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Mobile Jaw Crusher

A mobile jaw crusher is a type of primary crusher used in industrial and mining operations using mechanical pressure(from its jaws) to reduce the size of various materials, such as rocks, concrete, and asphalt, into smaller, more manageable pieces. It consists of a jaw crusher mounted on a wheeled or tracked chassis, allowing for easy movement between locations.

mobile jaw crushing plant

Now that we know what is mobile jaw crusher, let’s delve into the technical parameters that define their capabilities and performance to gain a comprehensive understanding of this remarkable machine.

Technical Parameters

Technical parameters are essential in selecting mobile jaw crushers.

  • The mobile jaw crusher machine, as one of our excellent products, can handle a capacity ranging from 1 t/h to 2200 t/h.
  • The crushing mechanism comprises a curved squeeze type and V-type deep cavity that offers a substantial crushing ratio.
  • And what is the capacity of a mobile jaw crusher? It’s based on users’ requirements, and the discharge port size can be adjusted ranging from 10-400 mm.

For such good abilities, it’s necessary to know about how a mobile jaw crusher works.

mobile jaw crushers technical parameters

How Does A Mobile Jaw Crusher Work?

The operation of the jaw in a tracked jaw crusher is central to its function. Here’s how the jaw works in a jaw crusher mobile:

Separate functions of the main components of the mobile jaw crusher

The portable jaw crusher is mainly comprised of jaw crusher, mobile chassis, feeder, conveyor belts,diesel engine or electric motor and control panel.

  • The jaw crusher, as the primary crushing unit of the machine, mainly consists of a fixed jaw and a movable jaw, which form a V-shaped chamber. The fixed jaw is typically stationary and attached to the crusher frame. However, the movable jaw is connected to an eccentric shaft that moves it back and forth.
  • The space between the fixed and movable jaws is also known as the crushing chamber, which feeds Large rocks or other materials to crush.
  • The mobile jaw connects to an eccentric shaft, receiving power from an electric motor or a diesel engine. The eccentric motion of the shaft causes the movable jaw to move in an up-and-down or back-and-forth motion.
  • A toggle plate holds the lower part of the movable jaw in place, typically through a hinge mechanism located at the bottom of the crusher. This plate allows for easy adjustment of the crusher’s discharge opening or the size of the crushed material.

Mobile jaw crusher structure

core parts of the mobile jaw crusher

working principle

  • When the mobile jaw crusher is in operation, the eccentric shaft’s rotation at first causes the movable jaw to move towards the fixed jaw. This action compresses the material within the crushing chamber, breaking it into smaller pieces. The adjustment of the crusher and the position of the movable jaw determine the size of the crushed material.
  • Once the crushed material reaches the desired size, it can exit the crusher through the bottom opening of the crushing chamber.
  • Portable jaw crushers frequently include a mechanism that allows adjusting the gap between the fixed and movable jaws. This gap, referred to as the crusher’s setting, can regulate the final crushed material’s size through modification.
  • Large rocks or other materials are typically fed into the stone crusher through a feed hopper, which directs them into the crushing chamber between the jaws.
  • The continuous cycle of the movable jaw’s movement and the crushing action it finally produces allows the crusher to process large rocks or other materials into smaller, more manageable pieces.

Working Principle of The Jaw Crushing Plant

Now that we know about how jaw crushers work, it’s also worthwhile to know about the features of mobile jaw crusher for sale.

Features of The Mobile Jaw Crusher

A portable mobile jaw crusher contains all the advantages of which it can move around a job site or between different worksites, allowing for flexibility and easy repositioning. So the mobile crusher is suitable for working in confined spaces or remote locations.

What’s more, this kind of mobile jaw stone crusher equipped with two jaws, has other spectacular features according to the structure of the specific working mode.


Several portable jaw crushers for sale are engineered with sustainability in view, including functions such as hybrid power choices, decreased emissions, and lowered noise levels.

High Efficiency

Track-mounted jaw crushers, also known for their high throughput rates, enable faster processing of materials, which results in increased project productivity.

Adjustable Settings

Most mobile jaw crushers for sale come with adjustable settings that allow operators to control the size of the final product.All in all, this feature is crucial for tailoring the output to specific project requirements.

