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How Does a Mobile Jaw Crusher Work?

Today, we will explore the working principle of mobile jaw crusher and the key role of mobile jaw crusher in various modern industries.

180TPH Mobile Jaw Crusher Plant for River Pebbles

Exploration of Every Part of the Mobile Jaw Crusher

Understanding the components of a mobile jaw crusher is crucial for learning its workflow. This will help us deeply comprehend how each link collaborates effectively and efficiently for material processing.
According to the difference in the walking way of the crushing plant, it is mainly divided into two categories: tire type and crawler type. Although they differ in the way of moving, the basic components are similar.

  • Feeder: The function of feeder is to feed the raw material into the crusher quantitatively, evenly, and continuously. It prevents excessive pressure in the crushing chamber and ensures stable operation of the crusher.
  • Jaw crusher machine: Jaw crusher machine is the core equipment of mobile jaw crushing plant, which is mainly used for preliminary crushing and processing materials. This crusher machine consists of two jaw plates to form a V-shaped crushing chamber, and the material crushing is realized by the change of the distance between the jaw plates.
  • Belt conveyor: The crushed materials need to be conveyed through the belt conveyor, either to the next crushing process or to the storage site. The belt conveyor has the advantages of large conveying capacity, simple structure, easy maintenance, etc. It is an important link connecting each crushing process.
  • Centralized electric control system: The centralized electric control system is the “brain” of the mobile jaw crushing plant, responsible for the control and monitoring of the whole production line. It can realize the automation of startup, shutdown, troubleshooting and other operations, as well as real-time monitoring of various data in the production process to ensure the efficient and stable operation of the equipment.
  • Iron remover: In the process of crushing ores and other materials, some iron substances are often entrained, which not only affect the quality of the final product, but also may damage the equipment. Therefore, it is essential to set iron remover before the material enters the crusher or during the material conveying process, which can effectively remove these iron impurities.

Tire Mobile Jaw Crusher Plant

Tire Mobile Jaw Crusher Plant aimix

  • Flexibility and Convenience: Tire mobile crusher plant is able to drive freely on flat roads.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Compared to tracked mobile crusher plants, tire crusher plants are usually cheaper to purchase and operate, and their maintenance is relatively simple.
  • Adaptability: Due to their portable nature, they are ideal for projects with frequent changes in location.

Crawler Mobile Jaw Crusher Plant

Crawler Mobile Jaw Crusher Plant aimix

  • Off-road capability: Crawler mobile crusher plant has excellent off-road performance and can move freely in complex terrains such as mountains and wetlands where there are no roads, which provides the possibility of operation in complex environments.
  • Stability and Reliability: The crawler traveling mechanism increases the grounding area, which makes the whole machine more stable. The crawler crusher is able to work more reliably in a complex working environment.
  • Economy: The initial investment and operating costs of tracked mobile crushing plants are higher than those of tire-type, but for long-term, stationary, or heavy-duty work environments, their durability and reduced maintenance requirements may result in lower overall costs.

Detailed Explanation Of The Working Principle

The workflow of mobile jaw crusher mainly includes the following steps:

1. Loading and feeding of materials

Firstly, the raw materials are loaded into the feeder through excavators, loaders and other equipment.
The feeder usually pre-screens the materials, and the large materials enter the crusher for crushing, while the smaller materials directly pass through the bypass and enter the next processing process or are stacked up.

2. Initial crushing of material

The material fed through the feeder will be preliminarily crushed by the jaw crusher. In this mobile crusher plant, the material is compressed between two jaw plates for crushing.
During the crushing process, the movable jaws of the Jaw Crusher press and release the material periodically, so that the material is gradually crushed into the required size.

3. Material conveying and screening

The crushed materials are conveyed to the vibrating screen for screening through the belt conveyor.
Unqualified chunks will be sent back to the jaw crusher for crushing again, while qualified materials will continue to be conveyed to the next processing stage or stored through the belt conveyor.

4. Iron removal and centralized electric control operation

During the material conveying process, the iron remover is used to remove ferrous impurities from the material to protect the downstream equipment from damage and to ensure the quality of the product.
The entire workflow of the mobile jaw crushing plant is monitored and managed through a centralized electronic control system. The operator can start, stop, monitor and troubleshoot the production line through the electronic control system, making the whole workflow more efficient and stable.

Mobile Jaw Crusher in Different Industries

Mobile Jaw Crushing Plant is widely used in many industries due to its high efficiency, flexibility, and portability.

construction waste disposal with crusher plant
Mineral Resources Mining with crusher plant
Transportation infrastructure construction with crusher plant
Water conservancy projects with crusher plant

  • Construction Waste Disposal: With the acceleration of urbanization, the amount of construction waste increases dramatically.
    Mobile jaw crushing plant can process these waste concrete, bricks, tiles, etc. on-site and reuse them into usable building materials, saving resources and protecting the environment.
  • Mineral Resources Mining: Including the preliminary crushing of metallic and non-metallic minerals. This crusher plant can be directly transported to the mining site for initial crushing of ores, greatly reducing the cost of material transportation.
  • Transportation infrastructure construction: In the construction of highways, railroads, and other infrastructure, a large amount of aggregate is often needed. Mobile jaw crushing plant can quickly arrive at the construction site, crushing the local stone materials to meet the construction demand and reduce the long-distance transportation of materials.
  • Urban infrastructure construction: Along with the expansion of the city, the construction of new residential and commercial areas is constantly advancing. These projects require a large amount of construction materials, and the mobile jaw crushing plant provides crushing service on-site to supply the required materials quickly.
  • Water conservancy projects: In the construction of dams, channels, bridges, and other water conservancy projects, a large amount of stone materials are also needed. Mobile jaw crusher can process materials near these projects to improve construction efficiency.
  • Post-disaster reconstruction and agricultural land renovation: A large amount of earthwork is generated in the reconstruction of disaster areas after natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods, or in agricultural land finishing projects. The mobile jaw crushing plant crushes the earth and rocks at the site, providing convenience for subsequent use or disposal.

Aimix Jaw Crusher Plant in Gondar

A customer from Gondar bought a compact mobile jaw crusher from us. He needed it to break big rocks into small pieces for a project with a quick deadline. Considering the customer’s budget and space, we recommended the Mobile Jaw Crusher Plant.

AIMIX how does a mobile jaw crusher plant work

The customer’s project was completed on schedule and he was very satisfied with the aimix product:
The mobile crusher is easy to use. I set it up fast after getting it. Now, as my project ends, someone local wants to rent it from me. It’s useful for me and can be rented out too, which is a great investment.

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