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Jaw Crusher For Sale

Jaw crusher for sale is usually used for coarse crushing and primary crushing in the project. Whether in mining, construction material production, waste processing or renewable resource industries, jaw crushers are indispensable tools. If you’re looking for a crushing equipment that can accommodate a wide range of materials, meet varying throughput needs and provide precise particle size control, you’ve come to the right place. As a leading jaw crusher manufacturer, we are committed to providing innovative solutions to help you increase productivity, reduce costs and achieve greater success.

APJ-E jaw crushing machine

Powerful Jaw Crushers For Sale

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Feeding SizeFeed particle size: ≤1020mm
Capacity: ≤800T/H

【Applicable Material:】

Limestone, granite, marble, basalt, iron ore, river pebbles, shale, coal, pebbles, construction waste, construction wastes.

【Applicable Fields:】

Widely used in various ore crushing, mining, metallurgy, building materials, highway, railway, chemical, construction, and other industries.

What Are The Types Of Jaw Crushers For Sale

Rock jaw crusher for sale has a long production history and are widely used. According to the structure and performance characteristics of jaw crushers, AIMIX mainly sells three types: APJ-E, APJ-V and APJ-X. These three different types of jaw crusher have their specific application fields and applicable conditions. Below, I will introduce you the differences of these three jaw crushers in detail, please match the appropriate equipment model according to your actual needs. At the same time, below, we also show you the jaw crusher prices and parameters, if you have any questions about model selection, please contact me.

jaw crusher for sale aimix

APJ-E Jaw Crusher-Traditional Type

APJ-E is a traditional jaw crusher machine for sale, which is one of the most common and widely used types. It usually consists of two jaws, the fixed jaw and the swinging jaw. The material enters the crushing chamber through the feeding port, and when the swing jaw moves down, the material is compressed and crushed. Then, the swinging jaw moves upwards to discharge the crushed material from the discharge port.

What are the characteristics

  • APJ-E jaw crusher machine price range: $18000-$210000
  • Simple structure, relatively easy operation and maintenance.
  • It is suitable for coarse crushing and primary crushing of materials with medium hardness and medium particle size.
  • Low investment cost, suitable for small and medium-sized production lines or limited space.

jaw crusher for sale traditional type

Jaw crusher 400 x 600Capacity: 16-60(t/h)

  • Model: APJ-4060E
  • Feed opening size(mm): 400*600
  • Max Feeding size(mm): 340
  • Output size(mm): 40-100
  • Processing capacity(t/h): 16-60
  • Mixing power(kw): 30
  • Total weight(t): 6.7
  • Dimension(L*W*H)(mm): 1565*1732*1586

ModelFeed opening (mm)Max feeding size(mm)Output size(mm)Capacity(t/h)Power(kw)Overal dimension(mm)Weight(t)
*Note: Technical parameters are subject to change without prior notice.

APJ-V Jaw Crusher – European Version

The European version APJ-V large jaw crusher for sale is an improved and optimized model based on the traditional jaw crusher. It has a larger feed opening and crushing chamber, capable of handling larger sized and harder materials. In addition, the European version of the jaw machine crusher adopts more advanced technology and materials, which makes it perform better in terms of crushing efficiency, energy utilization and maintenance cost.

What are the characteristics

  • APJ-V jaw crusher price range: $27000-$175000
  • The feed port and crushing cavity are large, which can handle materials with large size and high hardness.
  • The crushing efficiency is high, which can provide higher production capacity and better finished product shape.
  • Using advanced technology and materials, it has lower energy consumption and less maintenance cost.

jaw crusher for sale european version

APJ-125V stone jaw crusher for saleCapacity: 290-500(t/h)

  • Model: APJ-125V
  • Feed opening size(mm): 950*1250
  • Max Feeding size(mm): 800
  • Output size(mm): 100-250
  • Processing capacity(t/h): 290-500
  • Mixing power(kw): 160
  • Total weight(t): 36.7
  • Dimension(L*W*H)(mm): 4870*2850*3570

ModelFeed opening (mm)Max feeding size(mm)Output size(mm)Capacity(t/h)Power(kw)Overal dimension(mm)Weight(t)
*Note: Technical parameters are subject to change without prior notice.
1. The output is calculated based on medium-hard materials and a bulk density of 1.6t/m3.
2. The power is calculated with medium-hard materials and an altitude below 1000 meters.