User-Friendly Operation

Most modern mobile jaw crushers feature intuitive control systems, allowing operators to handle the machine with ease and precision.

the primary jaw crusher
the primary jaw crusher

Therefore, this mobile jaw crusher can be attractive, and understanding the types of possible crushed particles is crucial. We will provide more detailed information on applicable materials.

Applicable Materials of The Mobile Jaw Crusher

A mobile crusher jaw crusher is able to crush brittle, medium-hard, and hard stone. Of course it’s feasible to crush construction waste, coal, river pebbles, quartzite, granite, basalt, iron ore, limestone, and other materials.

Its primary purpose is to serve as a mobile primary crusher. Based on the raw materials, customized applications, and private demands, the following section provides an overview of the main products that a mobile jaw crusher can produce.

stone materials for crushing plants
stone materials for crushing plants

Final Products And Application Areas

Of course, the output of the mobile jaw crusher for sale relies on the processed material, equipment settings, and specific configuration.

  • A mobile jaw crusher is capable of producing various sizes of crushed stone commonly applied in construction, road building, and landscaping.
  • It can also yield different sizes of gravel, typically utilized for landscaping and construction applications.
  • By processing large rocks, mobile jaw crushers can produce aggregates for use in concrete production.
  • The crushed materials from mobile jaw crushers can also be used as aggregates for asphalt production.
  • It can produce materials used for the base course in road construction.
  • Portable jaw crushers can produce ballast to support railway tracks.
  • This equipment can also create riprap, which is a large, angular stone used for erosion control and as a protective barrier.
  • Track-mounted jaw crushers can recycle materials, including concrete, asphalt, and demolition debris, to produce aggregates for new construction.
  • Crushed materials can serve as landfill cover to minimize environmental impact or as fill material for construction projects.

Adjusting the crusher’s settings, such as gap width and jaw speed, can control the final product size and quality. The final outcome is contingent on variables such as the texture and dimensions of the input substance, the crusher’s capability, and the required end product requirements.

Application Of Stone Jaw Crusher

Modular Equipment

Portable jaw crushers, equipped with an independent feeder, crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, control system, and other ancillary facilities, can consist of the mobile jaw crusher plant. The mobile jaw crusher for sale can work together with mobile cone or impact crushers. They can constitute an integrated crusher line for producing all kinds of products in different application areas.

Therefore, it’s more convenient and efficient to produce various products at the same time. So when getting such mobile jaw crushers, it’s essential to know how to keep them in shape.

How to Maintain The Mobile Jaw Crushers

Proper maintenance of the portable jaw crusher machine is crucial for its durability, optimal performance, and safety. Regular maintenance can proactively prevent expensive breakdowns and ensure efficient operation of the crusher. The following critical steps will aid in the upkeep of a jaw crusher:

the feeder and jaw crusher
tire type jaw crushing plant equipment
deep color type jaw crusher

Regular Inspection

Perform daily, weekly, and monthly inspections of the crusher to identify any visible issues. Inspect all safety devices, including emergency stops and safety guards.

Check Wear Parts

Regularly inspect the jaw plates, liners, and other worn parts for indications of wear or damage. Replace the worn parts when they have reached their prescribed service life.


Ensure to properly grease all lubrication points as per the mobile jaw crusher manufacturer’s recommendations. Follow a strict lubrication schedule to prevent wear and tear.

Monitor Fluids

Check hydraulic fluid levels, oil levels, and coolant levels regularly, and top up as needed.

Monitor Vibrations

Pay attention to unusual vibrations or noises during operation, as they may indicate underlying issues. Investigate and address any unusual vibrations promptly.

Clean the Mobile Track Jaw Crusher

Keep the jaw crusher clean and free of debris, as accumulated material can affect performance. Ensure that the area around the crusher is free from obstructions.

Conveyor Maintenance

Regularly inspect the conveyor belt of the crusher for damage, tension, and alignment. Replace any worn or damaged conveyor components as needed.

Scheduled Servicing

Follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule and service intervals. Have a qualified technician or service personnel perform major servicing and inspections as required.

