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How Does A Gravel Crusher Work?

Do you know what is a gravel crusher and how does a gravel crusher work? If not, here I have put together a quick and easy guide to explain them.

Because AIMIX has developed successful business within the mining industry for over decades. AIMIX staff are experts in these fields and they have ability to answer these questions. You can learn more info about crusher gravel in the following description.

gravel crushing plants working

What is A Crusher Gravel?

A gravel crusher is a large piece of mechanical, industry machinery that reduces large materials such as rocks, minerals, and stones into more manageable gravel and sand. The crushed gravel is usually has various usages, such as building foundations, road construction, and landscaping projects. In general, The gravel can be processed into different particles sizes, like coarse gravel, fine gravel, and pea gravel, through combinations of various kinds of crushers. Let’s check the crushers for gravel below.

What is The Best Crusher for Gravel?

When it comes to crushing gravel, there are several types of crushers that can be combined to optimize the process. These crushers can form into the whole crushing production line.

Different Kinds of Gravel Crushers Form into Crushing Plant

Jaw Crusher
Cone Crusher
Impact Crusher

jaw gravel crusher working

Feed particle size: ≤1020mm.
Production capacity: ≤800T/H
Processed materials: limestone, basalt, marble, granite, river pebbles, etc

Jaw crushers are commonly used for primary crushing of large pieces of gravel. They have a simple design and are capable of handling a wide range of materials. A jaw rock crusher gravel can be combined with other crushers in a circuit to achieve the desired particle size.

cone gravel crusher working

Feed particle size: ≤300mm.
Production capacity: 30-500T/H
Processed materials: crushing medium and high hardness materials such as chrome ore, iron ore, basalt and granite.

Cone crushers are excellent for secondary or tertiary crushing applications. They produce uniform, cubical-shaped end products and are efficient in crushing hard and abrasive materials. Combining a jaw crusher with a gravel crusher cone can create a highly efficient crushing circuit for gravel.

impact gravel crusher working

Feed particle size: ≤500mm.
Production capacity: 37-400T/H
Processed materials: iron ore, pebbles, basalt, granite, limestone,, etc

Impact crushers are versatile machines that can handle various types of materials, including gravel. They use impact force to crush the material, making them suitable for producing aggregates with a high reduction ratio. Incorporating an impact crusher for gravel into the crushing circuit can improve the shape and size of the final product.

By collaborating the above different types of gravel crushers in a well-designed crushing circuit, you can efficiently process gravel and produce high-quality aggregates for various applications.
If you have the requirements for consult us on how to collaborating them, please send us an inquiry timely.

Mobile Gravel Crushers – Limitless Mobility On-site

The mobile crushers sand and gravel make the crushing job easier at different construction sites. Same as the above listed gravel crush equipment, the mobile crusher plants also are equipped with these crushers.

They offer flexibility and convenience in various applications. In AIMIX, there are two main types: wheeled-type mobile crusher and crawler mobile crusher.

wheeled-type mobile gravel crusher
Wheeled-type Mobile Gravel Crusher
crawler mobile gravel crusher
Crawler Mobile Gravel Crusher

Wheeled type: equipped with wheels, easily transported from one location to another; ideal for projects requiring frequent relocation; quick setup; be towed behind a vehicle for transport.
Tracked type: designed with tracks, offering mobility and stability on uneven terrain. suitable for rugged environments; navigate rough terrain with ease. move independently; excellent traction and maneuverability, ideal for remote locations or challenging conditions.

How Are These Gravel Crushers Utilized at Crushing Sites?

Find out how AIMIX gravel crushers are used in crushing locations worldwide. AIMIX crushers are tough,
reliable, and get the job done efficiently. Let’s take a look at some cases to see how AIMIX gravel
crushers are making a difference in the field.

Stpes to Know How Does A Gravel Crusher Work

In general, the gravel crushing plants are the combination of various equipment used to process gravel, rocks, and other materials into smaller sizes for construction purposes. The specific operation of a limestone gravel crusher machine can vary depending on the equipment and configuration, but here is a general overview of gravel crushing process:

Crushing Plant Process


The raw material, such as rocks or stones, is fed into the crusher through a vibrating feeder or a conveyor belt. The material is typically loaded into the primary crusher’s hopper.

Primary Crushing

The raw materials are first fed into a primary crusher, such as a jaw crusher or gyratory crusher. The primary sand gravel crusher breaks the larger rocks into smaller pieces. The crushed material may then be further processed or sent directly to the next stage of the crushing process.

Secondary Crushing

If required, the crushed material from the primary crusher is then fed into a secondary crusher, such as a cone crusher or impact crusher. The secondary crusher further reduces the size of the material into the desired smaller sizes.


After the material is crushed, it may go through a screening process. Vibrating screens or other types of screening equipment are used to separate the crushed material into different sizes or grades. This allows for the production of various sizes of gravel or aggregates.

Additional Processes

Depending on the specific requirements, the gravel crushing plant may include additional processes such as washing the crushed material to remove impurities or blending different sizes of aggregates to meet specific gradation requirements.

Conveyor Systems

Throughout the process, conveyor systems are often used to transport the material between different stages of crushing, screening, and storage.

AIMIX gravel crusher plant is typically equipped with electric control systems to monitor and regulate the operation of the equipment. They feature such as automation, remote operation, and safety interlocks. You can also check how it works through the following gravel crushing videos:

How Much Does A Gravel Crusher Cost?

When looking for gravel crusher, understanding the cost involved is crucial. The price of a sand and gravel crusher can vary depending on several factors, including the type and model of the crusher, the capacity and production requirements, as well as additional features and components. Here I provide a price ranges of gravel crushers and explore the key factors that can affect their costs.

Price Ranges of Gravel Crushers

  • Single crusher: $9800 – $68000
  • Mobile crushers: $550000-$1350000(Wheeled crushers); $950000-$2300000 (Crawler crushers)
  • 4 in 1 wheeled mobile crusher price: $730000-$1240000

Factors Affecting the Cost

Equipment Specifications

The size, capacity, and performance specifications of the concrete gravel crusher significantly influence its cost. Larger and more powerful gravel crushers tend to be more expensive.

Production Requirements

The required production capacity and desired final product size influence the choice of gravel crusher and the cost. Higher production requirements often lead to the selection of more advanced and costly crushers.

Equipment Mobility

A gravel crusher’s mobility affects its cost. Mobile crusher, easily moved between sites, are pricier due to the gravel crusher design, including the chassis, wheels or tracks, and safety features.

Crusher Customization

Customization requirements can significantly impact the cost of a gravel crusher. If specific modifications are needed to meet unique production needs or environmental regulations, the price may increase. Customized features may include specialized guarding, dust suppression systems, or noise reduction measures.

Understanding the various factors influencing the cost of a gravel crusher is essential for making an informed purchasing decision. If you’re interested in learning more about the cost of AIMIX gravel crushers and how they can meet your specific needs, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is here to provide you with personalized assistance and pricing information tailored to your project requirements.

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