How Does A Mobile Impact Crusher Work?

Mobile impact crusher is an effective crushing equipment for various kinds of stones, including limestone, construction waste, etc. Its working process is divided into several steps.
impact mobile crushers

Step 1 – Install Mobile Impact Crusher

  • Choose a suitable working site, then use a truck to transport the mobile impact crusher to the construction site. Since the mobile impact crusher has a wheeled base, the transportation process will be very easy and the time consumption can basically be controlled within 3 hours.
  • After transporting the mobile impact crusher to a stable site, next, use the outriggers to fix the impact-type mobile crusher plant so that the equipment can have stable support when working to ensure that the equipment does not shake or tilt.
  • Check the surrounding environment to make sure there are no obstacles blocking the lifting of the outriggers. Then turn on the power and the electrical system, and raise the legs. When the outriggers are raised and lowered to the appropriate height or position, stop the lifting operation. Make sure the legs are fully stable and securely supporting the equipment.

At this point, the mobile impact crusher plant is fully installed and can start running.
mobile impact recycling crushers

Step 2 – Crushing Stones

Material Feeding and Transportation Process:

Raw stones are loaded into the vibrating feeder through some loading equipment (such as excavators or wheel loaders).
Then, the vibrating feeder will evenly convey the stone to the feeding hopper of the impact crusher to ensure that the equipment can work continuously and stably.

Materials Crushing Process

  • There is a high-speed rotating rotor inside the impact crushing equipment. When the material enters the crushing cavity, the rotor starts to rotate at high speed.
  • The material is affected by the centrifugal force under the high-speed rotation of the rotor and is projected onto the impact plate on the wall of the crushing chamber.
  • Under the action of the impact plate, the material undergoes multiple high-speed impacts and collisions, and is gradually broken into smaller particles.
  • The crushed materials are discharged through the discharge port under the equipment. The size of the discharge port can be controlled by adjusting the discharge port setting of the equipment to control the particle size of the crushed materials.
impact crusher working process

Screening and Grading Process

  • After the materials are discharged, they are transported to the screening machine via a belt conveyor.
  • The three-layer screening machine sieves the materials into 3 different sizes: 5-10mm, 10-20mm, and 20-31.5mm
  • In this process, materials of 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm, and 20-31.5mm particle sizes will be directly discharged to the finished product piles. At the same time, the materials that do not meet this size range will be re-transported to the impact crusher by the belt conveyor for secondary crushing. The whole process forms a closed-circuit crushing system, and the materials will be continuously screened and crushed.

At this point, the entire crushing process is over. We have attached a working video to give you a more visual view of how a mobile impact crushr works.

Put Away the Mobile Impact Crusher

After the usage, retract the lifting legs and use a truck to pull the mobile impact crusher away.
Overall, by way of crushing, screening, and grading the raw stones, a mobile impact crusher can efficiently produce finished materials that meet specifications. It is suitable for various mining, construction and waste disposal applications. The whole crushing process is very simple and easy to understand, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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