machine, impact crusher, compound cone crusher, single hammer crusher, vertical impact crusher, rotary crusher, stone cone crusher machine, roller crusher, double roller crusher, ball mill, Raymond mill, sand making machine, sand washing machine, high pressure hanging roller mill, etc. That means, there are many types of crushing equipment.

Stone Crusher Parts:

The main parts of an impact-type stone crusher machine are springs, railings, front frame, frame, square steel, impact plate bolts, turning device, spindle, plate hammer, rotor frame, lining plate, a locking block, a pressing block, etc. Today, Aimix will mainly introduce the following parts.

Plate Hammer:

The hammer’s shape of the stone crusher is closely related to the way of tightening and the working load. The design of the plate hammer should meet the requirements of reliable operation, easy loading and unloading, and the improvement of metal utilization. Plate hammer is generally made of high chromium cast iron, high manganese steel, and other wear-resistant alloy steel. Plate hammer has a lot of shapes: long strip, T-shaped, S-shaped, shaped, and other shapes.

Pressing Block:

This part is widely used in all kinds of mining machinery. The material of the machine for crushing stone is excellent and the performance is stable. The pressing block has a stable chemical composition, reasonable heat treatment process, good abrasion resistance, high strength, and so on.

Impact Plate:

The function of the impact plate is to bear the impact of the material which are crushed by the hammer. The counterattack plate is usually welded by a steel plate. The counterattack surface has a wear-resistant lining plate or a counter roller. In addition, most of the rotors of the impact crushers are made of integral cast steel. The structure is durable and easy to install. The hammer can meet almost all the crushing requirements. And the rotor of a small and light impact crusher can also be welded by a steel plate.

Technical Characteristics of Best Stone Crushers:

As a professional crusher exporter, Aimix’s stone crusher quarry design has many excellent features compared with ordinary crusher.

  • The limestone grinding machine not only has fine crushing and coarse grinding function, but also has high crushing efficiency;
  • Aimix’s stone creaser machine has a simple structure, easy installation and maintenance, low operation cost, and so on;
  • The finished product has an excellent grain shape. And these finished products are suitable for aggregate shaping, artificial sand producing, and highway aggregate production;
  • The product accumulation density is large, and the iron pollution is extremely small.

Stone Crushing Process:

In order to turn different types and sizes of stone materials into the required size we need, we always need more than one type of stone crusher machine. Actually, four kinds of crushing machines are needed in this process. Besides, Aimix’s expert classifies crushers into the following batu crusher class: jaw crusher as the primary stone crusher, impact crusher is usually the secondary stone crusher, and the stone crusher sand is always used in the third crushing stage. Aimix, a reliable stone crushing machine supplier, tells us the detailed stone crusher process here.


The First Stage: Primary Crushing

In this stage, we generally use a jaw crusher to crush the stone materials coarsely. The stone crusher plant design is excellent: the machine has a high processing capacity and a large crushing ratio. Moreover, it has advanced technology, long service life, reliable working condition, easy maintenance, and other advantages. Therefore, using a jaw crusher is the best choice.

PE250-400 jaw crusher
PE250-400 jaw crusher
Model: PE-250*400
Feed opening size(mm): 250*400
Max.Feeding size(mm):210
Adjusting range of discharge opening(mm):20-60
Processing capacity(t/h): 5-10
Rotation speed of eccentric shaft(r/min):300
Mixing power(kw): 15
Total weight(T): 2.8
Dimension(L*W*H)(mm): 1300*1090*1270

Model: PEX-250*750
Feed opening size(mm): 250*750
Max.Feeding size(mm):210
Adjusting range of discharge opening(mm):25-60
Processing capacity(t/h): 13-35
Rotation speed of eccentric shaft(r/min):330
Mixing power(kw): 22
Total weight(T): 5.5
Dimension(L*W*H)(mm): 1380*1750*1540

Specifications of Aimix’s Jaw Crusher:

(Model) Feed opening size(mm) Max.Feeding size(mm Adjusting range of discharge opening(mm) Processing capacity


