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How to Improve the Output of Stone Crushing Plant?

After installing a stone crushing plant, many customers want to know how to use the stone crushing equipment to produce more profits. This has always been an issue that everyone is concerned about. To increase profits, you must increase output. So the key question is how to improve production. What’s the key point? Please follow us to find the answers.
180TPH stone crushing plant

Method 1: Optimize Raw Material Conditions:

1. Select Appropriate Materials

Selecting materials suitable for processing by the stone crushing plants, such as materials with moderate hardness and low density, can improve the crushing efficiency.

2. Control the humidity of the material

Excessive humidity of the material may cause difficulties in the crushing process and affect output. The humidity of the material can be reduced through methods such as sunlight and air drying.

3. Material particle size

Ensure that the material entering the stone-crushing plants has an appropriate particle size to avoid crushing difficulties caused by excessively large materials.

River pebbles

Method 2: Optimize Stone crushing equipment parameters:

1. Install a vibrating feeder

Installing a vibrating feeder in front of the crusher machine can make the feeding more uniform, reduce the possibility of blockage, and improve the crusher machine’s working efficiency and discharge quality.

2. Adjust the crushing cavity type

Choose the appropriate crushing cavity type to adapt to the crushing needs of different materials.

3. Adjust the speed

Appropriately adjust the speed of the crusher machine to improve the crushing efficiency.

4. Adjust the discharge port

Adjust the size of the discharge port as needed to control the discharge particle size and improve the crushing effect.
stone crushing equipment

Method 3: Improve production management level:

1. Inspect before starting the crushing plant of stone every time

—-Before each start-up operation, conduct adequate inspections to ensure that the configuration of the stone crusher plant can meet the needs of the operation. Before starting the machine for production and processing operations, be sure to ensure that all equipment has no malfunctions.

Specific inspection items generally include the following:

(1) What we should do is to first understand the working conditions of the last shift of the stone crusher. If the stone crusher has abnormal phenomena during the production process, we should first check and solve the problem.

(2) Check whether there is material accumulation in the discharge chute and crushing cavity, whether there is unbreakable debris in the machine, and whether there are rocks or other non-crushed objects in the crushing cavity.

(3) Before use, inspect all parts of the stone crusher to see if the screws, frame, and motor foot screws are loose, and whether there is any noise in the running part. Check whether the pulley is loose. If the belt is loose due to use, the belt should be replaced immediately and the pulley should be tightened.

(4) Before using the stone crusher, you need to turn on the thin oil lubrication system. It can be turned on after the oil return is normal. At this time, check each oil system for material blockage and oil leakage.

(5) Before starting, a start-up signal should be sent, and it should not be started with load. There should be no one around the machine before use, and no one is allowed to move around when the machine is running to prevent injuries to people during the operation of the machine.

(6) During operation, the ore feeding must be uniform and cannot be large or small. Excessive feeding during crushing will cause an increase in mechanical load, which will affect the performance of the machine and affect the crushing efficiency. Therefore, the ore feeding must be uniform so that the machine can Stable operation.
stone-crushing plants

2. Operator training

Operators are trained to improve operating skills and proficiency to ensure that the stone crushing equipment operates in an efficient state.

3. Regular maintenance

Carry out regular maintenance on the mobile stone crushing plant to ensure that all parts of the equipment are in good condition and improve production efficiency.

4. Optimize the production process

According to the actual production needs, optimize the production process of the mobile stone crushing plant and improve the utilization efficiency of the equipment.

Method 4. Select high-performance equipment:

1. Choose brand equipment

Choose stone crushing plants of well-known brands and reliable performance to improve crushing efficiency.

2. Select the appropriate model

According to production needs, select the appropriate model to improve equipment utilization.
stone crushing plant for sale
It is no exaggeration to say that by following the above 4 operating precautions, the output of your stone crusher plant for sale can easily be increased by more than 3 times. In the future, there is no need to rely on day and night operations that consume the life of equipment in exchange for high output and increased profits.

AIMIX is a professional stone crushing plant manufacturer that produces various types of crusher machines. It not only has many types, models, good quality, good performance and good service, but also provides you with more comprehensive after-sales installation, repair, maintenance, and other services. We are confident to create more efficiency and higher value for you.

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