Introduction Of Crawler Crushing Plant

The crawler crushing plant integrates material-accepting, crushing, and transporting into one. It has advanced design, excellent performance, high production efficiency, easy operation and maintenance, economic operating cost, and stable and reliable working condition. Compared with all kinds of fixed crushing plants , the mobile crushing station is like a removable small and medium-sized crushing plant, and its efficiency and operating costs are lower than the same level or higher level of fixed crushing plant.

The crawler mobile crushing plant is widely used in many areas: the crushing of construction waste, rock, ore, and old block bituminous concrete for road and other materials.


The crushers mainly used in the crawler mobile crushing plant are jaw crushers and impact crushers. Crawler mobile crushing plant can be divided into three series — cone crusher type mobile crushing plant, jaw crusher type crawler mobile crushing plant, and impact crusher type mobile crushing plant.

Features of the Crusher Plant: Crawler-type mobile crushing plant has lightweight and small size, especially suitable to work in a narrow field;

  • Firstly, it walks with a crawler and has no damage to the road. Moreover, it is equipped with multi-functional accessories and has a wide range of adaptations;
  • Secondly, the plant integrates material-accepting, crushing, and transporting into one. It has an excellent performance in rock crushing, aggregate production, and open mining crushing through the optimization of the process. It could satisfy different process requirements through the formation of a strong crushing operations line that consisted of different machines.
  • Thirdly, the whole machine adopts all-wheel drive, it can realize in situ steering. It has a standard configuration, and quickly changed device. It also has a perfect safety protection function, especially suitable for working in narrow sites and complex areas.
  • Fourthly, it is fuel-saving, with a fuel-saving rate of up to 25%;
  • Fifthly, it has the most optimal design—-power package is attached.
  • Sixthly, it can satisfy the crushing demand of mines, hydroelectric stations, coal mines, and so on as it can have climbing work.

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