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Rock Crusher

With the prosperity and development of the crushing industry, rock crusher is becoming more and more important. We often use it to crush limestone, river pebble, granite, basalt, quartz stone, and other materials. Moreover, it is widely used to crush ore and large pieces of material in mining smelting, building material, road, railway, water conservancy chemical industry, and other fields.

The rock crusher machine has a bright prospect. With the development of the mining industry, more and more rocks appear. In order to save energy and generate economic benefits, people will pay more and more attention to the industrial rock crusher. As a result, its demand will increase significantly.

There are many types of rock crushers. Generally, it mainly consists of rock Jaw Crusher, rock crusher cone, rock hammer crusher, vertical shaft impact crusher, impact rock crusher and so on. According to the requirements of materials’ size, different types of rock crusher near me are used in different crushing stages. Here, Aimix will introduce detailed information to you.

Rock Crusher Plans:

What factors should you take into consideration before you purchase a rock crusher plant? As one of the professional rock-crushing companies, Aimix will give you some suggestions.

  • Firstly, You should consider the size of raw materials you want to process. If the materials are very big particles, you can choose the primary rock crusher equipment(rock jaw crusher machine). Because the rock jaw crusher is suitable for crushing large stone materials. On the contrary, you should choose Aimix’s other kind of mining rock crushers(rock cone crusher or rock impact crusher) in order to crush smaller stone materials.
  • Secondly, you should consider the performance of a cheap commercial rock crusher. Aimix, a reliable stone crusher supplier, adopts advanced technology to manufacture all kinds of rock crusher quarry. Therefore, our rock crushers have a simple structure, easy maintenance, stable performance, and low operation cost. So you can choose us without any hesitation.
  • Lastly, price is a very important factor you should think about. We will recommend suitable rock crusher machines to different customers according to their budgets and requirements. We ensure that all customers will get the best model rock crusher at the most reasonable price.

Impact Rock Crusher:

Aimix’s impact rock crusher is one important type of rock crusher machine for sale. It adopts the latest technology, absorbs the advantages of many domestic and foreign impact rock crushers, and has very superior performance. Its excellent features are as follows:

  • Firstly, the clearance between the plate and the hammer can be adjusted conveniently, and the particle size can be controlled effectively;
  • Secondly, the ore is broken along the joint surface, so the power consumption is of the mini rock crusher is low and the crushing efficiency is high;
  • Thirdly, a high chromium plate hammer has good impact resistance and abrasion resistance, and the portable rock crusher also has powerful impact force;
  • Lastly, the crushing ratio is large, and it can reach 40%. So it can simplify the crushing process, can make the three-section crushing into two or one-section crushing, and reduce the equipment cost of the mineral processing factory.

Cone Rock Crusher:

This kind of rock crusher portable designed and manufactured by Aimix Group is a superior product. And it uses the most advanced technology and conception. Therefore, it has so many unparalleled advantages.

  • Firstly, the maintenance of the mini rock crusher machine is simple. The discharge port of the cone rock crusher’s hydraulic motor can be adjusted. And rock cone crusher allows the fixed cone to be fully removed to adjust the collar nut to replace the liner, thus it can greatly simplify the replacement work of the liner. And all parts can be maintained or repaired from the top or side, so equipment maintenance is very convenient. And you can find more information on Aimx’s rock crusher maintenance manual.
  • Secondly, the rock crushing equipment has a large production capacity. The cone crusher has a higher speed stroke, so the rated power of the rock cone crusher is increased, and the processing capacity of the equipment is greatly improved.
  • Thirdly, this rock crusher machine has a two-way iron release hydraulic cylinder, which allows the iron to go through the crushing chamber, and reduces the shutdown due to debris in the crushing chamber.
  • Fourthly, a large-diameter spindle and heavy main frame ensure that the equipment has durable and reliable working conditions. The independent thin oil lubrication system can ensure the bearing lubrication has double protection.
  • Lastly, the mobile rock crusher has a high degree of automation. And it can be automatically controlled and even further controlled by a computer according to users’ needs.

Rock Crusher Parts:

We all know it consists of several types of stone crusher machines. Now, Aimix will take a rock cone crusher as an example to describe rock crushing machine components.

The type of cheap rock crusher is mainly composed of a frame, rock crusher transmission shaft, eccentric sleeve, spherical bearing, crushing cone, adjusting device, adjusting sleeve, spring, and discharging port. In order to give customers a better understanding of the rock crusher design, Aimix will describe the detailed information of the following parts.

