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Stone Crusher Plant

The stones mined in the quarry are large and difficult to transport. How to makes use of these stones efficiently and economically? In this case, you might as well consider stone crusher plant. So what is stone cresar plant?

What is Stone Crusher Plant

A stone crusher machine plant is a machine designed to reduce large rocks into smaller rocks, or gravel. These plants are vital in infrastructure development, providing the necessary materials for roads, buildings, and other construction projects.

Crawler type mobile stone cruhser equipment
100TPH Mobile Type Stone Crushing Plant

Stone crusher plants come in different types, configurations and sizes to accommodate diverse construction needs, ensuring the efficient production of required materials for various applications within the industry. For example, Aimix supplies many types of stone crusher plant, such as mobile stone crusher plants, stationary stone crusher plants, and so on.

How is a stone crushing equipment constructed so that it has such a powerful effect?

What are the Components of Stone Crusher Plant

The stone crushing plant typically consists of crushers, feeders, screens, conveyors, and other machinery that work together to process raw materials into different sizes of aggregate or gravel. If you are interested in it, just keep reading to know more about the components and you may have a better understanding of how should you finish stone crusher plant layout.

stone crushing plant flow chart

Primary Crusher

The primary crusher in a stone crusher plant near me is the initial machine used to break larger rocks into smaller pieces. Usually, it’s a robust machine like a jaw crusher. This crusher is designed to handle large rocks and employ a compression force to break them down. A jaw crusher uses a fixed jaw and a moving jaw to create a V-shaped chamber through which the rocks are crushed.

The crushed material then moves down through the stone crush plant, usually via conveyors, to be further processed in secondary crushers or screens.


What is the Role of Feeder

The feeder in a stone crusher plant for sale is a crucial component responsible for regulating the stone crusher plant process of raw materials into the crusher. It ensures a steady and controlled supply of rocks or other materials to the primary crusher, optimizing its efficiency and preventing overloading or uneven feeding.

How Does the Feeder Work

Vibrating feeders use vibrations to move materials forward, while apron feeders consist of a continuous steel belt carrying materials. These feeders can be adjusted to control the rate at which materials are fed into the crusher, ensuring a consistent and appropriate supply for efficient crushing operations.

APG-3896W feeder of stone crushing plant
APG-4911W feeder for stone crusher machine

Vibrating Screen

The vibrating screen consists of multiple layers of screens with different-sized openings or meshes, allowing materials of various sizes to pass through. By efficiently separating the materials, the vibrating screen enhances the overall efficiency of the stone crushing plants in producing the desired grades of aggregate for different construction applications.

APS-1848Y4 vibrating screening machine for crusher
APS-2460Y4vibrating screener

Conveyor Belts

The conveyor belt of a stone-crushing plants is designed to handle various types of materials, including stones, gravel, and aggregates, and they come in different sizes and configurations to suit the specific needs of the plant. The conveyor belt helps in the automation of material transportation, reducing manual handling and ensuring a smooth flow of materials throughout the crushing process.

Crushers (Secondary and Tertiary)

Secondary and tertiary crushers in a stone crushing plant for sale serve to further break down the material after the primary crushing stage.

Secondary Crushers

These machines take the crushed material from the primary crusher and further reduce its size. Common types include cone crushers and impact crushers. Cone crushers use a rotating cone-shaped mantle that crushes the material against the concave surface. Impact crushers utilize the principle of impact, where the material is struck by hammers or bars attached to a rotating rotor.

APC-132C Compound Cone Crusher Machine for Sale
APF-1214 Stone Impact Crusher

Tertiary Crushers

Their role is to refine the material into a finer product. Tertiary crushers handle smaller-sized material and are used to produce finer gradations of aggregate. They often include machines like vertical shaft impactors (VSI), impact crusher or high-speed cone crushers. These crushers provide the final shaping of the aggregates and are essential for achieving specific particle sizes required for certain applications.

200TPH Mobile Type Crusher and Screening Plant for ProcessingGranite

Dust Suppression System

The dust suppression system is also an essential part of stone crushing and screening plant, which helps control and mitigate the dispersion of dust particles generated during the crushing process. This typically involves the use of spray or mist systems strategically placed around crushers, conveyors and transfer points.

