100-120t Stationary Crushing Plant For Stone Production In Mongolia

Great news! We are excited to announce that last month we successfully delivered a 100-120 ton stationary crushing plant to Mongolia. Today, we are honored to introduce the entire process of this collaboration and showcase some production photos and equipment testing videos from our factory.

Mongolia crushing plant load crushing plant load

Client Background

This client contacted us through our website. He is primarily engaged in road construction, asphalt road and concrete road paving, with extensive experience in asphalt concrete production.

Currently, he already own a 50-60 ton asphalt mixing plant and a coal mining crushing machine. Now, the client is planning to purchase a complete crushing production line to meet their stone production needs and provide raw materials for asphalt mixtures and road bases.

cone crusher packed
screening machine for sale

Specific Client Requirements

During the initial communication, our sales team inquired about the client’s requirements. Such as raw materials used, production capacity requirements, budget, and other relevant information. Based on the preliminary understanding, our engineers provided the client with an initial version of the solution.

  • The raw materials are hard rocks, and the client desires fine granularity in the final product.
  • They want to meet the demands of large-scale production.

According to customer needs, we provide a combination plan of APJ-6090E jaw crusher + APC-110C cone crusher. Below are real photos of the device.

Mongolia jaw crusher
jaw crushing machine APJ-E
AIMIX cone crushing machine

What Is The Cooperation Process Like

Considering the client’s limited knowledge of crushing production equipment, our sales team and engineers patiently explained the details, including equipment selection advice and optimal production line configuration. We conducted multiple online meetings with the client, demonstrating the working principles and advantages of the crushing plant solution, and further refining the solution to ensure that the equipment meets the client’s requirements for high quality and high production capacity.

Throughout the collaboration, we maintained close contact with the client through WeChat and email (sales@aimixcrusherplant.com), ensuring timely communication and sharing of important documents to facilitate the smooth progress of the project. The client appreciated our professionalism and service, further strengthening our partnership.

APG-3895W vibrating feeder
crushing plant packed
vibrating screening machine

Factory Equipment Testing Video

After the crushing plant was manufactured, our technicians conducted successful equipment testing. According to the client’s request, we performed painting and color customization for the entire stone crushing line plant before securely loading it for delivery.

If you also aspire to achieve high-quality and high-production stone production, we are here to provide you with excellent equipment and technical support. Contact us now to embark on a new chapter in your business!

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