The Performance Advantages Of Mobile Crushing Plant

As a leader in crushing and screening machinery, there are many excellent performance advantages of Aimix’s mobile crushing plant. Here, I will introduce some characteristics to you.

1. Strong mobility:

The tire mobile crushing plant has a short length. And different crushing types of equipment are installed on independent mobile chassis which have a short wheelbase and small turning radius so that the mobile crushing equipment could drive flexibly on the ordinary road or other working places.

2. Reduce the cost of material transportation:

The mobile crushing equipment could greatly reduce the material transportation cost as it could process materials on the production site rather than remove the materials away and then process them in other places.

3. Working directly and effectively:

The integrated series of mobile crushing plants can not only work individually but also could have a more flexible combination according to the requirements of clients for the material type and product. It could satisfy all the demands of clients about mobile crushing and mobile screening. It could also make logistics transshipment more direct and effective so that the cost price could be reduced maximally.

4. Flexible and well-adapted:

According to the requirements of different crushing technology, the tire mobile crushing plant can be combined into two processes: “first broken and then screen” and “first screen and then broken”. The crushing plant can be combined into a coarse crushing system and fine crushing system according to the actual needs, it can also be combined into three phases: coarse crushing, crushing, and fine crushing. Moreover, it could also work individually and it has great flexibility.

5.Reliable performance and easy maintenance:

The crushing and screening products are known for their excellent performance and high reliability, such as blake jaw crusher, impact crusher, vertical impact crusher, cone crusher, a variety of vibrating screen and so on. They are the main machines of the mobile crushing plant. After the optimal and strengthened design, these products will have higher intensity, better performance, and more compact structure.

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