AIMIX Complete Crushing Production Line Solutions

Quality Control

To ensure the safety of machinery and equipment during use and ensure the economic benefits of customers, AIMIX strictly controls the quality of equipment from production to installation. Below I will show you our quality control from three aspects.

Quality Control of Mechanical Part

Any component of the equipment is crucial to the operation of the equipment. High-quality accessories can increase the service life of the equipment and improve the safety of production and use.

Parts inspection mainly includes four aspects:

  • Inspection of geometric accuracy of parts: such as the size and shape of parts.
  • Inspection of surface quality of parts: such as surface roughness, surface damage, and other defects.
  • Inspection of mechanical properties of parts: such as strength, hardness, the balance of parts, stiffness of springs, etc.
  • Inspection of hidden defects of parts: such as voids, slag addition, microscopic cracks, etc.

crushing equipment factory
spring cone crusher
parts of crusher machines

Quality Control of Assembly

Assembly is like a skeleton for the installation of mechanical equipment. AIMIX’s workshop and factory have orderly steps and a complete set of inspection and quality inspection standards.

Assembly quality control mainly includes the following aspects:

  • Whether the relative position of the part and the part is qualified.
  • Whether the clearance or interference of the fittings is up to standard.
  • Whether the balance between the parallel shafts and the coaxial between the front and rear shafts is correct.
  • Whether the bracket of the crushing machines is installed correctly, whether the bracket and the bracket pad are in rolling contact, and whether grease is applied to the contact surface.
  • Whether the model, number, and power of the motor are correct, and whether there is a certificate of conformity.
  • Whether the reducer has qualification certificates, and whether the diameter and width of the belt conveyor meet the requirements.

parts of jaw crusher
movable jaw assembly

parts of jaw crusher
movable jaw assembly

cone crusher inner look
internal structure of the cone crusher

Quality Control of the Whole Machine

The whole machine inspection refers to the inspection of the overall appearance, quality, and technical condition of the whole crushing machine before acceptance. Including the working ability of machinery, power, economic performance, etc.

Whole machine quality control mainly includes the following aspects:

  • Whether the appearance is bumped, damaged, leaking paint, oil leaking, etc.
  • Whether the whole machine has been painted according to customer requirements.
  • Whether the temperature rise and vibration of the lubricating oil during the test run are normal, and whether the balance of the rotor is stable.
  • Whether the whole machine has welding defects such as cracks, burrs, pores, and lack of fusion.

jaw crushing machines
jaw crusher for sale

impact crushing machine
impact crusher for sale

cone crushing machines
cone crusher for sale

AIMIX strictly abides by the company’s inspection and quality control standards. Every machinery sold is equipped with a certificate of conformity. We are committed to making every customer satisfied. AIMIX will always be your reliable partner.

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