Regular and proactive maintenance is key to ensuring the reliability and longevity of your crusher machine. Remember to consult the manufacturer’s manual and recommendations for your specific crusher model and type, as maintenance requirements can vary between different machines. Then we should take care of the things before producing.

tire-type jaw crusher plant delivery
tire-type jaw crusher plant delivery
Mobile jaw crusher in factory
Mobile jaw crusher in factory

Precautions For Using A Mobile Jaw Crusher

  • The portable jaw rock crusher should only enter into production after normal operation.
  • Ensure that materials to be crushed are fed evenly into the crusher chamber, avoiding lateral or heap feeding to prevent overloading on one side.
  • During regular operation, monitor bearing temperature closely and ensure it does not exceed 30℃, with a maximum temperature of 70℃.
  • Immediately halt the machine when the temperature exceeds the specified limit to identify and address the issue.
  • Before stopping the machine, ensure that the crushing chamber fully discharges all materials.
  • If the crushing cavity becomes blocked, immediately turn off the power, remove the material from the cavity, and then restart the machine.
  • If one end of the jaw plate becomes worn, workers can usually reverse and reuse it. After using the mobile crusher for a while, loosen the tightening bushing to prevent damage to the machine.

Overall, it’s essential to take precautions so as to ensure its safety, with a focus on assuring the quality of the mobile jaw crusher.

mobile jaw and cone crusher plant production
mobile jaw and cone crusher plant production

Equipment Quality Assurance

The superior quality of the jaw crusher is a testament to our unwavering commitment to engineering excellence and rigorous quality assurance procedures.
And our product’s high caliber can be relied upon for the following reasons.

  • Our mobile jaw crusher plant features the latest advancements, ensuring exceptional performance.
  • By utilizing superior materials and innovative manufacturing techniques, we’ve built a durable jaw crusher( more information about it to click the video that can withstand even the toughest work environments.
  • Each mobile jaw crushing plant undergoes rigorous testing throughout every stage of production, ensuring its reliability and durability.
  • Our team of skilled engineers painstakingly designs each component with precision, thus improving the efficiency of the tire-type mobile jaw crusher and other types of crushers.
  • We have established stringent quality control protocols to oversee our manufacturing process and uphold consistent standards.
  • Through the integration of long-lasting, resilient components, we generally reduce maintenance needs and prolong the lifespan of our mobile jaw crushers.
  • Our dedication to quality carries over to our customer service, where we promptly provide assistance and replacement parts to ensure your ongoing satisfaction.
  • Our portable jaw crusher for sale boasts advanced safety features that protect both the operator and the machine during operation.

We remain dedicated to our goal of minimizing our environmental impact by following environmentally friendly manufacturing procedures. The excellent performance of our mobile jaw crushers in diverse applications has secured the trust of numerous customers. Besides, the quality control of our mobile stone jaw crushers wins appraisals from our clients around the world.

Pictures for the Portable Jaw Crushing Plants - Aimix
Portable Jaw Crusher Plant

Feedback Cases

AIMIX’s commitment to quality and innovation has made our mobile jaw crushers highly sought after in over 100 countries worldwide. One of AIMIX’s most popular offerings is our cutting-edge mobile jaw crusher, which has garnered exceptional praise from our valued customers.

50-80TPH Mobile Jaw Crusher Plant Was Doing Well In Ethiopia

ModelFeed opening (mm)Max feeding size(mm)Output size(mm)Capacity(t/h)Power(kw)Overal dimension(mm)Weight(t)
*Note: Technical parameters are subject to change without prior notice.

Our customer from Gondar, Ethiopia, bought a mobile jaw crusher plant from us. He at last selected the APJ-5075E model according to the production demand. Our customer has used the mobile crushing plant for a period of time.

He said, “The mobile jaw crusher plant is very convenient to use. Installation was completed shortly after the crushing station arrived. My project is about to end, someone has already leased this equipment to me locally. So I’m glad I chose a mobile crushing plant. Now I can not only use it myself but also rent it out, which is a good investment.”

Beyond the praise, we firmly believe in the value of customer feedback. And we continuously use it to drive innovation and improvement in our product offerings. As we expand our global presence, we remain dedicated to delivering top-tier mobile jaw crushers that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients.

AIMIX GROUP Is Waiting For You

As one of the portable jaw crusher manufacturers, AIMIX’s success does not only come from numbers or profits but from our customer’s trust and satisfaction with our dependable mobile jaw crushers for sale. We strive for excellence and look forward to providing innovative solutions and reasonable mobile jaw crusher price that lead to our clients’ undisputed accomplishments.

All in all, by choosing our mobile jaw crushers, you are investing in a type of product with a legacy of quality and innovation. Your satisfaction and the performance of your operations are our top priorities. We are sincerely looking forward to you!

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