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Impact Crusher For Sale

Impact crusher for sale usually bears the function of material fine crushing in the production line. In recent years, impact crushers are mainly used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, hydropower and other materials processing. They can be independently applied to highways, railways, hydropower, and other projects can also be used as a production line configuration form.

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Impact Crushers

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Feeding SizeFeed particle size: ≤500mm
Capacity: 37-400T/H

【Applicable Material:】

Impact crusher can handle materials up to 500 mm, and can withstand pressures up to 250 mpa.
Include limestone, granite, marble, basalt, iron ore, river pebbles, shale, lapis lazuli, coal, cobblestone, construction waste, etc.

【Applicable Fields:】

Widely used in various ore crushing, mining, metallurgy, building materials, highway, railway, chemical, construction, and other industries.

What Types of Impact Crusher are There?

Speaking of the impact crusher types, we have APF-series. APF-series impact crushers are suitable, for crushing various ores, slag and concrete and other medium and high hardness materials with a compressive strength not exceeding 250MPa. They are widely used in metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, cement, construction, and refractory.

To sum up, we divide APF-series impact crushers into three types. They are the APF-H series, APF-V series and APF series. If you want to know their specifications, keep reading.

APF impact crusher also named a two-chamber impact crusher, can crusher medium hard rock, used for coarse and medium crushing. With two counterattack chambers, the APF impact crusher is characteristic of large processing capacity, large feeding particle size, and good particle shape. Furthermore, we also provide a mobile impact crusher for sale. It can move unrestricted and work more flexibly. If your project site is larger, you can choose a mobile impact crusher, which can save you a lot of transportation money. You can select the one that best meets your needs. If you can’t determine which type to buy, we’ll provide the best recommendation to you.

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APF1214 impact crusherCapacity: 130-200 (t/h)

  • Model: APF1214
  • Rotor diameter (mm): Φ1200*1400
  • Feed opening size (mm): 450*1440
  • Max Feeding size (mm): 400
  • Processing capacity (t/h): 130-200
  • Mixing power (kw): 132-160
  • Total weight (t): 22
  • Dimension (L*W*H) (mm): 2550*2340*2110

ModelRotor diameter × length (mm)Feed opening size (mm)Feed particle size (Max,mm)Production capacity (t)Power (kW)Weight (t)Dimensions L×W×H (mm)
With two counterattack chambers, large processing capacity, large feeding particle size and good particle shape.
*Note: Technical parameters are subject to change without prior notice.
The output is calculated based on medium-hard materials and a bulk density of 1.6t/m3.
The power is calculated based on medium-hard materials and an altitude below 1000 meters.
The opening adjustment of the crushing chamber is divided into mechanical and hydraulic.

APF-V impact crusher is also called a three-chamber impact crusher, which is suitable for medium and fine crushing. Because the APF-V impact crusher has three counterattack chambers, its rear chamber has leveling function. Therefore, its discharge particle size will be more uniform, and the proportion of fine particle size is large.

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APF1010V impact crusherCapacity: 35-80 (t/h)

  • Model: APF1010V
  • Rotor diameter (mm): Φ1000*1050
  • Feed opening size (mm): 400*1080
  • Max Feeding size (mm): 200
  • Processing capacity (t/h): 35-80
  • Mixing power (kw): 55-75
  • Total weight (t): 12.2
  • Dimension (L*W*H) (mm): 2400*2250*2620

ModelRotor diameter × length (mm)Feed opening size (mm)Feed particle size (Max,mm)Production capacity (t)Power (kW)Weight (t)Dimensions L×W×H (mm)
With three counterattack chambers, the rear chamber has the function of leveling, the discharge particle sizeis uniform, the proportion of fine particle size is large, and the particle shape is good.
*Note: Technical parameters are subject to change without prior notice.
The output is calculated based on medium-hard materials and a bulk density of 1.6t/m3.
The power is calculated based on medium-hard materials and an altitude below 1000 meters.
The opening adjustment of the crushing chamber is divided into mechanical and hydraulic.

Advantages of Impact Crusher

The primary impact crusher at AIMIX is the culmination of specialist knowledge. It uses the most up-to-date international technology, combines the best features of several crusher equipment, and delivers outstanding results. The following are some of its outstanding features:

Can process materials with high wet capacities.

When the material contains too much water, a heating device can be installed in the feed chute and the impact plate of the impact rock crusher to prevent the material from bonding.

Large discharge particle size adjustment range.

We can adjust the discharge particle size of an impact crusher in a number of ways. Including altering the rotor speed and the distance between the impact plate and the grinding chamber.

The wear of wearing parts is small

When the rotor speed is normal, the feed will fall to the surface of the blow bar, and the wear of other parts is less. Therefore, the metal utilization rate of the impact crusher is higher, which can reduce maintenance costs.

