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Stone Crusher For Sale Philippines

Stone crusher for sale Philippines is essential equipment in the quarrying and mining industries. They help break down larger rocks into smaller, more manageable sizes for use in construction projects, road and railway infrastructure, and other applications.

Stone Crusher For Sale Philippines

In this article, we will provide an overview of the stone crusher market in the Philippines. Also, we will discuss the various types of Philippines stone crushers available in AIMIX GROUP and their applications. Finally, we will offer some key considerations for those looking to purchase a stone crushing machine for sale in Philippines.

Stone Crusher We Sell In The Philippines

In 2022, a customer from Pagadian City, Mindanao, Philippines bought two sets of equipment from us. One is a rock mini stone crusher for sale Philippines, and the other one is a concrete batching plant. Here I will show you the details of this case, and also introduce our crusher machine in the Philippines to you.

Mini Crushing Plant For Sale In The Philippines – Capacity Of 30-50TPH

The customer is engaged in a concrete selling business, he planned to buy a crusher plant machine Philippines to produce aggregate. Then use a concrete batching plant to produce concrete.

The customer had relatively a small production demand. And the raw materials he used is with high hardness. Therefore our engineer recommends jaw crusher Philippines to him.

jaw type Stone Crusher For Sale Philippines

Equipment Loaded At The FactoryCapacity: 30-50(t/h)

  • Jaw crusher Model: APJ-4060E for coarse crushing
  • Vibrating feeder: APG-50G
  • Jaw crusher Model: APJ-2510X for fine crushing
  • Vibrating screen: APS-1548Y4

The following are the photos of the factory when the equipment is shipped, please check.

AJP-6090E Stone Crusher For Sale Philippines
Stone Crusher For Sale Philippines  was readt
Stone Crusher For Sale Philippines components

AIMIX has three types of jaw crushers for sale in Philippines and can meet the needs of coarse, medium, and fine crushing. Below I will give a detailed information on our jaw crushers.

Powerful Jaw Type Crusher On Sale

We have APJ-E. APJ-V, APJ-X jaw crusher for sale Philippines. In order to give you a clearer understanding, I would like to introduce to you the difference between these models.

jaw crush machine for sale

APJ-E: Regular Version

Firstly, the APJ-E jaw crusher is the most basic equipment used in the mining industry, it can process materials with all various hardness. Therefore, many customers will choose this type of crusher as a primary crushing machine.

  • Simple structure, small footprint
  • Using the principle of extrusion crushing
  • The price and the maintenance cost are relatively low

aimix Stone Crusher

APJ-4060E jaw typeCapacity: 16-60(t/h)

  • Model: APJ-4060E
  • Feed opening size(mm): 400*600
  • Max Feeding size(mm): 340
  • Output size(mm): 40-100
  • Processing capacity(t/h): 16-60
  • Mixing power(kw): 30
  • Total weight(t): 6.7
  • Dimension(L*W*H)(mm): 1565*1732*1586

ModelFeed opening (mm)Max feeding size(mm)Output size(mm)Capacity(t/h)Power(kw)Overal dimension(mm)Weight(t)
*Note: Technical parameters are subject to change without prior notice.

APJ-V: European Version

APJ-V European version jaw crusher has a large crushing ratio and can process high-hardness materials, such as granite and basalt.

  • Complex structure, strong processing capacity
  • Using complex dynamic pressure crushing principle
  • The price is a litter of higher, but it has higher production efficiency and a better crushing effect

jaw Stone Crusher For Sale Philippines

APJ-110V jaw typeCapacity: 190-450(t/h)

  • Model: APJ-110V
  • Feed opening size(mm): 850*1100
  • Max Feeding size(mm): 720
  • Output size(mm): 70-200
  • Processing capacity(t/h): 190-450
  • Mixing power(kw): 160
  • Total weight(t): 25
  • Dimension(L*W*H)(mm): 3750*2280*2880

ModelFeed opening (mm)Max feeding size(mm)Output size(mm)Capacity(t/h)Power(kw)Overal dimension(mm)Weight(t)
*Note: Technical parameters are subject to change without prior notice.
1. The output is calculated based on medium-hard materials and a bulk density of 1.6t/m3.
2. The power is calculated with medium-hard materials and an altitude below 1000 meters.

APJ-X: Medium And Fine Crushing Type

APJ-X mini stone crusher for sale Philippines is mainly designed for medium and fine crushing stages. As in the above case, the customer chose the APJ-2510X as the fine gravel crushing equipment.

  • Small output but fine crushing effect
  • Using the principle of swing crushing

fine crushing Stone Crusher

APJ-2510X jaw typeCapacity: 16-60(t/h)

  • Model: APJ-2510X
  • Feed opening size(mm): 250*1000
  • Max Feeding size(mm): 210
  • Output size(mm): 25-60
  • Processing capacity(t/h): 16-520
  • Mixing power(kw): 30-37
  • Total weight(t): 6.5
  • Dimension(L*W*H)(mm): 1530*1992*1380

ModelFeed opening (mm)Max feeding size(mm)Output size(mm)Capacity(t/h)Power(kw)Overal dimension(mm)Weight(t)
*Note: Technical parameters are subject to change without prior notice.

