Mobile Jaw Crusher Plant: Testing Complete, Set for Indonesia

Recently, our tracked mobile jaw crushing plant has successfully passed the final inspection. This equipment has now departed for Indonesia.

Let me tell you more about it.

AIMIX Mobile Jaw Crushing Plant to Indonesia

April 2024, Final Inspection Completed

In April 2024, our technical team completed the final inspection of a tracked mobile jaw crushing plant. This crushing plant was ordered by an Indonesian customer who needed to use this mobile crushing plant to crush river pebbles.

During the inspection, we used advanced equipment and technology. To ensure that the performance indexes of the equipment meet the customer’s expectations and standards. The inspection includes:

  • overall performance test of the crushing plant
  • operational performance test of each functional module
  • safety performance assessment
  • verification of the stability of the equipment operation

Final Inspection of aimix Mobile crushing plant to Indonesia
Final Inspection of aimix Mobile crusher plant to Indonesia
Final Inspection of aimix Mobile jaw crusher plant to Indonesia

Through detailed video and photo documentation, we show our clients the details of each testing process. Ensuring that all test results are clearly understood and confirmed by the client.

Customer Satisfaction with Video Inspection

After the inspection was completed, we conducted a video inspection with the customer.

The customer viewed the running status and key function operation of the equipment through remote video. He spoke highly of the design and performance of the mobile crusher plant. And he is very much looking forward to receiving this crushing plant.

Customer satisfaction is the greatest motivation for the Aimix team to work hard. We will continue to maintain close communication with our customers to ensure that the subsequent use of the equipment meets or exceeds their expectations.

Careful Packaging and Shipment to Indonesia

To ensure the safety of the equipment during long-distance transportation, our technicians have carefully packed and fixed this mobile jaw cruhser. Make sure it can arrive at the destination in good condition.

At present, the equipment has been successfully loaded onto the ship and is on its way to Indonesia.

shipment of aimix mobile jaw Crusher Plant to Indonesia
aimix mobile jaw Crusher Plant from Testing to Indonesia
shipment of aimix mobile jaw Crushing Plant to Indonesia

If you are interested in the installation and utilization of this aimix crusher plant in Indonesia, you can follow our official website. We will be updating you regularly on the progress of the installation, utilization, and customer feedback to keep you up to date with the latest Aimix products.

Want to know more about crushing plants? Don’t hesitate to contact us! Let our team of professionals provide you with a full range of services and answers!

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