These systems release a fine mist of water or special additives to dampen the dust and prevent it from becoming airborne. The water or additives bind to the dust particles, causing them to settle and adhere to surfaces, reducing the amount of dust released into the environment.

Control Panel

The control panel serves as the nerve center, overseeing and regulating the machinery’s operation. It typically houses various switches, indicators, and controls to manage the crushing process efficiently. The panel enables operators to start and stop the entire plant, regulate the flow of materials, monitor conveyor belts, adjust crusher settings, and oversee the overall functioning of the crusher plant.

Aimix’s control panel has the Internet of Things function, which allows you to view operation and production conditions of automatic stone crusher plant in real time, allowing you to adjust production in a timely manner.

Storage Bins

Storage bins of big stone crusher plant are containers designed to store different sizes and types of raw materials or crushed aggregates before they are further processed or used to ensure a consistent supply of materials for the crushing and screening processes.

Each component is very important for the function of the stone crushing plant near me. Only when they work together can the equipment operate efficiently. So how do you assemble them to achieve this goal? Here’s an introduction on how to set up stone crusher plant.

Right Ways to Install a Stone Crusher Plant

Equipment Placement of Stone Crushing Plant

As for the stone crusher plant layout, the primary crusher is typically placed close to the quarry face to minimize hauling distances for the raw materials. Conveyor belts connect various components, ensuring a smooth flow of material. Secondary crushers are positioned after the primary ones to further process larger stones.

Screens are usually placed after the crushers to segregate different sizes of crushed stone. They help direct the appropriately sized material to different conveyor belts for storage or further processing. Additionally, storage bins for storing different grades of material are strategically located to facilitate easy access during construction activities.

Model: APY3-1214F Mobile Stone Crushing Plant
Feeder Model: APG-3896W
Crusher Model: APF-1214H
Capacity: 150-350t/h
Shipping Length: 15800mm
Shipping Width: 2550mm
Shipping Height: 4500mm
Weight: 53t
Vibrating Screen: APS-1860Y
Numer of Axles: 3

Handle Electrical Connection of Stone Crusher Plant Design

Electrical connections in a stone crusher plant design involve ensuring safe, efficient, and compliant wiring setups. It’s crucial to adhere to local electrical codes and regulations while handling these connections.

Properly sized cables, secure terminations, and effective grounding are vital. Qualified electricians usually handle such connections to prevent hazards like electrical shocks, fires, or equipment damage.

They follow wiring diagrams, use appropriate tools, and implement safety measures like isolating power sources during maintenance. Inspections and periodic maintenance ensure the integrity, reducing risks and downtime of stone crushing plants.

Model: APY2-110J Jaw Crusher Plant
Feeder Model: APG-4211W
Crusher Model: ABJ-110V
Max Feed Size: 650mm
Hopper Capacity: 7m³
Capacity: 250-400t/h
Shipping Length: 13200mm
Shipping Width: 3000mm
Shipping Height: 4400mm
Weight: 65t

Align Conveyor Belts of Stone Crushing Plants

Aligning conveyor belts in is essential for efficient material movement and preventing damage to the crushing plant of stone. Here are the methods to align the belts.

Inspect Alignment

Check for any misalignment by observing the belt’s position relative to the rollers or pulleys.

Adjust Rollers or Pulleys

Loosen the mounting bolts of the rollers or pulleys that guide the belt. Gradually adjust their position to ensure the belt runs straight without deviation.

Tension Adjustment

Ensure proper tension of the belt to prevent slipping or excess wear. Adjust the tension using the tensioning mechanisms provided.

Install Effective Dust Suppression System

Installing an effective dust suppression system of crushing plant of stone is crucial for maintaining a safe and healthy work environment while minimizing environmental impact. Systems often include misting or spraying mechanisms, ventilation, and containment measures. Using water sprays, foggers, or dust collectors can significantly reduce airborne particles.

Proper positioning of these systems at key points in the crushing and screening process helps mitigate dust generation. Additionally, enclosing areas prone to dust, employing water trucks, and implementing regular maintenance of equipment minimize dust emissions.