  • Firstly, the main frame of the rock crushing plant. The main frame consists of the upper frame part and the lower frame part. The two parts are connected by a hydraulic cylinder. The upper shelf is a welding piece, and the upper side of the shelf is welded with a wear-resistant copper plate. And the lower frame is whole cast steel.
  • Secondly, the adjusting device. A hydraulic motor drives the pinion, and the pinion drives the adjusting cap on the gear, thereby the fixed cone will be driven to rotate. In this way, the gap between the fixed cone and the mobile cone will be adjusted.
  • Third, is the hydraulic control station. It mainly includes a fuel tank with an oiled table, motor oil pump, filter device, energy storage device, control device, pressure switch, safety protection device, etc. A terminal box and a button control cabinet are also equipped beside the small portable rock crushers.

Using Rock Jaw Crusher in Coarsely Crushing Stage:

The rock crushing machine mainly used in the primary stage is the rock jaw crusher. As everyone knows, diesel jaw crusher is a coarsely crushing machine. Besides, this kind of rock crusher machine is widely used to crush rock and large pieces of materials in mining smelting, building material, road, railway, water conservancy, chemical industry, and so on.

Model: PE-400*600
Feed opening size(mm): 400*600
Max.Feeding size(mm):340
Adjusting range of discharge opening(mm):40-100
Processing capacity(t/h): 16-60
Rotation speed of eccentric shaft(r/min):275
Mixing power(kw): 30
Total weight(T): 7
Dimension(L*W*H)(mm): 1730*1730*1760

Model: PE-500*750
Feed opening size(mm): 500*750
Max.Feeding size(mm):425
Adjusting range of discharge opening(mm):50-100
Processing capacity(t/h): 40-110
Rotation speed of eccentric shaft(r/min):275
Mixing power(kw): 55
Total weight(T): 12
Dimension(L*W*H)(mm): 1980*2020*1870

Parameters of Rock Jaw Crusher:

(Model) Feed opening size(mm) Max.Feeding size(mm Adjusting range of discharge opening(mm) Processing capacity


Rotation speed of eccentric shaft(r/min Mixing power(kw) Total weight(T) Dimension(L*W*H)(mm)
PE-900*1060 900*1060 685 230-290 230-390 250 110 33 2870*2420*2940
PE-900*1200 900*1200 750 95-165 220-450 200 110 52 3380*2870*3330
PE-1000*1200 1000*1200 850 195-265 315-500 200 110 55 3480*2876*3330
PE-1200*1500 1200*1500 1020 150-350 400-800 180 160-220 100.9 4200*3300*3500
PE-1500*1800 1500*1800 1200 220-350 500-1000 180 280-355 122 5160*3660*4248
PE-1600*2100 1600*2100 1500 300-400 1300-2200 160 350-380 150.6 6210*4013*4716
PEX-150*750 150*750 120 18-48 8-25 320 15 3.8 1200*1530*1060
PEX-250*750 250*750 210 25-60 13-35 330 22 5.5 1380*1750*1540
PEX-250*1000 250*1000 210 25-60 16-52 330 30 7 1560*1950*1390
PEX-250*1200 250*1200 210 25-60 20-61 330 37 9.7 2140*1660*1500
PEX-300*1300 300*1300 250 20-90 16-105 300 55 15.6 2720*1950*1600

How Does A Rock Crusher Work:

The working principle of rock jaw crushers is: when the stone crushing equipment works, motor drives belt and pulley to move, and the eccentric shaft drives the mobile jaw plate. When the mobile jaw plate rises, the angle between the elbow plate and the mobile jaw plate becomes larger. So the mobile jaw plate will be close to the fixed jaw plate. At the same time, materials can be crushed. When the mobile jaw plate is down, the angle between the elbow plate and the movable jaw becomes small. In addition, under the effect of rod and spring, the mobile jaw plate will be far from the fixed jaw plate. Meanwhile, the finished products will be discharged.

The crushing chamber of the rock crusher for gold is composed of a fixed jaw plate and a mobile jaw plate. The latter plate is periodically reciprocated against the fixed jaw plate, sometimes separated, and sometimes closed. When they are separated, the material enters the crushing chamber and the finished product is discharged from the discharge port. When they are closed, the material between the two jaw plates is crushed by crushing, bending, and splitting.

In short, this is how a crusher works. If you still have questions about the working principle of the rock crusher, you can contact us online or send us an e-mail. Aimix will provide you with more detailed information (such as rock crusher youtube).