Simple maintenance

When repairing the impact breaker, only the blow bar has high wear and tear, and the blow bar can be easily replaced with a special tool designed.

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Available Solutions For Reference

Generally speaking, if customers have high requirements for aggregate particle size, then impact crushers are very indispensable. Now follow my lead to see some solutions we offer to you that contain impact crushers.

200TPH Stationary Crusher Plant – Crushing Granite

In the following 200tph stationary crusher plant, the APF-1315H impact crusher is needed. Also, our expert equip an APG-4211W vibrating feeder, APJ-7510E jaw crusher, and APS-2160Y4 vibrating screen in this configuration. If you want to learn more about this 200tph crusher plant, please contact Aimix, our experts will give you the most professional services.

crusher plant workflow
200tph crusher plant

50TPH Stationary Crusher Plant – Crushing Construction Waste

The second solution I show you is relatively simple in configuration. Because the yield demand for this solution is 50tph, it only contains three main equipment. They are the APG-0724Z vibrating feeder, APF-1010 impact crusher, and APS-1548Y3 vibrating screen. Our experts will customize your own crusher plant, if you need, contact us!

50tph crushing plant
50tph crusher plant

Impact Crusher Parts

To produce a compact impact crusher, we need to pay attention to every part of it. There are many components in one impact stone crusher. Such as spring, impact frame, impact liner, square steel, plate hammer, rotor frame, lining plate, locking block, compression block, etc. Next, I would introduce some of them to you.

  • Blow hammer: The shape of the blow bar is closely related to the fastening method and working load of the impact breaker. Plate hammers are generally made of high-chromium cast iron, high-manganese steel, and other wear-resistant alloy steels. It can meet the requirements of reliable work, easy loading and unloading and improving the metal utilization rate of the plate hammer.
  • Compression block: The compacting block is widely used in all kinds of mining machinery. It has the characteristics of stable chemical composition, reasonable heat treatment process, good wear resistance, and high strength.
  • Counterattack: The function of the impact plate is to withstand the impact of the material hit by the plate hammer, so that the material is broken by the impact, and it can also bounce the broken material back to the impact area. The impact plate is generally welded with steel plates, and the impact surface is equipped with a wear-resistant lining plate.
  • Rotor: The rotors of the impact crusher are mostly made of integral cast steel. Rugged construction and easy installation. The rotors of small and light impact granite crushers can also be welded from steel plates.
  • Square steel: The primary function of the square steel for impact crushing is to prevent the material from being discharged from the front. Square steel strictly implements the heat treatment process, uses wear-resistant parts with high strength, and has high equipment investment benefits.

APF1315 impact crushers
impact crusher machine for sale
aimix impact crusher

Impact Crusher Working Principle

Impact crushers for sale are used to crush materials in this type of crusher. How does an impact crusher work, then?

  • When the machine is turned on, the stones enter the high-speed rotating turntable directly from the upper part of the machine. During this process, the rotor rotates at a high speed, and the material reaches the plate hammer’s action region.
  • Materials break when it hits the rotor with the plate hammer. Then, under the action of high-speed centrifugal force, part of the flying stones surrounds the turntable in an umbrella-like manner, resulting in high-speed collision and high-density crushing. At last, stones are hurled back to the counterattack device to shatter again.
  • After colliding with each other, a vortex motion is formed between the turntable and the casing, causing multiple collisions and squeezing between stones.
  • Finally, the material is crushed from large bulks to small pieces in impact chambers, and then expelled through the discharge port.

If you want a clearer and more intuitive view of how it works, you can check out our impact crusher video below.

Vsi Crusher Vs Hsi Crusher

When we talk about impact crushers for sale, some people think of vsi crusher for sale and a horizontal impact crusher. They are all important crushing equipment. Next, let me introduce to you their features and differences.

Vertical Crusher Equipment

Vertical shaft impact crushers for sale refer to the crushing equipment in which the rotor is placed vertically and the body is erected. Usually, it is what we often call a vsi sand making machine. Vsi crushers are generally used for fine crushing of various hardness materials and have the effects of fine crushing and coarse grinding. The vertical crusher has a simple and reasonable structure and low operating cost. Using the stone-on-stone principle, the wear and tear are small, and at the same time, it is more energy-saving.

sand making machine
vertical shaft crusher

Horizontal impact crusher

A horizontal impact crusher refers to the equipment in which the rotor is assembled horizontally and the body is placed horizontally. The horizontal ore crusher can be used in medium and fine crushing of various medium-hardness materials and can crush large materials to below 25mm at one time. Since the hammerhead is the main working part, the hardness and viscosity of the properties of the material are slightly limited.

If you have high requirements for the cleanliness of sand and gravel, then you can start with a vertical shaft impact crusher.

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