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Gravel crusher for sale are used to crush gravels of variable sizes by different crushing methods and finally produce finished products that meet the needs of customers’ projects, which can be used in the mining, industrial and construction industries, etc.

Therefore, if you want to get different products, you need to use different models of gravel crushing equipment for sale. Crushers can change the shape of the product particles by adjusting the parameters or by using different crushing methods, such as producing cubic, polygonal, granular and other shapes. In this article we will help you to choose the right solution for the size/shape of the finished product that can be achieved with various gravel crusher machines.

Choose Different Crushing Solutions To Help
Your Project Succeed

Our company can provide you with three kinds of solutions, one is the stationary gravel crushing plant which is suitable for large scale crushing needs, and the other is the portable gravel crusher with tires or the crawler mobile gravel crusher which is suitable for the construction site with bad road conditions. Next, we will learn about them one by one.

Stationary gravel crushing equipment – for long-period crushing projects

This kind of stationary gravel crushers for sale are used for crushing gravels. Stationary gravel crushing machine for sale is usually composed of several components below, and they are able to crush and screen different types and sizes of gravel effectively.

Let’s take the following solution as an example and give you a closer look at the reason of customizing this solution.

150T/H stationary Gravel Crusher Machine for crushing hard gravel


APG-3895W vibrating feeder

APJ-6090E jaw type gravel crusher

APC-132C-M medium crushing compound cone gravel crusher

APC-132C-F fine crushing compound cone gravel crusher

APS-2160Y4 vibrating screen

Raw materials used: gravel, basalt, granite, etc.
Production capacity: 150t/h
Finished product requirements: four kinds of sand between 0-38mm

Since the final product size required by the customer is about 3mm, 12mm, 26mm, 32mm. The crushed gravel is a kind of rock with high hardness characteristics, and to get these four different sizes of sand, a jaw crusher, a cone gravel crusher and a fine crushing cone gravel crusher as well as a screening system are required.

Therefore, our experts have equipped the gravel production line with models APJ-6090E, APC-132C-M, APC-132C-F and APS-2160Y4, which meet the customer’s needs for large grain size materials while ensuring efficient screening.

If you have a project requirement similar to the above, whether you are producing small particle size materials or need sand, please do not hesitate to send us a message.
If you have different requirements for your project, you can also contact us and we will rework a plan to suit your project needs.
In addition, we also have solutions for portable gravel crushers specifically designed for short-term crushing projects, which I will briefly introduce to you below.

Mobile type gravel crusher machines – Fast Assemble And Disassemble

Mobile gravel crusher machine usually consists of crusher, feeder, screening equipment and so on. It can be moved by trailer for easy operation in different locations.

For mobile gravel crushing solution of hard gravel, we recommend you to use a combination of jaw type gravel crusher, gravel cone crusher and other equipment for mobile gravel crushing equipment.

The gravel crusher jaw can crush large hard rock into small pieces, the gravel crusher cones for sale can shape the size of small gravels, and the screen can help with the finer crushing process to get the desired finished size for your project.

Compared to traditional gravel crushing machine, mobile gravel crusher mantles are with features of high mobility and flexibility, allowing them to be deployed quickly to different sites or locations, saving a lot of time costs and installation expenses.
Here is our solution for a customer who wants to produce sand, let’s look at it in detail.

150T/H stationary crusher fine gravel for crushing hard gravel


APY2-69J mobile jaw crusher

APY2-160C mobile gravel crusher cone

APV-9532 vsi sand making machine

APW-2816D sand washing machine

Feeding materials: up to 400mm
Production capacity: 250tph
Final products: 0-3mm sand

APY2-69J mobile jaw-type gravel crusher includes APG-3896W vibrating feeder and APJ-6090E jaw crusher. Its maximum feed particle size is 500mm, can produce a final product of 65-180mm. Meanwhile, APY2-160C gravel mobile crusher plant is equipped with APC-160C cone gravel crusher and APS-1860Y vibrating screen. Then use the APV-9532 VSI sand making machine to process the crushed material to produce high-quality sand. Finally, the sand washing machine is used to clean and screen the sand, obtaining the required 0-3mm sand.

After this set of gravel making machine was put into production, it helped the customer to produce high-quality finished sand. The customer’s sand and gravel sales business is booming. Recently, the customer is considering expanding the project scale and ordering a second crushing, we are in communication now.

If you have similar needs, you can refer to the above configuration. But the above mentioned mobile gravel crusher is configured with tire towing chassis, it has strong gravel crushing and moving ability.
But it has some limitations in the construction conditions with bad road conditions, then the mobile crawler gravel crusher for sale we have launched can solve this problem well, please follow my footsteps below to know what benefits the gravel mobile crawler crusher can bring to you.