Rotation speed of eccentric shaft(r/min Mixing power(kw) Total weight(T) Dimension(L*W*H)(mm)
PE-150*250 150*250 125 10-40 1-3 250 5.5 0.8 720*660*850
PE-200*300 200*300 180 15-50 2-6 260 7.5 1.2 910*750*900
PE-200*350 200*350 180 18-70 3-10 260 11 1.5 100*870*990
PE-250*400 250*400 210 20-60 5-10 300 15 2.8 1300*1090*1270
PE-400*600 400*600 340 40-100 16-60 275 30 7 1730*1730*1630
PE-500*750 500*750 425 50-100 40-110 275 55 12 1980*2080*1870
PE-600*750 600*750 500 150-200 80-240 275 55 15.8 2070*2000*1920
PE-600*900 600*900 500 65-160 50-180 250 55 17 2190*2206*2300
PE-750*1060 750*1060 630 80-140 110-320 250 110 29 2660*2430*2800
PE-800*1060 800*1060 640 130-190 130-330 250 110 29.8 2710*2430*2800
PE-830*1060 830*1060 650 160-220 150-336 250 110 30.7 2740*2430*2800
PE-870*1060 870*1060 660 200-260 190-336 250 110 31.5 2810*2430*2800

The Second Stage: Secondary Crushing

In this stage, you can use a fine stone jaw crusher for sale or an impact crusher, or a cone crusher. The three kinds of equipment are all fine crushing machines, and users can choose crushers flexibly according to their needs. They can turn the crushed stones into smaller particles.

Model: PF-1210
Specifications(mm): 1250*1050
Diameter of feeding inlet(mm): 400*1080
Max. feeding Aggregate Size(mm): 350
Capacity(t/h): 70-130
Power(kw): 6P 110
Total weight(T): 17.7
Dimension(L*W*H)(mm): 2680*2160*2800

Model: PF-1820
Specifications(mm): 1800*2000
Diameter of feeding inlet(mm): 1260*2040
Max. feeding Aggregate Size(mm): 800
Capacity(t/h): 600-800
Power(kw): 630-710
Total weight(T): 83.21
Dimension(L*W*H)(mm): 4400*3866*4009

Specifications of Aimix’s Impact Crusher:

Model Specifications
Diameter of feeding inlet
Max.feeding Aggregate Size
Total Weight
PF-1007 Φ1000×700 400×730 300 30-70 4P   37-45 12 2330×1660×2300
PF-1010 Φ1000×1050 400×1080 350 50-90 4P   45-55 15 2370×1700×2390
PF-1210 Φ1250×1050 400×1080 350 70-130 6P   110 17.7 2680×2160×2800
PF-1214 Φ1250×1400 400×1430 350 100-180 6P   132 22.4 2650×2460×2800
PF-1315 Φ1320×1500 860×1520 500 130-250 6P   220 27 3180×2720×2620
PF-1520 Φ1500×2000 830×2040 700 300-550 4P   315-400 50.6 3959×3564×3330
PF-1820 Φ1800×2000 1260×2040 800 600-800 630-710 83.21 4400×3866×4009

The Third Stage: Finely Crushing and Shaping

This stage is an important part of the whole process. We often use a sand making machine to turn crushed stone materials into the required size. This kind of crusher plant can meet the need. After sieving by the vibrating screen, suitable materials will be sent into the sand machine again, and unsuitable materials will be sent to the finished product stack.

Model: B-7615DR
Throughput Capacity (t/h) Cascade and central feeding: 150-280
Throughput Capacity (t/h)Central feeding:70-140
Max.Feeding dimension (mm) Soft materia: <35
Max.Feeding dimension (mm) Hard materia: <30
Rotation speed(r/min): 1700-1900
Double motor power (kw): 110-150
Overall dimension (LxWxH)(mm): 4100*2330*2300
Weight(t): 8.6
Power: 380V, 50HZ

