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70-100TPH Construction Waste Mobile Crusher Plant

Are you in need of a mobile crushing plant and curious about its functions? Now please allow I introduce this tire-type mobile crushing plant solution, which is ideal for small projects. This solution requires only one mobile crusher machine for construction waste treatment, making it a high-yield and low-investment choice.

What equipment is equipped with this crushing station?

The APY3-1210 mobile impact crushing plant features an APG-3896W vibrating feeder, an APF-1210H crusher impact, and an APS-1848Y4 vibrating screen.

In addition, this mobile crushing production line is equipped with five belt conveyors as seen in the 3D workflow below.

construction wast processing plant

What requirements can this solution meet?

Processing materials: mainly limestone, with some broken stones and pebbles mixed in

Production capacity: 70-100tph

Maximum feeding size: 180mm

Finished particle size: 0-5-13-19-25mm

impact crusher mobile type

why choose this configuration?

Good particle size: The European hydraulic impact crusher has a unique crushing cavity design. It can effectively crush the materials into the required particle size and improve the quality of the finished products.

Flexible movement: The equipment is mobile and can be flexibly moved according to production needs, which greatly reduces the transportation cost of the crushed materials and improves production efficiency.

Low maintenance cost: This mobile crusher is equipped with advanced hydraulic technology, which can effectively reduce maintenance costs and improve the service life of the crusher plant mobile.

How This Mobile Crusher Plant Works?

  • Raw material feeding: The raw materials, which are quarry crushed materials with a size of 180mm and below, are fed into the vibrating feeder through the wheel loader equipment.
  • Crushing: The vibrating feeder feeds the raw materials into the European hydraulic impact crusher, which crushes the materials into the required size range of 0-1/4”-1/2”-3/4”-1’.
  • Screening: The crushed materials are then sent to the vibrating screen, which screens out the materials with the required particle size and separates them into four different sizes.
  • Conveying: The finished products are then transported to the storage yard or directly loaded onto trucks for transportation.

feeder machine
APG-3896W vibrating feeder

impact crushing machine
APF-1210H impact crusher

vibrating screen aimix
APS-1848Y4 vibrating screen

Besides, because the tire-mounted mobile crusher plant is flexible in configuration, our professional technicians can design unique solutions for your own needs. Now send me a message if you are interested.

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