Granite Crusher

Granite crusher machine is a piece of large-scale equipment mainly used in various industries for processing granite ores. With the advancement of stone crushers and the introduction of new materials and advanced technologies, the market for jaw granite crushers is expanding. Here is the granite crusher 3d model.

jaw granite crusher

Jaw Granite Crushers

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Feeding SizeFeed particle size: ≤1020mm
Capacity: 15-250T/H

【Applicable Material:】

Granite,limestone, marble, basalt, iron ore, river pebbles, shale, coal, pebbles, construction waste, construction wastes.

【Applicable Fields:】

Widely used in various ore crushing, mining, metallurgy, building materials, highway, railway, chemical, construction, and other industries.

Which Type Of Crusher is Suitable for Processing Granite

As a material with higher hardness, granite is generally crushed by crushers with higher compressive strength. AIMIX produces a wide variety of crushing equipment. For granite, we mainly recommend a jaw crusher, cone crusher, and impact crusher. Below I will briefly introduce their differences to you.

Granite Jaw Type

Jaw crushers are generally used for the primary crushing of granite, and the materials after discharge are subject to secondary crushing. The jaw crusher can crush various types of stones, such as river pebble, limestone, etc… Different from other crushing equipment, the jaw granite crusher machine is small in size. Therefore, it is more convenient to install, which can save a lot of costs for customers.

jaw granite crushers

APJ-5075E jaw granite crusherCapacity: 40-110 (t/h)

  • Model:APJ-5075E
  • Feed opening size (mm):500×750
  • Max Feeding size (mm):425
  • Output size (mm):50-100
  • Processing capacity (t/h):40-110
  • Mixing power (kw):55
  • Total weight (t):11.7
  • Dimension (L×W×H) (mm):1890×1916×1870

1200×1600 jaw crusher

APJ-160V jaw granite crusherCapacity: 500-800 (t/h)

  • Model:APJ-160V
  • Feed opening size (mm):1200×1600
  • Max Feeding size (mm):1000
  • Output size (mm):150-275
  • Processing capacity (t/h):500-800
  • Mixing power (kw):250
  • Total weight (t):68.6
  • Dimension (L×W×H) (mm):5500×3250×3990

Granite Cone Type

Generally, people use cone crusher machines for secondary crushing. However, the materials processed by the cone granite crusher machine can be divided into coarse, medium, fine, and ultra-fine according to different models. Then coupled with its advantages of low energy consumption and low noise, it is widely used in the market. The granite cone crusher has the characteristics of low energy consumption, large output, and stable production. So, it is often used in large-scale and high-yield production line operations. Generally speaking, a cone crusher mainly crushes some materials with higher hardness, such as granite, basalt, river pebble, quartz stone, etc.

granite cone crusher

APC-1200Y cone granite crusherCapacity: 50-90 (t/h)

  • Model:APC-1200Y
  • Crushing cone diameter (mm):900 (2’ft)
  • Maximum feed size (mm):115
  • Adjustment range of discharge port (mm):15-25
  • Processing capacity (t/h):50-90
  • Mixing power (kw):55
  • Total weight (T):10.2
  • Dimension (L×W×H) (mm):1990×1640×2380

cone crusher in transport

APC-900S cone granite crusherCapacity: 59-163 (t/h)

  • Model:APC-900S
  • Crushing cone diameter (mm):900 (3’ft)
  • Maximum feed size (mm):150
  • Adjustment range of discharge port (mm):13-38
  • Processing capacity (t/h):59-163
  • Mixing power (kw):75
  • Total weight (T):10-10.5
  • Dimension (L×W×H) (mm):2656×1636×2241

Granite Impact Type

Also, the impact crusher is usually used for secondary crushing of granite. It has some micro-shaping effects, and the produced materials have a good shape and clear edges. The impact granite crusher machine is suitable for crushing materials with low toughness and brittleness of medium hardness and below. These materials include marble, granite, limestone, dolomite, weathered rock, etc.

crusher impact

APF1210 impact granite crusherCapacity: 100-160 (t/h)

  • Model:APF1210
  • Rotor diameter (mm):Φ1200×1000
  • Feed opening size (mm):450×1060
  • Max Feeding size (mm):350
  • Processing capacity (t/h):100-160
  • Mixing power (kw):90-110
  • Total weight (t):17
  • Dimension (L×W×H) (mm):2550×1940×2110

impact crusher

APF1415 impact granite crusherCapacity: 280-450 (t/h)

  • Model:APF1415
  • Rotor diameter (mm):Φ1400×1500
  • Feed opening size (mm):800×1530
  • Max Feeding size (mm):600
  • Processing capacity (t/h):280-450
  • Mixing power (kw):250-315
  • Total weight (t):40
  • Dimension (L×W×H) (mm):3120×2650×2660

Granite Mobile Type

The granite mobile crusher is not a specific type of crusher, it increases the mobility on the basis of the ordinary granite crusher machine. The most obvious advantage is that it is no longer limited by the site, which not only reduces the transportation cost but also reduces the time cost. If your project needs to be moved across several venues, then we recommend you choose a granite mobile crusher.

