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150TPH Stationary Crusher Plant For Concrete Production

The following solution is suitable for medium production demand projects. It is equipped with a jaw crusher, medium crushing compound cone crusher, and fine crushing compound cone crusher, so this production line can be configured to produce four different particle sizes of sand, which is an excellent solution for concrete production. If you have a demand for many kinds of particle sizes of sand, come to read it.

The configuration of this solution is as follows:

APG-3895W (vibrating feeder) + APJ-6090E (jaw crusher) + APC-132C-M (medium crushing compound cone crusher) + APC-132C-F (fine crushing compound cone crusher) + APS-2160Y4 (vibrating screen)

150tph crushing plant
150TPH Stationary Crusher Plant

Customer’s Demand:

Used for crushing basalt on the mountain and producing sand and gravel aggregate for ordinary concrete.

Raw materials used: maximum 500mm.

Finished particle size: four kinds of sand between 0-38mm.

Yield demands: 150TPH.

Demand Analysis:

The customer has no shape requirements, considering the size of the finished product, two-stage crushing can meet the requirements, but the customer has a high demand for the proportion of sand and small stones in the finished product. The proposed plan is three-stage crushing: jaw crusher, cone crusher, and sand making machine. However, considering the customer’s budget and profit ratio, the sand making machine in the third stage of crushing was changed to a fine-cavity cone crusher to increase the output of fine sand.

  • Feeder: APG-3895W. Choose according to feed particle size and output.
  • Jaw crusher: APJ-6090E. Choose according to the crushing particle size curve, select the appropriate grate gap of 100mm, and the particle size that meets the secondary crushing can be directly entered under the grate bar, and then use the remaining amount as a reference for the selection of jaw crusher.
  • Cone crusher: APC-132C-M. Choose according to the jaw crusher discharge curve and the required output, medium crushing compound cone crusher is selected.
  • Vibrating screen: APS-2160Y4. Calculate the proportion of the corresponding finished product according to the crushing curve of the cone crusher, and determine the required screening area according to the respective output of the finished product.
  • Fine crushing compound cone crusher: APC-132C-M. Further processing of materials larger than the particle size of the finished product sieved by the screen can improve the sand forming rate.

vibrating feeder
APG-3895W (vibrating feeder)
AIMIX jaw crusher
APJ-6090E (jaw crusher)
medium crushing compound cone crusher
APC-132C-M (medium crushing compound cone crusher)

fine crushing compound cone crusher
APC-132C-F (fine crushing compound cone crusher)
vibrating screen
APS-2160Y4 (vibrating screen)

If this solution meets your needs, come and consult me to buy it. We also have many other types of crusher machines.

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