Should The Mobile Crushing Plant Be Crawler-type Or Tire-type

Nowadays, with the rapid advancement of infrastructure construction, the demand for sand and gravel aggregates in various industries is increasing day by day. Many of these projects require frequent movement and relocation. Therefore, mobile crushing plants are becoming more and more popular.

One piece of equipment in the mobile crushing plant is equivalent to the entire production line. In the market, tire-mounted mobile crushers and crawler mobile crushers are very popular equipment. Below, we compare the two types of devices to help you make a better choice.

crawler mobile crusher

Walking Style

  • The tire-mounted mobile crusher relies to the trailer-type tractor, which needs a trailer as traction. The tire-type crusher has the characteristics of short wheelbase and small turning radius. It does not damage the road surface and can run flexibly on ordinary roads and in work areas.
  • The crawler type has a high degree of automation and uses the crawler self-propelled movement. But it’s heavy and moves relatively slowly. It can be operated by wireless remote control, and the crusher crawler can be driven onto the trailer and transported to the job site.

aimix mobile crusher plant
four-in-one crusher plant mobile type
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Field of Application

  • Because the tire-type mobile crusher plant adopts vehicle-mounted traction, it can meet the mobility needs no matter on the job site or on the road. Therefore, it is more suitable for crushing various sand and gravel materials in construction waste disposal, earthwork engineering, urban infrastructure and road construction, construction and other industries.
  • The crawler-type mobile crusher adopts a ship-shaped structure with high strength and good passing performance. It has the advantage of climbing hills, running smoothly on rough and even wet roads. Therefore, it can cope with harsh working conditions such as quarrying and mining.

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Work Efficiency

  • When working, the tire-type mobile crushing plant can increase the stability of the equipment through the hydraulic outriggers equipped under the frame. There are certain requirements for the foundation of the site. When the rock mass of the site is solid and the bearing capacity is large, the working efficiency of the equipment will be higher.
  • Due to the large tonnage of the whole vehicle and the low center of gravity, the crawler-type portable crusher plant has a large ground contact area between the crawler and the ground, and has strong adaptability. Due to the high degree of equipment integration and the good degree of optimization of the single stone crushing machine, its work efficiency is high.

Equipment Cost

Because the configuration, model and auxiliary equipment of the main crusher are different, the price is not fixed. However, relatively speaking, the production input cost of the crawler mobile crusher is higher, and its price is usually slightly higher than that of the tire type. If you want to get the price of mobile crushing plant, please leave me a message for consultation.

In general, the choice of crawler-type and tire-type mobile crushing plants should be based on their characteristics to match the working conditions, so as to give full play to their advantages. We warmly welcome everyone to visit the factory of AIMIX GROUP in China. Our technical engineers will serve you wholeheartedly and customize the most suitable mobile crushing production line.

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