Sales Promotion – Aimix Crawler Mobile Crushers In Stock

Good news comes! We have several crawler mobile crushers in stock, including impact types and screening types. As we all know, the crawler mobile crusher is a rising crusher machine that has been chosen by more and more people. With its track-driven walking style, it can work in a variety of complex terrains. If you are considering buying one or more for your project, keep reading, and drop us a note if there are any questions!

crawler mobile crusher for sale

What Types Of Crawler Mobile Crushers We Can Offer To You Right Now?

Crawler Impact Crusher – Produce Final Materials In Good Shapes

This crawler impact crusher is very multi-function, which equips a vibrating feeder, APF1315 impact crusher, and a vibrating screen.

impact type crusher machines

Crawler Mobile Impact CrusherCapacity: 180-320(t/h)

  • Volume (m³): 4.5
  • Crusher Type: APF1315H Impact Crusher
  • Walking speed (kw/h): 0.6-1
  • Working Dimensions L×W×H (mm): 18586×7698×4587
  • Machine power (kw): 250
  • Shipping Dimensions L×W×H (mm): 18586×3532×3800
  • Machine weight (t): 62
  • Climbing angle: less than 20°

Crawler Screening Machine – Precisely screen materials of different specifications

Crawler screening machine equips a vibrating feeder and a vibrating screen.

crawler mobile crusher for screening

Crawler Mobile Screening MachineCapacity: 80-400(t/h)

  • Screen machine: APS-2160Y3
  • Working Dimensions L×W×H (mm): 15048×14076×5565
  • Walking speed (kw/h): 0.6-1
  • Shipping Dimensions L×W×H (mm): 15500×3510×3670
  • Machine weight (t): 32
  • Climbing angle: less than 20°

What Benefits Can You Get If You Buy Crawler Crushers In Stock

  • Get the crawler crusher fast delivery. We have tested all crawler mobile crushers in stock, and made sure they reached the factory standard. Once you place an order successfully, we can arrange delivery immediately, and the crawler crushers will be delivered to your location as soon as possible.
  • Put into use quickly and speed up the project’s progress. The stock crawler crusher is suitable for urgent projects. If your need to start your project as soon as possible, we can arrange emergency services for you to ensure that the equipment can be delivered immediately, so as not to delay the project’s progress.

Aimix crawler mobile crushers
the shipping of crawler crusher

Is Investing In Crawler Mobile Crushers A Profitable Business?

Obtain the support of local policies

The mobile-type crusher plant meets environmental protection requirements and has the advantages of energy saving and high efficiency. For the purpose of protecting the environment, the government will issue relevant policies to support the use of mobile crushing plants. In this way, you can get project permission more quickly.

Large market demands

With the development of urbanization, now crushing equipment has been used in many industries. You can buy crawler mobile crushers for industries such as mining, construction waste recycling, urban infrastructure, highways, railways, and so on. Similarly, you can lease out the project during the idle period to get more investment income.

Reduce the total project cost

Crawler crushers integrate feeding, crushing, screening, and conveying, which can effectively reduce lot labor costs. Moreover, after delivery, it does not need to spend time to install and can be put into use quickly, reducing installation costs and speeding up the progress of the project.

Bringing long-term benefits

Crawler mobile crusher has a long service life because it does not need to be fixed in a certain area, it can be put into use in multiple projects to obtain long-term profits. If you mainly want to use crawler crushers for producing aggregate, then you can not only use the final products for your own needs but also sell to others.

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Photos From Our Customers’ Feedback

Here are some photos shared by our customers, please have a look!

crawler crusher plant
crawler screening crusher
crawler crusher loading

Recently, our company has been holding a promotion. If you purchase Aimix’s construction equipment, you can get one or two gifts for free! Our construction equipment for sale include self loading concrete mixers, concrete mixer pumps, concrete batching plant, and mobile crusher plants. There are many models for you to choose from. If you are interested, please fill in the form below and leave me a message.

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