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How to Operate Jaw Crusher Machine for Efficiency And Reduced Failure Rates?

The jaw crusher machine is becoming increasingly important in production, with the development of the mining and construction industries. Proper operation and maintenance are essential for machines equipped with jaw-crushing equipment, such as mobile or stationary jaw crushers. They help improve equipment utilization, reduce downtime, and achieve better economic results. In this article, we will take a closer look at jaw crusher operation and maintenance. And we will provide practical guidelines about how to improve the jaw crusher working efficiency for users to follow.

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What is a Jaw Crusher Machine

To enhance jaw crusher efficiency and decrease machine failure, we must understand what a jaw crusher machine is.  A jaw crusher machine is a kind of crushing equipment that is mainly used to crush large stone materials into small particles. Its components include a jaw plate (jaw plate), eccentric shaft, connecting rod, crushing chamber, adjustment device, transmission device, and protection device. The jaw plate realizes the crushing of materials through the movement of the eccentric shaft, while other parts assist in the process. This kind of equipment is widely used in mining, construction, and other industries.

Now that you know the definition of a jaw crusher machine and other contents, let’s start with the preparation work before opening the machine, one of the correct operation steps, to start the narrative for you!

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Jaw stone crusher

Preparation Work Before Opening the Jaw Crusher Machine

Before a jaw crusher machine can be operated properly, careful and thorough preparations must be made. These steps will ensure that the machine is in optimum condition when it is started up, thus increasing operational efficiency and reducing the risk of breakdowns.

Inspection of Major Components

Before start-up, a careful inspection of the major components of the jaw crusher is the first step in ensuring proper operation. Let’s explore the jaw crusher machine parts together.

  • Check the fastening bolts: Ensure that the fastening bolts of each major component are in a firm state to prevent loosening caused by vibration during operation.
  • Safety Device Inspection: Verify the integrity of all safety devices to ensure timely response and protection against potential hazards during operation.

Equipment Integrity Check

The overall operation of a jaw crusher machine requires that all components work together, so the integrity of the equipment needs to be verified before start-up.

  • Feeder Inspection: Ensure that the feeder equipment is functioning properly to ensure that the jaw crusher receives a steady supply of material during the production process.
  • Conveying equipment check: Check the status of the conveying equipment to prevent conveying failure during operation.

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Lubrication Device Inspection

The lubrication system is the key to enabling the jaw crusher machine to operate efficiently. Therefore, the lubrication device must be carefully checked before starting.

  • Lubricating oil check: Make sure the lubricating oil is sufficient, and the right type and viscosity of lubricating oil will help to reduce wear and tear.
  • Lubrication system working condition: Check the working condition of the lubrication system to ensure that the oil lubrication is in place to prevent malfunctions caused by insufficient lubrication during operation.

Cooling Water Pipe Valve Inspection

Maintaining equipment in the proper temperature range is critical to preventing overheating failures.

  • Cooling Water Valve Check: Ensure the cooling water valve is open to ensure timely cooling during operation.

Crushing Chamber Cleaning

Before starting up the jaw crusher machine for sale, it is very important to clean the crushing chamber of ore or debris to ensure the smooth startup of the equipment.

  • Clean the crushing chamber: Make sure there is no residual ore or debris in the crushing chamber to avoid unnecessary load on the equipment during startup.

Through these meticulous preparations, we have laid a solid foundation for the startup of the jaw crusher machine. Next, we will delve into the key steps for startup and normal operation. You can see more videos about the jaw crusher machine on YouTube.

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mobile tire type jaw crushing plant equipment
the feeder and single jaw crusher machine

Startup and Normal Operation of Jaw Crusher Machine

The correct start-up and operation process is the core of guaranteeing the proper functioning of the jaw crushing machine. Starting the machine in an orderly manner against the production flow and paying attention to the details of the ammeter indication, will ensure that the machine operates in the best condition.

  • Reverse process startup: Following the reverse process startup sequence will help the equipment work more stably and efficiently.
  • Main motor start-up: Pay attention to the ammeter indication to ensure that the current of the main motor drops to its normal operating value within 20-30 seconds after start-up, thus preventing overload and damage.
  • Uniformity of material feeding: Ensure uniformity of material feeding by adjusting and controlling the feeding material to maintain the particle size of the material between 80%-90% of the width of the feed opening.
  • Temperature Control for Bearings: It is recommended that the temperature of sliding bearings should not exceed 60℃, while rolling bearings should not exceed 70℃. The temperature of both types of bearings should be regularly monitored to ensure that they remains within a reasonable range. Overheating can cause failures, so it is important to take precautions to avoid it.
  • Troubleshooting: When the electrical equipment trips, avoid forcing continuous startup and investigate the cause in time. In the event of mechanical failure and personal accidents, it should be stopped immediately.

The key steps of starting and normal operation provide reliable power and a stable operation environment for the equipment. We, as a jaw crusher machine company, provide all kinds of experience as well as precautions, etc. Choose us, choose high quality. Now that we’ve covered the key steps for starting up and normal operation, it’s important not to neglect the precautions for stopping. We’ll delve into these details in the next part.

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Precautions When Stopping the Jaw Crusher Machine

The operation of the jaw crusher machine requires careful handling during the stopping phase to prevent unnecessary damage to the equipment. By stopping the machine in the direction of the production process and stopping the lubrication and cooling system in time, we can better protect the machine.

Sequential Stopping of the Production Process

When stopping, following the sequence of the production process direction helps to minimize the impact and damage to the equipment during stopping.