Using Rock Cone Crusher in Finely Crushing Stage:

In the secondly rock crushing stage, we always use a rock impact crusher machine or a hydraulic rock cone crusher. They are all finely crushing machines.

Introduction of Rock Impact Crusher:

Rock impact crusher has wide applications. This kind of rock crushing equipment for sale has become the crucial equipment to crush stone materials in highways, high-speed railways, water conservancy projects, and other fields. The rock-type crusher machines can process all kinds of coarse, medium, and fine materials, such as limestone, feldspar, calcite, granite, talc, barite, fluorite, rare earth, coke, coal gangue, gypsum, etc. Besides, this type of small rock crusher can be used in metal and non-metallic minerals, metallurgy, cement, chemical, refractory, ceramic, and other industrial sectors.

The mini rock crusher is a crushing machine that uses impact energy to crush materials. Then, how does a small portable rock crusher work? When the impact crusher is working, the rotor driven by the motor has high-speed rotation. When the materials go into the plate hammer area, they could be crushed by the plate hammer on the rotor. Then materials are thrown to the counterattack device to be crushed again, and they are re-broken by a hammer. The process is repeated, and the materials can be repeatedly crushed by three counterattack cavities until the materials are crushed to the required size. And then they are discharged from the discharge port.

Introduction of Rock Cone Crusher:

In order to design and develop the perfect rock crusher plant, Aimx’s experts have made great efforts. And this kind of rock crusher combines a high crushing chamber and high crushing frequency. Moreover, we will introduce the working principle of the rock crushing plant.

We may have known a lot about the definitions and applications of a cone crusher. However, few people understand its operating principle. Here, Aimix’s experts will tell you how rock crushers work.

When the mobile rock crusher works, the V-belt, pulley, drive shaft, small bevel gear, and large bevel gear driven by the motor drive the eccentric sleeve to rotate. The axis of the rock crusher cone driven by the eccentric shaft sleeve swings rotationally, so that the surface of the crushing wall sometimes approaches and sometimes leaves the surface of the mortar wall. Therefore, materials in the ring crushing chamber composed of fixed cones and mobile cones can be crushed by impacting, squeezing, and bending constantly. After repeated squeezing, impacting, and bending, materials can be crushed to the required particle size and discharged from the lower part.

In the case of unbreakable materials going into the crushing chamber or the machine overloaded due to some reasons, the spring insurance system will work. The discharge port will be enlarged, and the unbreakable materials are discharged from the crushing chamber. If the impurities can not be discharged, we can use a cavity cleaning system. So that the discharge port will continue to increase. And the impurities can be discharged from the crushing chamber. Under the effect of the spring, the discharge port will automatically reset, and the rock crusher for gold mining will back to normal work.

Type: PSG900
Model: 0910
Diemeter of large end of crushing cone(mm): 914
Adjusting range of discharging opening(mm): 9-22
Feed opening size of the open edges when recommending the min discharge opening
Max feed size(mm): 85
Processing capacity(t/h): 45-91
Main motor power(kw): 75
Weight(kg): 9980

Type: PSG1300
Model: 1313
Diemeter of large end of crushing cone(mm): 1295
Adjusting range of discharging opening(mm): 13-31
Feed opening size of the open edges when recommending the min discharge opening
Max feed size(mm): 115
Processing capacity(t/h): 108-181
Main motor power(kw): 160
Weight(kg): 22460

Technical Parameters of Cone Rock Crusher:

Type Model Diemeter of large end of crushing cone(mm) Adjusting range of discharging opening(mm) Feed opening size of the open edges when recommending the min discharge opening(mm) Max feed size(mm) Processing capacity (t/h) Main motor power(kw) Weight(kg)
PSG 900 0910 914


9-22 102 85 45-91 75 9980
0917 13-38 175 150 59-163
0904 3-13 41 35 27-90
0906 3-16 76 65 27-100
PSG1300 1313 1295

( 4+1/4’)

13-31 137 115 108-181 160 22460
1321 16-38 210 178 132-253
1324 19-51 241 205 172=349
1306 3-16 64 54 36-163
1308 6-16 89 76 82-163
1310 8-25 105 89 109-227


1620 1676


16-38 209 178 181-327 250 43270
1624 22-51 241 205 258-417
1626 25-64 269 228 299-635
1607 5-13 70 60 90-209
1608 6-19 89 76 136-281
1613 10-25 133 113 190-336
PSG2100 2127 7’ 19-38 278 236 544-1034 400 86730
2133 25-51 334 284 862-1424
2136 31-64 369 314 1125-1814
2110 5-16 105 89 218-463
2113 10-19 133 113 404-580
2117 13-25 178 151 517-680

Using Vibrating Screen in Screening Stage:

A vibrating screen is needed in this crushing stage. In order to meet the requirements of the rock crushing industry, Aimix Group has been committed to the development and research of this kind of small-scale rock crusher for several years. So far, our technology has reached a world advanced level. Therefore, Aimix’s vibratory screen has many superior advantages compared with an ordinary vibratory sieve:

1. Due to the strong vibration of the sand vibrating screen box, materials’ blocking will be greatly reduced. Therefore, the screen will have a high screening efficiency and productivity.