Mobile crawler gravel crusher – Superb maneuverability and climbing ability

The crawler mobile gravel crusher is an efficient gravel crushing machine with automatic driving and relies on the crawler to move. With the diversification of production needs, there are many projects that need to be carried out on complex terrain. The crawler gravel crusher has super mobility and can adapt to various harsh environments such as climbing operation, which has been widely used in recent years.

Crawler mobile gravel crushers are usually applied to gravel crushing projects of various hardnesses.

Crawler mobile gravel crushing line is a combination of various crushers, including crawler mobile gravel crusher jaw, crawler mobile gravel crusher cone, crawler mobile impact gravel crusher and crawler mobile screen.

You can choose the right crawler mobile gravel crusher for your project according to your needs, but there may be some disadvantages, for example, the jaw crawler gravel crusher produces more waste, if you match another screening equipment, you can get two kinds of products, or you can be your own boss to provide local customers with the aggregates you don’t need but others need, which is also another income.
If one set of mobile crawler gravel crusher plant does not meet your multiple product needs, you can also invest in a combined crawler gravel crushing machine for sand making.
For example, below you can see our customized high efficiency mobile crawler gravel crushing machine with a capacity of up to 495 tons per hour.

290-495t/h Crawler Mobile Gravel Crusher – Ultra Mobility, More Versatility


Raw materials used: gravel, limegravel, granite, basalt, marble, iron ore, construction waste, coal and many other materials.
Raw material size: ≤500mm
Feeding capacity: 500t/h
Production capacity: 43-300t/h
Finished product requirement: between 25-54mm
Application areas: widely used in mining, construction waste recycling, urban infrastructure construction, road or construction site crushing, etc.

If there is any equipment that fits your project needs, you can contact us at any time for consultation, and we will make a professional gravel crushing plan for you in the shortest time.

Benefits of investing

In addition to meeting the needs of local customers, what are the benefits of investing in a set of small gravel crusher? According to our research on customers probably summarized the following points.

Save A Lot Of Transportation

The main advantage of portable gravel crushers is the flexibility of use. Unlike ordinary crushers, which can only be fixed in the same position. Portable gravel crushers are not subject to geographical restrictions and can be stationed at any time according to customer needs. Therefore, you can save a lot of costs and energy of transportation.

Quickly Put Into Use And Speed Up The Project

The portable gravel crusher is an integrated unit equipment. This type of equipment has the advantages of convenient and quick installation. The most important thing is that it can make your project start as soon as possible and speed up the progress of the project.

Can Be Used For Leasing To Obtain Return On Investment

Mobile crushers can not only be used for their own production projects, but also can be rented out to earn rent during leisure time. Therefore, investing in mobile gravel crusher vehicle is a lucrative option.

The mobile gravel crushing machine can be adjusted in many ways, you can adjust the parameters of the gravel crusher and change the demand for other equipment of the crusher.We can provide you with customized solution design for your reference according to your project. Buy multi-performance equipment at the most suitable price.

Benefits of Uzbekistan Client Investing A Gravel Crushing Machine

The client bought gravel crusher machine to start his mining business. A capacity of 150 t/h gravel crusher machine on-site can totally satisfy clients’ demands.
The purposes of investing the crushing line is not only for his finial aggregate sale business but his other aggregate supply for his batching plant.
According to rough estimate, the client would get returns in 6 months. Until now, he invested the machine over one year. He has got considerable profits from the crushing line.
Thus, it is wise for clients to invest in one and get return early. Contact our sale for specific ROI analysis right now!

Even though the gravel crushing equipment is now quite automated, there are still many considerations that we should pay attention to during operation to avoid damage caused by improper operation. Understanding the operation principle of a gravel crusher for sale is your first step to maintain it well. Next, we’ll show you a video of a cone gravel crusher in action as an example to help you understand more. if you want videos of other equipment, you can find us through the contact form on the website or by going to my youtube account!

How Does A Gravel Crusher Work

Below I will take the compound cone gravel crusher for sale as an example to briefly introduce its working principle. If you want to know other types of gravel crushing process, you can check our YouTube channel:

When the compound cone gravel crusher is working, the motor drives the eccentric sleeve to rotate through the V-belt, drive shaft and bevel gear pair.


The moving cone performs a swinging motion under the action of the eccentric sleeve, so that the moving cone and the fixed cone are sometimes close and sometimes deviated.


The material is continuously squeezed and impacted in the crushing cavity to be crushed, and the material crushed to the required particle size is discharged from the bottom under the action of gravity.