Ensure Stone Crusher Plant’s Proper Water Management

Proper water management involves implementing efficient strategies. Begin by controlling water usage through recycling systems that capture and reuse water, reducing overall consumption. Employ dust suppression techniques using misting or sprinkler systems to limit airborne particles during crushing operations, minimizing water wastage.

Additionally, establish containment systems and barriers to prevent water runoff and contamination of nearby sources. Implement sedimentation ponds or tanks to collect and treat wastewater before safe disposal or reuse. Regular maintenance of stone crusher plant to fix leaks and ensure proper functioning of water recycling systems is vital.

mobile stone crusher machine plant

The above are the whole procedures to ensure the efficiency of stone crusher plant working. Hope it is helpful to you. After you finish the stone crusher plant installation, please pay attention to the following tips.

Things to Note After Installation

After the installation is complete, not everything will be fine. It is important to conduct operation test, take measures for the operation safety, and maintain the stone crusher plant regularly.

Conduct Operational Testing for Stone Crusher Plant

Implement Safety Measures

Safety measures in a stone crusher plant are crucial to protect workers and maintain a secure environment. First, strict adherence to safety protocols during operation, including wearing appropriate protective gear and following operational guidelines, is essential. Regular crusher plant crushing stone inspection and maintenance ensure machines function properly, reducing risks.

Implementing barriers and signage around hazardous areas prevents accidental entry. Conducting safety training for all personnel increases awareness and preparedness for emergencies. Additionally, installing emergency stop mechanisms on machinery and maintaining clear evacuation routes can swiftly address potential dangers. Regular risk assessments and continuous improvement of safety protocols ensure a safer working environment for everyone involved.

Develop Regular Maintenance for Stone Cresar Plant

Developing a regular maintenance routine after stone crusher plant set up post-installation is critical for optimal performance and longevity. How to Maintain Stone Crushing Plant?Let’s delve into it.

Establish Maintenance Routine

Begin by establishing a maintenance schedule, detailing tasks like lubrication, inspection of key components, and belt adjustments. Conduct routine checks for wear and tear, ensuring timely replacements of worn-out parts to prevent unexpected breakdowns. If you are not sure about it, you also can consult stone crusher plant manufacturers who have rich experience in equipment maintenance and training.

Feeder modelAPG-3090WAPG-3896WAPG-3896WAPG-4211W
Crusher modelAPF-1010HAPF-1210HAPF-1214HAPF-1315H
Vibrating screen modelAPS-1548YAPS-1848YAPS-1860YAPS-2160Y
Tire configurationParallel three shaftsParallel three shaftsParallel three shaftsParallel three shafts
Return belt conveyor modelB650B650B800B1000
Feeder belt conveyor modelB650B800B800B1000
Under-sieve belt conveyor modelB800B800B1000B1000
Production capacity (t/h)70-150100-285150-350180-500
Transport length (mm)13000158001580016500
Transport width (mm)2500255025503000
Transport height (mm)4200450045004500
Weight (t)41455360

Train Staff About Maintenance

Train staff on maintenance protocols and safety measures to handle machinery effectively. Implement a stone crusher plant management software like record-keeping or automated system to track maintenance activities and identify patterns for better planning. Regularly review and update maintenance procedures based on operational insights and manufacturer recommendations.

Crusher modelAPC-110CAPC-160CAPC-200C
Vibrating screen modelAPS-1848YAPS-1860YAPS-2160Y
Maximum feed size (mm)160200215
Tire configurationParallel double shaftParallel double shaftParallel double shaft
Feeding belt conveyor model (optional)B650B800B1000
Output belt conveyor model (optional)B500B650B650
Under-sieve belt conveyor modelB650B800B1000
Generator power (kW) (optional)240280320
Production capacity (t/h)50-23080-390120-420
Transport Length (mm)138001380014500
Transport width (mm)300030003000
Transport height (mm)440044004500
Weight (t)323742

To make the stone crusher plant operate efficiently, it is very necessary to have a basic understanding of the function and structure of the equipment. Assembling the various parts is the foundation. I hope this article can help you understand how to assemble a crushing equipment. If you still have questions about this, such as the stone crusher plant price, you can contact Aimix, one of the leading Chinese stone crusher plant manufacturers, and we will guide you how to start a stone crusher plant investment and how much the stone crusher plant cost will be.

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