The above is a brief introduction to rock crusher Philippines in AIMIX, which can be freely matched according to project requirements. If you’re interested in the stone crusher machine price in Philippines, or have any questions, feel free to ask me!

Other Crusher Machines We Can Provide

Are you feel confused about “where can I buy stone crusher in the Philippines?” Then you come to the right place. Except for the jaw crushers, we also provide cone crushers, impact crushers, and vertical impact crushers for all kinds of needs.

cone Stone Crusher For Sale Philippines
APC-C cone crusher

impact Stone Crusher For Sale Philippines
APF impact crusher

vsi type Stone Crusher For Sale Philippines
APV vsi crusher

If you are interested in these crusher machines, please check the relevant page. All these crusher machines can be configured into stationary crusher plants and mobile crushing plants. If you’re in need of a flexible and efficient solution for on-site crushing operations, a mobile crushing plant could be the perfect solution for you.

150TPH Solution – Mobile Jaw Crusher For Sale Manila Philippines

Here is a solution designed by AIMIX’s engineer for customers from Manila, Philippines. There are two mobile crushers in this solution, which includes a combination of different crushing machines, such as jaw crusher, cone crusher, and vsi crusher.

mobile crusher plant solution

what requirements will be satisfied?

Utilized raw materials: ≤400mm

Need for the finished product: 0-3mm

Demands for yield: 100-150 TPH

Configuration of this solution:

Vibrating feeder: APG-3895W; jaw crusher: APJ-6090E; compound cone crusher: APC-160C;

vibrating screen: APS-1860Y2; vsi crusher: APV-9532; sand washing machine: APW-2816D

The above is a combined solution of mobile crushing plants. We have many types of mobile crushers for sale, and you can choose according to your needs.

Stone crusher plant

APY4-4660S Tire-mobile typeCapacity: 16-40(t/h)

  • Feeder model: APG-3090W
  • Production capacity(t/h): 16-40
  • Primary crusher model: APJ-4060E
  • Transport Length(mm): 15500
  • Secondary crusher model: APC-600Y
  • Transport width(mm): 2800
  • Vibrating screen model: APS-1237Y
  • Transport height(mm): 4200
  • Weight(t): 41

Feeder modelAPG-3090WAPG-3090WAPG-3090WAPG-3896W
Primary crusher modelAPJ-4060EAPJ-4060EAPJ-5070EAPJ-6090E
Secondary crusher modelAPC-600YAPC-900YAPC-110CAPF-1214
Vibrating screen modelAPS-1237YAPS-1548YAPS-1848YAPS-1848Y
Tire configurationParallel three shaftsParallel three shaftsParallel three shaftsParallel three shafts
Return belt conveyor modelB500B650B800B1000
Feeder belt conveyor modelB500B650B00B1000
Under-sieve belt conveyor modelB650B800B1000B1200
Production capacity (t/h)16-4016-6550-10060-160
Transport length (mm)15500165001650016500
Transport width (mm)2800285029502950
Transport height (mm)4200420042004200
Weight (t)41455350

A mobile crushing plant can be easily transported to different sites and is ideal for use in construction projects, mining operations, and recycling applications. If you’re in need of a mobile stone crusher machine plant for sale in Philippines, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll provide you with nice stone crusher price Philippines to meet your specific needs.

What Information Should I Know Before Buying A Stone Crusher Philippines?

As a professional Philippine stone crusher supplier and manufacturer, AIMIX has rich consulting experience, and we have customized many crushing plant solutions for customers all over the world. The following are some experiences we have summed up. If you can clarify the following information, it will be of great help to you in choosing the best stone crushers in the Philippines.

aimix after-sale services

Purpose And Needs

The most important thing is what you intend to use your crushing plant for, such as a construction site, quarry, or recycling worksite. Because this information is related to your choice of stationary or mobile crusher for sale Philippines.

Processing Materials

Different materials are suitable for different rock crushers, such as material hardness, size, and output particle size, etc. are important reference standards for choosing a limestone crusher machine for sale in Philippines.

Environment And Requirements

The climatic conditions, power supply conditions, and installation site in the area will affect the selection of power devices, stationary or mobile stone crusher for sale in Philippines to a certain extent.

In short, the more information you have, the more sure the sales staff can recommend the most suitable crushing plant solution for you. At the same time, you can also evaluate the plan by yourself to prevent unreasonable expenses.

aimix group for mining machinery manufacture

The Philippine stone crusher market is growing, driven by the increasing demand for infrastructure development and construction projects. As the demand for high-quality crushed stones continues to rise, the market is expected to grow in the coming years. If you’re looking to purchase a stone crusher for sale Philippines, feel free to leave me a message, and I’ll be happy to assist you in finding the best product that suits your needs.

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