  • Production process direction: The stopping order should be consistent with the production process direction. For example, stop the feeder, the main crusher motor, and the conveyor.
  • Impact Reduction: By stopping in the reverse order of the production process, impacts and vibrations between the various components of the plant can be reduced, reducing the risk of damage.

Lubrication and Cooling System Stop

Stopping the lubrication and cooling systems after the equipment has stopped prevents unnecessary waste of resources and equipment wear.

Lubrication and cooling stop: Make sure to stop lubrication and cooling systems only after the equipment has stopped. This will help avoid unnecessary lubrication and cooling during the stopping process. Stopping the lubrication and cooling systems beforehand may cause damage to the equipment. Therefore, it is essential to wait until the equipment has come to a complete stop before turning off its systems.

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Cleaning and Inspection

In the shutdown state, carry out cleaning and sanitation and carefully inspect all parts of the machine to ensure that the equipment is in good working condition.

  • Cleanup: Clean up the sanitation around the equipment to prevent debris from accumulating and affecting the performance of the equipment.
  • Inspection of all parts: Carefully inspect all parts of the jaw crusher machine. Then this can ensure that it is in good condition for the next startup.

Through these key steps when stopping, we can better guarantee the safety and reliability of the equipment in the shutdown state. It’s important not to neglect the meticulous operation of lubrication. We will learn more about this next.

Jaw Crusher Machine Lubrication – Maintaining Efficient Operation

Lubrication is an important factor in maintaining the efficient operation of jaw crusher machines. By selecting the correct lubricant and establishing a good lubrication system, we can maximize the service life of the equipment.

Lubricant Selection

Different parts of the jaw crusher machine price require different types and viscosities of lubricants. Correct lubricant selection helps to minimize wear and improve the efficiency of the equipment.

  • Bearing lubrication: Rod bearings, eccentric shaft bearings, and other components require lubricating oil for proper lubrication. In summer, there are 70 mechanical oils to choose from. In winter, 40 mechanical oils are available for selection according to the specific working conditions and requirements.
  • Pressure cycle lubrication: Some parts of large and medium-sized jaw crushers adopt pressure cycle lubrication. An electric motor drives a gear oil pump. The pump sends oil from a storage tank to lubrication parts. This process is carried out under pressure. The purpose of this process is to ensure the lubrication of bearings and other parts.

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The Working Condition of the Lubrication System

The normal work of the lubrication system is vital to the stable operation of the equipment. Regularly check the working condition of the lubrication system. Therefore,  this ensures that the lubricant is sufficient and the oil pump operates normally.

  • Oil pump operation: Monitor the operating status of the oil pump. Ensure that the lubrication parts receive oil by transporting it normally.
  • Oil pressure check: Use the oil pressure gauge to check the oil pressure of the lubrication system. This ensures that the oil pressure is within the normal range.

Regular Inspection and Replacement of Lubricating Oil

Lubricating oil will be aging and contaminated in the process of use, so regular inspection and replacement of lubricating oil is an important means of maintaining the lubrication effect.

  • Check the oil quality: Regularly check the cleanliness of the lubricant and the oil quality state. if you find it abnormal, you should timely take a replacement.
  • Regular replacement: According to the use of equipment, to develop a reasonable lubricant replacement cycle, usually every six months.

Through these meticulous operations of lubrication, we can ensure that the jaw crusher machine gets enough lubrication protection in operation. However, the inspection and maintenance of the equipment are equally crucial, which we will learn more about next.

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Jaw Crusher Machine Inspection and Maintenance

Regular inspection and maintenance are key to ensuring that your jaw crusher continues to operate efficiently. Monitor the bearing temperature, check whether the lubrication system is working properly, and other steps. Then we can detect potential problems in advance and prevent them before they occur.

  • Bearing temperature check: Regularly check the temperature of the bearings to detect any temperature abnormality in time and prevent the bearings from overheating and causing failure.
  • Lubrication system checks: Carefully check the operating status of the lubrication system. It includes the sound of the oil pump work, oil pressure gauge value, oil tank oil volume, etc. It ensures that the lubrication system operates normally.
  • Dirt exclusion: regularly check whether there are metal fines and other dirt in the oil return pipe. Once finding it, you should immediately stop and check the lubrication part.
  • Inspection of connecting parts: Regularly check whether the bolts, flywheel keys and other connecting parts are loose, to safeguard the structural integrity of the equipment.
  • Jaw plate and transmission parts inspection: Regularly check the wear and tear of the jaw plate and transmission parts. Therefore, it ensures that the equipment operates normally.

All in all, there are several key steps in the inspection and maintenance of the jaw crusher machine. By following these steps, we can discover potential problems with the equipment in time. This enables us to ensure that the jaw crusher runs efficiently and stably for a longer duration.

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AIMIX is a professional jaw crusher machine manufacturer. We aim to provide detailed and practical guidelines for the proper operation and maintenance of jaw crusher machines. Our goal is to help users improve their productivity, reduce failure rates, and achieve better economic benefits. To achieve this, we will share our in-depth knowledge of the jaw crusher machine. We believe that by doing so, users will be able to utilize them to their full potential. We can provide better care and maintenance for the equipment, thus ensuring its long, efficient, and stable operation.

Choosing our jaw crusher machine is not only choosing efficient crushing equipment but also choosing a reliable partner. Besides, our commitment is to provide you with high-quality equipment. We offer high-efficiency equipment, including the mobile jaw crusher and the stationary jaw crusher. Additionally, we provide a full range of technical support to our customers. In the future development, let us work together to create a better tomorrow!

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