2. Aimix’s vibrating screen for sale has a simple structure, and the replacement of the screen mesh is simple.

3. It can save more energy than ordinary screens.

Model: 3YK1225
Number of screen: 3
Screen area(㎡): 9
Maximum feed size(mm): 400
Capacity(m3/h): 10-70
Vibration power(r/min):800-970
Double amplitude(mm):8
Motor power(kw): 5.5
Sieve angle(°): 20
Total weight(kg): 3850
Long * wide * high(mm): 3070*1860*1210

Model: 4YK1545
Number of screen: 4
Screen area(㎡): 27
Maximum feed size(mm): 400
Capacity(m3/h): 22-155
Vibration power(r/min):800-970
Double amplitude(mm): 8
Motor power(kw): 18.5
Sieve angle(°): 20
Total weight(kg): 7800
Long * wide * high(mm): 5930*2210*2060

Specifications of Aimix’s Vibrating Screen:

Model Number of screen Screen area(㎡) Screen size
Maximum feed size


Capacity(m³/h) Vibration power


Double amplitude


Motor power


Sieve angle(°) Screen size(mm) Total weight(kg) Long * wide * high(mm)
2YK1225 2 6 4-50 400 8-60 800-970 8 5.5 20 1200×2500 3500 2930×1860×870
3YK1225 3 9 4-50 400 10-70 800-970 8 5.5 20 1200×2500 3850 3070×1860×1210
2YK1230 2 7.2 4-50 400 12-78 800-970 8 7.5 20 1200×3000 4200 3430×1860×870
3YK1230 3 10.8 4-50 400 13-80 800-970 8 7.5 20 1200×3700 4600 3570×1860×1210
2YK1237 2 8.88 4-50 400 15-86 800-970 8 7.5 20 1200×3700 4600 4050×1860×870
3YK1237 3 13.32 4-50 400 16-90 800-970 8 7.5 20 1500×3500 5200 4270×1860×1210
2YK1535 2 10.5 5-50 400 20-125 800-970 8 11 20 1500×3500 5890 4120×2210×1230
3YK1535 3 15.75 5-50 400 21-125 800-970 8 11 20 1500×3500 6700 4360×2210×1610
2YK1545 2 13.5 5-50 400 22-150 800-970 8 15 20 1500×4500 6330 5120×2210×1230
3YK1545 3 20.25 5-50 400 22-150 800-970 8 15 20 1500×4500 6800 5360×2210×1610
4YK1545 4 27 5-50 400 22-155 800-970 8 18.5 20 1500×4500 7800 5930×2210×2060
2YK1548 2 14.4 5-50 400 22.5-162 800-970 8 15 20 1500×4800 6980 5420×2210×1230
3YK1548 3 21.6 5-50 400 22.5-162 800-970 11 15 20 1500×4800 7700 5660×2210×1610
4YK1548 4 28.8 5-50 400 22.5-162 800-970 8 18.5 20 1500×4800 8700 6230×2210×2060
2YK1848 2 17.28 5-80 400 25-206 750 8 15 20 1800×4800 9080 5420×2550×1420

Aimix’s Rock Crushing Business:

Aimix, one of the most professional rock crusher manufacturers, has manufactured and designed all kinds of rock crusher machines and crusher plants for several years. So far, our products have been exported to more than 60 countries, such as India, Iran, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Oman, Pakistan, etc. In addition, we can customize all kinds of rock crushers and all the spare parts, such as rock crusher screens, rock crusher cones for sale, and so on. In addition, we have the best quality and the most reasonable price. Due to the reliable quality and professional service, our rock-type crusher machines are popular with all the customers.

We suggest that you buy rock crushers from professional crusher machine suppliers! If you need to purchase crusher equipment, you can contact us online. We will show you detailed rock crusher videos and give you product photos! Don’t hesitate to choose us!

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