Mini Jaw Crusher Plant For River Pebbles On Its Way To Papua New Guinea

The latest news is coming! The mini jaw crusher plant ordered by a customer from Papua New Guinea has been shipped from Qingdao on July 23. This is a relatively simple crushing equipment, and the installation time takes about ten days. Now let’s take a look at the process of this case first.

jaw crusher plant
APM-2540E jaw crusher plant

How Does The Customer Find Us?

This customer was going to start a project to crush river pebbles, so he searched the crusher manufacturer on Google. After looking through our website, he sent an email to us for a quote. As soon as our senior sales consultant received the email, she contacted the client to ask for details. At the same time, we also showed him our YouTube Channel or other social media, where he can find more information about our products.

crusher plant
jaw crusher plant
jaw crushing machine

Initial Demands

At first, the customer wanted to buy a mini crusher, because the production capacity he required is not very large.

The Analysis Of The Final Solution

The final product that the customer purchases is the APM-2540E jaw crusher plant, which includes a 10-ton diesel mini jaw crusher plant and belt conveyor.

Because the customer’s production demand is not very large, our engineer selected the APJ-2540E jaw crusher as the main crusher. APJ-2540E jaw crusher is a new mini crusher recently produced by Aimix Group, which is suitable for primary crushing. At the same time, considering the low budget cost of customers, the use of diesel generators can effectively reduce costs and make operation and maintenance more convenient. Also, it can make up for the regrets caused by power limitations and machine downtime in some areas.

crusher plant in factory
jaw crusher packing
vibrating screen

Jaw Crusher Plant Test Video

Customer’s Feedback

“The transaction process with Aimix Group was very pleasant and the sales consultant was very enthusiastic and professional. I’ve never been involved in a stone crushing project before, so I wasn’t very thoughtful when buying equipment. Aimix has experts to provide solutions, which is very friendly to me. At first, I only considered buying a jaw crusher, but after a comprehensive analysis by an engineer, I chose a mini crushing plant. It doesn’t cost much but will speed up my project and bring more profit. Thanks a lot!”

crushing plant
mini crusher plant

It is our pleasure to have great reviews from our customers. If you are looking for a small crusher plant, please contact us, our professional experts will give you the most cost-effective solution.

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