APJ-X Jaw Crusher – Medium and Fine Type

APJ-X small jaw crusher for sale is mainly used for crushing materials with medium hardness and medium particle size. Compared with traditional primary jaw crusher for sale, it has a smaller volume, smaller feed inlet and discharge range, and is very suitable for medium and fine crushing stages. At the same time, APJ-E series can be selected for refined production in some fields such as mine dressing and building material production.

What are the characteristics

  • APJ-X jaw crusher machine price range: $9800-$23200
  • The crushing cavity is longer and the crushing angle is larger, which can provide finer end products.
  • It is suitable for medium and fine crushing of materials with medium hardness and medium particle size.
  • Equipped with high-power drive motor and solid structure, it can adapt to high-intensity working conditions.

jaw crusher for sale used for fine crushing

APJ-2512X bare jaw crusher for saleCapacity: 40-110(t/h)

  • Model: APJ-2512X
  • Feed opening size(mm): 250*1200
  • Max Feeding size(mm): 2105
  • Output size(mm): 25-60
  • Processing capacity(t/h): 20-61
  • Mixing power(kw): 37-45
  • Total weight(t): 8.8
  • Dimension(L*W*H)(mm): 1900*2192*1430

ModelFeed opening (mm)Max feeding size(mm)Output size(mm)Capacity(t/h)Power(kw)Overal dimension(mm)Weight(t)
*Note: Technical parameters are subject to change without prior notice.

The above three jaw crushers need to be fixed on the construction site. Considering the mobility needs of customers, AIMIX also provides two types of mobile jaw crushers for sale: tire-type mobile jaw crusher and crawler-type mobile jaw crusher. machine. They usually consist of jaw crusher main body, feeding mechanism, vibrating feeder, screening mechanism and conveyor. However, there are differences in mobility and adaptability. Here is a brief description of the two models:

Tired Tracked Jaw Crusher For Sale

The tire-type portable jaw crushers for sale is a kind of crushing equipment with mobile performance. It is equipped with suspension and tires and can move quickly between different construction sites. The tire-type mobile jaw crusher has the advantages of high flexibility, easy installation, easy handling and transition. It is widely used in mines, construction sites and waste disposal and other occasions.

  • APY2-J jaw crusher price range: $550000-$960000
  • The tire-type mobile jaw crusher is a jaw crusher that uses a tire chassis as a mobile base.
  • It has the advantages of high flexibility, easy transition and quick installation, and is suitable for occasions that require frequent mobile operations.
  • The tire-type mobile jaw crusher is usually equipped with equipment such as an engine, a conveyor belt, and a control system, and can independently complete the crushing operation.

Feeder modelAPG-3090WAPG-3896WAPG-4211WAPG-4211W
Crusher modelAPJ-5075EAPJ-6090EAPJ-7510EAPJ-110V
Maximum feed size (mm)425500630650
Silo volume (m3)45.377
Iron separator model (optional)RCYD(C)-6.5RCYD(C)-6.5RCYD(C)-8RCYD(C)-12
Tire configurationParallel double shaftParallel double shaftParallel three shaftsParallel three shafts
Main belt conveyor modelB650×8.5mB800×8.5mB1000×10mB1000×10m
Side out belt conveyor model (optional)B500×4mB500×4mB650×5mB650×5m
Generator power (kW) (optional)120160200250
Production capacity (t/h)45-10060-160110-320250-400
Transport Length (mm)12500127501327013200
Transport width (mm)2600260028503000
Transport height (mm)3950395042004400
Weight (t)28395765

Crawler Tracked Jaw Crushers For Sale

The crawler track mounted jaw crusher for sale adopts the crawler as the mobile base, which has excellent passing ability and off-road performance. It is suitable for complex terrain and construction sites, and can run stably on uneven ground. Crawler crusher is commonly used in quarries, mining sites and construction sites where frequent movement and flexibility are required.

  • The crawler mobile jaw crusher is a jaw crusher that uses a crawler chassis as a mobile base.
  • It has good off-road performance and terrain adaptability, and is suitable for complex terrain or places that are difficult to pass.
  • Crawler-type mobile jaw crushers are usually equipped with diesel engines, hydraulic drive systems, and operation control systems, and can independently complete crushing operations.