The compound spring gravel crusher cone adopts the best combination of crushing frequency and eccentric distance, which makes the material to be crushed more finely, and the crushing capacity holds higher output than similar models, and also enhances the lamination between material particles. The crushing effect can effectively improve the three-dimensional shape of the material after crushing.

Selection Guide

It is not difficult to find a great limegravel gravel crusher. Here are several aspects that you should consider when buying a concrete gravel crusher for sale. By doing this, you will not squander your cost on a worthless equipment.

Find A Nice Gravel Crusher Manufacturer

There are so many large gravel crusher manufacturers all over the world, so how can we find a nice gravel crushing machine manufacturer with a reliable one?
Here, I would like to suggest a few things for you to consider.

1.Make comparison. Google the equipment you want to buy, check and compare the manufacturer’s website.
2. Background research. Know the background information of the supplier to get a more intuitive understanding of the real strength of the company.
3. Check details about products. Check the product range of this manufacturer, including the type, specification and performance of the crusher. Check the specific parameters and production process to make sure it meets your project needs.
4. Consider feedback. Look for reviews and feedback from other customers about the supplier, read reviews, cases, testimonials and other real information to understand customer satisfaction and trust. You can also learn about the supplier’s reputation through social media and industry forums.
5. Note service. Examine the manufacturer’s after-sales service and technical support system. Find out their service commitment, warranty policy and response time. You can ask if they provide support services such as training, installation and commissioning and equipment maintenance.

This information about gravel crushing equipment for sale is closely related to customers and can be of great help to your purchase. The things you want to know most can be found on our website.

Figure Out Your Project Requirements

Before buying gravel crushing machines, it will be very useful by listing the needs of your project. For example, you need to clarify what raw materials are used in your project, the required production capacity, the required granularity of finished products, and the site where the project will be carried out, etc.

Raw materials:Determine the type of raw materials required for the project. Is it sand, ore, rock, or some other type of material? It is also important to know the proper crusher ties of the raw material such as hardness, humidity and viscosity.
Production capacity:This includes the amount of crushed gravel required per hour or per day. Clear production capacity requirements help to select the appropriate size and model.
Finished Particle Size:This depends on the specific requirements and end use of the project. For example, sand and gravel of different particle sizes may be required if it is to be used in building construction.
Implementation location:Considering factors such as transportation and layout, the implementation location of the project may have an impact on the selection and configuration of the sand and gravel crusher.

By listing project requirements in detail and supplementing this information, you will be able to better understand your needs and choose the right gravel crusher to meet project requirements. If you need it, you can fill in the form below to consult me.

Compared Products Form Different Companies

Sometimes, if you shop around, you may find a more economic deal. When you compare gravel crusher manufacturers, it’s not just the gravel crusher price that should be compared, but the quality. Choosing high-quality equipment can not only improve production efficiency but also lower the opportunities for equipment losses and reduce equipment maintenance costs. These economic benefits are not what a cheap small gravel crusher for sale can provide.

Aimix’s gravel crushers all use high manganese steel as raw materials, which greatly improves the wear resistance of the equipment, reduces equipment wear and tear, and thus saves a lot of maintenance costs for users.

Factory Tour – Professional Manufacturer

These crushers of AIMIX have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions overseas. We have rich production experience. The following video can take you to visit AIMIX’s gravel crushing equipment for sale production workshop. If you want to purchase our sand and gravel crusher, we welcome you to visit our headquarters in China.

Next, we will provide you with a wealth of sand gravel crusher case sharing to help you better understand the actual application and effect of different projects.

A Wealth Of Gravel Crusher Case Sharing

Our gravel crushing machine is exported to many overseas countries and regions and has been well received by customers. The following is a partial case display. Please click on the case page of the website to view the details. We welcome your consultation here.

What Can We Do For You – Considerable Services

AIMIX pays attention to the customer experience, and each link has a strict execution process. The following are the services that AIMIX can provide you in terms of gravel crushers for sale.

Provide Professional Advice.
Update logistics information in time.
Installation and training service.
Quick response.
Provide wearing parts.
Provide professional

Our sales and engineers will provide each customer with professional advice on types, output, site planning, etc. We will keep in touch with customers and communicate continuously before the plan is completed.

Update logistics information
in time.

After signing the purchase contract, we will report the progress of the order to you at any time, including production, test machine, loading, transportation, etc.

Installation and
training service.

After the customer received the equipment, we can provide professional technicians for on-site installation and free training for personnel to operate.


After the gravel crushing process begins, our after-sales service team will also be online at any time to solve problems for you 24 hours a day.

Provide wearing

Before shipment, we will prepare spare wearing parts for customers. At the same time, if necessary during production, our wearing parts will be delivered as soon as possible.

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