Model: B-8522DR
Throughput Capacity (t/h) Cascade and central feeding: 240-380
Throughput Capacity (t/h)Central feeding:120-200
Max.Feeding dimension (mm) Soft materia: <40
Max.Feeding dimension (mm) Hard materia: <35
Rotation speed(r/min): 1500-1700
Double motor power (kw): 180-220
Overall dimension (LxWxH)(mm): 4100*2500*2700
Weight(t): 11.8
Power: 380V, 50HZ

Specifications of Aimix’s Sand Making Production Line:

Model B-7615DR B-8522DR B-9532DR B-1145DR
Throughput Capacity (t/h) Cascade and central feeding 150~280 240~380 350~540 500~640
Central feeding 70~140 120~200 180~280 250~360
Max.Feeding dimension (mm) Soft material <35 <40 <45 <50
Hard material <30 <35 <40 <45
Rotation speed(r/min) 1700~1900 1500~1700 1300~1510 1100~1310
Double motor power (kw) 110~150 180~220 260~320 400~440
Overall dimension (LxWxH)(mm) 4100×2330 ×2300 4140×2500 ×2700 4560×2600 ×2900 5100×2790 ×3320
Weight(t) 8.6 11.8 17.5 27.5
Power 380v,50Hz
Librication System Double pump motor power 2X0.31kW
Safety Alternative double pump oil supply;machine stops automatically without oil flow or oil pressure.water cooling,motor warm start in winter.
Overall dimension (LxWxH) 820X520X1270
Gasoline tank heating power 2KW

The Fourth Stage: Cleaning the Finished Product

After cleaning by the sand making machine, the stone making process is basically completed, and the final stone particles are transferred by belt conveyor.

We have said the whole stone-making process. If you want to know more information about the crusher, you can visit Aimix’s website. You can learn more detailed knowledge about the crushing machine, such as stone crusher video, stone crusher parts photos, etc.

Stone Crusher Project Report:

Aimix’s crusher has been successfully exported to many countries. In addition,  all of our machines have made outstanding contributions to the mining crushing industry. Therefore, our stone crusher mining project has been appreciated by all the customers. In addition, we are committed to manufacturing the perfect product. So, we will try our best to solve the current problems with our machines and produce the best crusher for all the customers. Besides, we will always make stone crusher project reports to conclude the problems we meet and make our product better.

Stone Crusher Images:

You will see many crusher stone crusher images and the related crusher machines by visiting Aimix’s website. And our website has introduced more than 20 kinds of crusher equipment. Besides, you can also know detailed information about stone crusher spare parts. And we will give you the most professional solutions to the problem of the crusher machine.

Stone Crusher Manufacturer:

There are countless stone crusher machine manufacturers around the world. However, Not all manufacturers are reliable. Some crusher equipment manufacturers have high machine prices, and some manufacturers do not have high-quality equipment. They can not be called reliable suppliers. In any case, you should choose a professional stone crushing machine supplier from numerous mining machinery manufacturers.

So far, Aimix has done stone crushing business for more than 30 years. And it can supply customers from all over the world with the following equipment: jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, gravel crusher, sand making production line, sand making machine, mobile crushing plant, vibrating screen, and so on. Besides, Our products have been delivered to more than 60 countries, such as Algeria, Australia, Bhutan, Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, Congo, Egypt, France, India, and so on. Therefore, you can choose us without hesitation.

You can visit our website to know more about products and get more information. Besides, We can show you more information about the crusher you want to purchase.

As one of the reliable crusher suppliers, Aimix has developed and manufactured crushing machines and related products for more than 30 years.  Due to the high quality and reasonable price, all of our machines are popular with our customers. Of course, we have a superior stone crusher factory to manufacture all the popular machines. Moreover, all the crushing machines have perfect stone crusher layouts to meet different crushing demands.

There are many manufacturers in the stone crushing industry. Therefore, it is self-evident that choosing a suitable supplier is very crucial. Aimix is reliable because we ensure our products’ quality. In recent years, we have built stone crusher machine projects in many countries.

If you need to purchase a stone crusher or a coal crusher machine or other related equipments, please don’t hesitate to choose Aimix. You can send us an e-mail or contact us online, we will show you more information before you buy our machines. We will provide you with the best products!

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