These jaw crusher types have their own advantages in different application scenarios. Choosing the type of crusher that suits your specific needs will help improve productivity and product quality. In practical application, it is very important to choose the most suitable type of jaw crusher according to factors such as material characteristics, required output and investment budget. The following shows you several jaw crusher plants for sale that we customize for customers.

Jaw Crusher Solutions for Different Scenarios

The following are two sets of plans customized by our engineers according to customer needs. Before the final plan is formed, rectification will be carried out after multi-party communication. You can refer to these two sets of jaw crushing plant solutions. If you are interested, you can leave me a message.

200TPH Mobile Crusher Plant – Producing Aggregate

This solution offers a comprehensive setup for producing aggregates. The 200tph portable jaw crusher for sale features the robust APJ-7510E jaw crusher, which can handle a maximum feeding size of 630mm. With a processing capacity of 110-320 t/h, it efficiently crushes and processes the materials.

Complementing the jaw crusher, the solution includes an APG-4211W vibrating feeder, an APC-200C medium crushing compound cone crusher, and an APS-2160Y4 vibrating screen.

If you require a large-scale mobile jaw crusher for sale for aggregate production, this solution can serve as a valuable reference.

mobile crusher plant

150TPH Crusher Plant – Concrete Production

This configuration showcases a 150tph stationary crusher plant designed for concrete production. The chosen primary crusher is the APJ-6090E jaw crusher, which can accommodate materials with a maximum feed particle size of 500mm. It has a processing capacity of 80-180 t/h.

The supporting equipment in this configuration includes an APG-3895W vibrating feeder, an APC-132C-M medium crushing compound cone crusher, an APC-132C-F fine crushing compound cone crusher, and an APS-2160Y4 vibrating screen.

If you are interested in setting up a 150tph crusher plant for concrete production, please feel free to contact us for further details.

crusher plant

These solutions provide a brief overview of the jaw crushing plant for sale and their components. For more detailed information, technical jaw crusher specifications, or customization options, we recommend reaching out to our experts for a comprehensive consultation.

What Are the Advantages of Jaw Crusher For Sale

Jaw crusher for sale has a lot of advantages, I believe you must have a question why to choose jaw crusher rock breaker for sale. Here I will list its advantages one by one.

  • Energy conservation and environmental protection. The jaw crusher machine is greener and environmentally friendly, with low working noise and less dust. Thus, the jaw crusher meets the needs of environmental protection, it can help you go through environmental protection procedures.
  • Large crushing ratio. The crushing ratio of the jaw crusher for sale is large, and the product particle size of the processed material is uniform. That is, this kind of crushing equipment will speed up the project for the customer.
  • Simple structure. AIMIX production equipment are using the latest technology, is easy to operate, safe and reliable, low operating cost. Because it has a simple structure, the maintenance is relatively easy. The customer can save a lot of repair costs.
  • Deep crushing cavity. The jaw crusher for sale can crush without dead ends. With a deep crushing cavity, it helps to improve the feeding capacity and output. Thereby making a great contribution to the production of the project.
  • Meet a variety of needs. The AIMIX jaw crusher for sale has a large adjustment range and convenient setting, which can effectively meet the needs of different users.

jaw crushing equipment

Vulnerable parts and maintenance points of jaw crusher

There are many jaw crusher parts for sale, and the operating specifications should be paid attention to during use. Here, AIMIX engineers list several important jaw crusher components for you.

By observing the usage of vulnerable parts in time, machine failures can be avoided to extend the service life of equipment and ensure work efficiency. These components are subjected to high-intensity impact and wear during crushing operations, and require regular maintenance and replacement. The following are their maintenance points:

  • Jaw plate (fixed jaw plate and movable jaw plate): Pay attention to the symmetry of the jaw plate, adjust and replace the asymmetrical jaw plate in time to ensure uniform wear. Also check the fixing bolts and gaskets of the jaw plate to ensure that they are fastened reliably.
  • Liners: Note the symmetry of the liners. In addition, check the liner-to-jaw clearance to ensure proper crushing clearance and avoid excessive wear or clogging.
  • Impact bar and baffle plate: Pay attention to the installation position and fixation of the impact bar and baffle plate to ensure that they are installed and fixed correctly to avoid falling off and affecting the crushing effect.
  • Guide plate: It is necessary to check the gap between the guide plate and the jaw plate to ensure a suitable crushing gap and avoid excessive wear or blockage.

