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50TPH Stationary Crusher Plant For Crushing Construction Waste

This solution is used to process construction waste and is suitable for relatively small projects. This configuration is absolutely cost-saving as it mainly consists of a vibrating feeder, impact crusher, and vibrating screen. If you want to find an affordable and reliable fixed crusher plant, do not miss this.

The configuration of this solution is as follows:

APG-0724Z (vibrating feeder) + APF-1010 (impact crusher) + APS-1548Y3 (vibrating screen)

50tph crusher plant
50TPH Construction Waste Crusher Plant

Customer demand:

It is used to deal with construction waste and realize the recycling of resources.

Raw materials: maximum 250mm.

Finished particle size: three kinds of sand between 0-30mm.

Yield demands: 50TPH.

Demand analysis:

The customer’s production demand is not large, and the crusher plant is mainly used to separate viscous concrete aggregates. Considering the cost budget and the maximum feed particle size, the use of an impact crusher in the entire production line can meet the customer’s demand.

  • 1.Vibrating Feeder: APG-0724Z. Choose according to feed particle size and output.
  • 2.Impact crusher: APF-1010. According to the crushing particle size curve and the maximum feeding particle size, the impact crusher is more suitable because the main material to be processed is viscous aggregate.
  • 3.Vibrating screen: APS-1548Y3. Calculate the corresponding specific gravity of finished products according to the crushing particle size curve of the impact crusher, determine the required screen area according to the respective output of the finished products, and then select APS-2160Y4 for pre-screening of sand products.

vibrating feeder
APG-0724Z vibrating feeder

crusher impact
APF-1214 impact crusher

vibrating screener
APS-1548Y3 vibrating screen

Above is a solution we provide for small-scale crushing projects, we can also customize your own construction waste crusher plant, now fill out the form below to consult me.

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