How to Operate A Crusher Plant?

Crushing plants play a vital role in the mining, construction and recycling industries. Operating a crushing plant correctly not only improves efficiency, but also extends the life of the equipment and ensures production safety. This article explains how to operate a crushing plant to help you maximise the use of your equipment and improve the competitiveness of your business.

Mobile cone crusher plant machine

Steps for Starting up a Crushing Plant

Starting the crushing plant correctly is essential to ensure its proper operation. The following are the detailed start-up steps:


Before starting the plant, perform a thorough inspection. Ensure that all parts are intact and firmly connected. Check that the power supply, lubrication system and safety devices are in order.

Starting the Feed System

Start the feeding system first to make sure the material can be fed into the crusher smoothly. Observe the feeding situation and adjust the feeding speed to avoid overloading or underfeeding.

Start the Crushing System

Start the crusher after the feeding system has stabilised. Gradually increase the speed of the crusher and observe the operation of the equipment. If any abnormality is found, stop the machine immediately for inspection.

Start the Conveying System

Finally start the conveying system to transport the crushed material to the predetermined position. Keep the conveying system unobstructed to avoid material accumulation.

After completing the start-up steps, the equipment enters into normal operation. Next, we discuss how to keep the crushing plant efficient and stable during operation.

Crawler Mobile Stone Crusher Plant on site
Tracked Crushing and Screening Plant on site

Precautions During Operation

During the operation of the crushing plant, the operator needs to pay attention to the following points to ensure the efficient and stable operation of the equipment.

Monitor the Status of the Equipment

Monitor the operation status of each part of the crusher plant machine in real time, especially the working load, temperature and vibration of the crusher. Adjust the equipment parameters in time through the data feedback from the control system.

Regular Lubrication

The moving parts of the crushing plant need to be lubricated regularly to maintain good running condition. According to the requirements of the equipment manual, add lubricant on time to prevent wear and tear of parts.

Clear Material Blockage

If you find material blockage in the feed opening or conveyor belt, clear it in time. Clogging not only affects productivity, but may also cause damage to the equipment.

Check Safety Devices

Make sure safety devices are working properly, including emergency stop buttons, guardrails and alarm systems. Test these devices regularly to ensure a quick response in case of emergency.

While ensuring efficient and stable operation, operators also need to know how to shut down the crushing plant correctly.

Stone crusher plant machine

Steps to Correctly Shut Down a Crusher Plant

Shutting down the crusher machine plant correctly is equally important to help extend the life of the equipment and reduce maintenance costs. Below are the detailed shutdown steps:

Stop the Feed System

First stop the feed system and wait until the material in the crusher has been processed before proceeding to the next step. This prevents residual material from being left in the crusher and reduces clean-up efforts.

Stop the Crushing System

When there is no material in the crusher, gradually reduce the speed until it stops running. Avoid sudden stoppage to prevent impact on the equipment.

Stop the Conveying System

Finally stop the conveyor system to ensure that all material has been transported to its destination. Check the conveyor belt, clean up the residual material and keep the equipment clean.

Disconnecting the Power

Switch off all power sources and ensure that the equipment is completely disconnected. Perform a routine check after the power is off to confirm the status of the stone crushing plant and record the operating data.

After completing the shutdown procedure, the operator needs to perform regular equipment maintenance to ensure that the equipment is in the best condition for the next use.

crawler stone crushing plant
Crawler Mobile Crusher

Maintaining and Servicing the Crusher Plant

Regular maintenance and upkeep of the crushing plant can extend the life of the equipment and increase productivity. Here are some basic recommendations for maintenance and servicing:

Regular Inspections

Regularly check the wear and tear of each part according to the requirements of the equipment manual. Especially the wear parts such as jaws, hammer heads and screens of the crusher.

Clean the Equipment

Clean the equipment regularly, especially the feed opening, crushing chamber and conveyor belt. Remove accumulated dust and debris to keep the equipment clean and prevent corrosion and clogging.

Replace Wearing Parts

Replace the parts with serious wear and tear in time to avoid big failure caused by small problems. Use original spare parts to ensure equipment performance and safety.

Regular Lubrication

Add lubricant regularly according to the requirements of the equipment lubrication manual. Choose the right lubricant to avoid equipment damage caused by improper lubrication.

Through regular maintenance and repair, the crusher plant can keep running efficiently and stably, reduce the failure rate and prolong the service life.

Process of Crushing Rocks Into Grave


Mastering the operation skills of the crushing plant can not only improve the production efficiency, but also ensure the safety of the equipment and prolong the service life. From understanding the structure of the equipment to startup, operation, shutdown and maintenance, each link is crucial. Through the detailed introduction of this article, I believe you have a comprehensive understanding of how to operate a crushing plant.

Act now to operate your crushing plant as described in this article to enhance your business competitiveness. If you still have any questions or need further technical support, please feel free to contact our professional team. We will be happy to serve you and help you achieve sustainable crusher plant business growth.

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