patrs of jaw crusher for sale in aimix factory
jaw crusher for sale wheel
jaw crushing machine components

Main points of maintenance of jaw crusher

  • Regularly check the wear of wearing parts, and decide whether to replace them according to the degree of wear.
  • Regularly clean up the accumulations and impurities in the crushing chamber to keep it unobstructed.
  • Pay attention to the lubrication and cooling system of the crusher to ensure the normal supply and circulation of lubricating oil and cooling water.
  • According to the maintenance manual and instructions provided by the manufacturer, carry out regular maintenance work, including cleaning, tightening bolts, lubrication, etc.
  • Before any maintenance and replacement work, be sure to stop and disconnect the power supply to ensure safe operation.

Please note that the above are only general maintenance points, and the specific maintenance methods and frequency may vary with different models and jaw crusher manufacturers. It is recommended that when using and overhauling the jaw crusher, refer to the relevant operation manual and the guidance provided by the manufacturer, and consult professional technicians or the support of the manufacturer.

jaw crusher for sale unpainted
jaw crushing machine in crusher sales
Cleaning area of jaw crusher manufacture

How Does A Jaw Crusher Work

In the process of breaking huge stones into small stones, the first crusher is usually called the main crusher. And generally, we use the jaw crusher as the main crusher. Few people know how a jaw crusher works, now let me explain it to you, and here is a jaw crusher animation below.

  • First of all, we should know that the working part of the jaw crusher mainly contains two jaw plates.
  • One is the fixed jaw plate, which is vertically fixed on the front wall of the machine body, and the other is the movable jaw plate, which is inclined in position and forms a crushing cavity with a large upper and a lower jaw with the fixed jaw.
  • The movable jaw makes periodic reciprocating motions against the fixed jaw, sometimes separating and sometimes approaching.
  • When the jaw crusher is working, the movable jaw plate periodically reciprocates to the fixed jaw plate, sometimes approaching and sometimes leaving. When approaching, the material is crushed by extrusion, splitting and impact between the two jaw plates. Then when leaving, the crushed material is discharged from the discharge port by gravity.

If you want to see how APJ-E jaw crusher equipment works, you can check check our YouTube channel for more videos.

jaw crusher on hot sale

Common Fields Of Application Of Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is a kind of common crushing equipment, which has been loved and chosen by the majority of users after years of development and evolution. The following are some of the main application areas of jaw crushers:

  • Mines and Quarries: For crushing ore and rock in quarries, breaking them into particles of the appropriate size for subsequent beneficiation or processing operations.
  • Construction materials: used to crush concrete, bricks, sand and gravel and other materials for reuse or recycling.
  • Railway and highway construction: The crushed stone can be used in railway and highway infrastructure construction to provide stable roadbed materials.
  • Hydraulic Engineering: Breaking large pieces of rock or concrete to clear waterways and repair dams or other hydraulic structures.
  • Metallurgical industry: used for crushing ore, ore slag and metallurgical waste, etc., for smelting or subsequent processing.

jaw crusher has a wide application area

In addition, there are many application fields for jaw crushers waiting for you to discover. So, when purchasing a jaw crushers for mining, how can we avoid detours and get better equipment at a more cost-effective price?

How To Get High Quality Jaw Crusher Prices

In today’s fast-growing industrial and construction fields, china jaw crushers, as a key crushing equipment, play an important role in material handling and processing. When purchasing a jaw crusher in quarry, here are a few key points that can help you get better equipment and a better price:

Clarify Project Requirements

Before purchasing, you need to clarify your needs, including material type, output requirements, particle size requirements, etc. This is a critical step before purchasing a jaw crusher used in cement plant, and it will help you accurately determine the equipment’s specifications and capabilities to meet your specific application needs.

As one of the jaw crusher suppliers in China, we can provide customers with customized solutions through an in-depth understanding of customer needs and application scenarios. AIMIX’s professional team will work with you to ensure that the equipment meets your specific needs and delivers the best crushing results.

Choose A Reliable Supplier

Remember to check the reputation and reputation of the supplier, and leave product reviews and customer feedback. Make sure that the selected equipment is reliable in quality and meets your needs, and the supplier can provide timely technical support and after-sales service.

