The Installation And Maintenance Of Mobile Crushing Plant

As long as you purchase our equipment, we will send special technicians to help you to install the machine and give you an online guide. But in fact, the installation and maintenance of these machines are not difficult, and today I’ll give you a detailed introduction.


1. Good lubrication has a great relationship with the life of the bearing as the bearing shoulder the full load of the machine. The bearing could directly affect the machine’s life and operating rate, which requires the lubricating oil that is injected into the machine must be clean, and the seal must be good.

The main oiling parts of the portable crushing plant: (1) Rotary bearings (2) Roller bearings (3) All gears (4) Movable bearings, and sliding surfaces.

2. You need to check it frequently as the newly installed tire could be stable easily.

3. Pay attention to the work condition of every part of the machine.

4. Check the wearing degree of the quick-wearing spare parts and change them when they need to be changed.

5. In case the live-bearing cannot move on the chassis when encountering something that cannot be crushed and then causes serious accidents, you should remove the dust or something of the kind on the pedestal which holds the mobile crushing equipment.

6. You should stop the equipment quickly and solve the problem when the oil temperature of the bearing is rising.

7. You should stop the equipment quickly and solve the problem if it has an impulsive sound when the transmitting gear is working.

mobile crusher plant installation
mobile crusher plant installation

Installation and Test Run:

1. The plant should be installed on the flat concrete base and fixed with a foundation bolt.

2. Pay attention to the vertical between the main machine and the level ground when installing it.

3. After installation, you should check the tightness of the cabin door and the bolts on various parts of the crushing screening plant, and solve the problem if they have any abnormal condition.

4. Collocate the power line and control switch according to the power of the equipment.

5. Have an empty load test run after checking off, it can have normal production if there is no problem with the test run.

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