AIMIX is known for high quality and reliability. We adopt advanced manufacturing technology and strict quality control to ensure stable operation and long life of equipment. We welcome every customer to visit our factory if the time is convenient.

Consider Overall Cost

In addition to the purchase price of the equipment, the operating cost, maintenance cost and durability of the equipment should also be considered. Only by choosing equipment with high energy consumption ratio, easy maintenance and durability can the long-term operating costs be reduced.

Our jaw crushers are optimized in design with high energy consumption ratio and low maintenance cost. Through advanced technology and material selection, we ensure efficient energy consumption of equipment and reduce your jaw crusher costs.

Carefully Review Warranty Terms And Contracts

Read the warranty terms and contract details carefully before purchasing. Make sure to clearly understand important contents such as warranty period, scope of liability and repair process to protect your rights and interests.

Our warranty terms and contracts are clear and detailed, providing customers with comprehensive warranty services. We promise to be responsible for the maintenance and support of the equipment during the warranty period to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

service team in aimix group
professional experts in serving jaw crusher probloems

AIMIX has been developing from the perspective of customers for many years, expecting to establish long-term partnerships with customers and provide customers with lasting value. We understand your needs and will provide you with the most suitable stone crusher equipment to help you increase productivity, reduce costs and achieve greater success. Cooperate with us, let us join hands in creating a better future!

Jaw Crusher vs Impact Crusher

When discussing crushers, the two most common types are jaw crushers and impact crushers. To understand their differences, let’s examine four aspects: material hardness, crushing material, production capacity, and finished product size.

crusher impact

Material hardness

The jaw crusher can crush all kinds of hard materials, its compressive strength of 300- 350 Mpa. While the impact crusher is more suitable for limestone, lime and other hard brittle materials with low toughness and below. If you want to buy jaw crusher, you can consult us according to the hardness of the material.

Crushing material

Jaw crushers are used for crushing large-scale materials. While impact crushers are mainly used for processing small and medium-sized materials. The allowable feed particle size range of the impact crusher is not as wide as jaw crushing. As we all know, jaw crushing is the primary crushing equipment commonly used in production lines. However, impact crushing equipment is commonly used for secondary and tertiary crushing.

Production capacity

The production capacity of the jaw crusher machine is greater than that of the impact crusher. Generally speaking, the hourly output of a jaw crusher can reach 600-800t, and the hourly output is about 260-450t.

Finished product size

The jaw crusher performs coarse crushing, resulting in a large finished product size, generally below 300-350mm. In contrast, the impact crusher is commonly utilized for fine crushing, producing smaller finished product sizes.

If you want to know anything about the jaw crusher, please leave a message and I will update you in time. Here, I attach relevant content to optimize the performance of the jaw crusher for you:How To Ensure The Performance Of The Jaw Crusher

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Intimate And Worry-free Service

AIMIX is a reliable jaw crusher machine manufacturer, we have the best jaw crushers. We offer a wide range of services to help these manufacturers get up and running, including:

  • Customized solutions: We work closely with our customers to gain an in-depth understanding of their needs and application scenarios. We provide customized jaw crusher solutions based on customer requirements, ensuring that the equipment is fully adapted to their specific crushing needs.
  • Equipment installation and commissioning: We offer equipment installation and commissioning services to ensure correct installation and prompt production startup of the equipment. Our technicians will be responsible for the commissioning and performance testing of the equipment to ensure its normal operation and compliance with customer requirements.
  • Training and technical support: We provide training and technical support to help customers understand the operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of equipment. Our professional team will guide customers in the proper use of equipment to ensure its efficient operation and maximum utilization.
  • After-sales service and spare parts supply: We provide comprehensive after-sales service, including equipment maintenance, parts replacement and troubleshooting, etc. We maintain a large stock of commonly used spare parts and ensure timely supply to reduce customer downtime.

aimix service

In addition, AIMIX also cooperates with several customs clearance teams and transportation teams for many years, which can help customers reduce the cost and effort of customs clearance and transportation. We will always be committed to meeting the needs of customers. And we AIMIX will continue to expand and improve our services according to changes in the market and technology. Our goal is to ensure that customers get the best jaw crusher experience.

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