In general, when we configure the actual crusher production line, we should decide which crusher or crushers to choose according to our actual needs, from the aspects of processing materials, feed size and output size, and production requirements. In addition to crushers by type, we also offer small granite crusher machines and mini granite crushers by capacity. If you want to know more, please drop me a message. For more details, you can check the granite crusher on our YouTube channel.

mobile jaw crusher

APY2-69J mobile jaw crusher plantCapacity: 60-160 (t/h)

  • Feeder model: APG-3896W
  • Maximum feed size (mm): 500
  • Crusher model: APJ-6090E
  • Silo volume (m3): 5.3
  • Iron separator model (optional): RCYD (C)-6.5
  • Tire configuration: Parallel double shafts
  • Main belt conveyor model: B800×8.5m
  • Side Out Belt Conveyor Model (Optional): B500×4m
  • Generator power (kW) (optional): 160
  • Production capacity (t/h): 60-160
  • Transport Length (mm): 12750
  • Transport width (mm): 2600
  • Transport height (mm): 3950
  • Weight (t): 39

mobile impact crush

APY2-1210F mobile impact crusher plantCapacity: 70-130 (t/h)

  • Crusher model: APF-1210
  • Maximum feed size (mm): 250
  • Vibrating screen model: APS-1848Y
  • tire configuration: Parallel double shaft
  • Feeding belt conveyor model (optional): B800
  • Output belt conveyor model (optional): B650
  • Under-sieve belt conveyor model: B800
  • Generator power (kW) (optional): 200
  • Production capacity (t/h): 70-130
  • Transport Length (mm): 13300
  • Transport width (mm): 2800
  • Transport height (mm): 4200
  • Weight (t): 34

Characteristics of the Granite Crusher Machine

Because there are many types of granite crushers, I will not detail the characteristics of each crusher here. Below I will take the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher as an example to introduce its characteristics. If you want to know the relevant information on other types of crushers, you are welcome to consult me.

1. Large output

The multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has a high production capacity. It uses the principle of lamination to crush materials. Through the optimization of aggregate equipment and cavity, the crushing efficiency is improved and the wear of wearing parts is reduced.

2. Full hydraulic control, accurate and reliable

This type of granite cone crusher is equipped with an integrated hydraulic lubrication system and a centralized automatic intelligent control system. After the rich practical experience, the hydraulic system is fully optimized and the adjustment control is more accurate.

3. Good quality and easy maintenance

The crushing wall and the rolling mortar wall are made of high manganese steel, which is more durable. The structure of the equipment is simple, and all maintenance work can be done by removing the upper frame, which not only facilitates the inspection work but also reduces the maintenance cost.

4. Automatic cavity cleaning

The multi-cylinder hydraulic granite cone crusher can remove the blockage in the crushing cavity in time by releasing the oil cylinder, which greatly shortens the downtime and avoids delaying the project’s progress.

5. Multi-cavity conversion, one machine is multi-purpose

The equipment is equipped with multiple medium and fine crushing cavities. Only by replacing a small number of parts, you can realize the switching of the cavity type. That better meets the needs of the medium and fine crushing process, so as to realize the multi-purpose of one stone crushing machine.

granite cone crusher

Brief Introduction to Granite Crushing Plant

In real project work, when dealing with granite, we usually use more than one crusher, the emergence of the granite crusher plant satisfies the needs of customers in actual production, and can better help customers eliminate problems in the actual crushing site.

Granite crushing plants can be divided into stationary crushing plants and mobile crushing plants, you can choose according to the production demand and site size. In addition, we also provide customized production line services. What’s more, our experts can formulate an exclusive granite crushing plant for you according to your actual needs.

Components of Granite Crusher Plant

The granite crusher plant is mainly composed of four parts: feeding system, crushing system, screening system, and conveying system.

The purpose of the feeding system is to feed the granite material into every crushing or screening machine. The crushing system is used for crushing the granite. The screening system is used for granite screening, and the conveying system is used for conveying the finished gravel product.

200TPH Crusher Plant – Crushing Granite

Here is a solution our expert offer to you. Firstly, it is a fixed-type crusher plant. Secondly, it can meet large production demand. Now, let’s look at this 200tph granite crusher plant in detail. This solution equips the APG-4211W vibrating feeder, APJ-7510E jaw crusher, APF-1315H impact crusher, and APS-2160Y4 vibrating screen. This configuration is just a reference, we can configure your own crusher plant according to your need. Contact us for more information.

200tph crusher plant
200tph granite crusher plant

Workflow of Granite Crusher Plant

Below, I’ll give you a granite crusher unit design to illustrate the workflow:

The equipment included in this program is a vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher, vibrating screen, sand making machine, and vibrating screen. It is suitable for customers who have higher requirements on the size and shape of sand and gravel aggregates.

Taking this equipment configuration as an example, the specific crushing process of granite is as follows:

  • Primary crushing: Large pieces of granite are evenly sent to the jaw crusher by the vibrating feeder for coarse crushing. The jaw crusher has large output and high efficiency.
  • Secondary crushing: The material processed by the jaw crusher is conveyed by the belt conveyor into the cone crusher for further crushing. At this stage, the appropriate type of cone crusher can be selected according to the requirements of particle size.
  • Screening: The finely crushed material is sent to the vibrating screen by the belt conveyor for screening.
  • Sand making: The materials whose particle size meets the requirements of sand making are sent to the sand making machine for shaping, and the rest of the materials are returned to the cone crusher to be crushed again.
  • Screening of finished products: The materials processed by the sand making machine are sent to the vibrating screen for screening. The qualified materials are sent to the finished product pile through the belt conveyor, and the unqualified materials are returned to the sand making machine for crushing.

granite crusher plant

What are the Characteristics of Granite?

Granite is an igneous rock made of feldspar, quartz, and a small amount of mica. Granite has high density, its main component is silica, and its Mohs hardness is 6-7. Natural granite has different shapes, and after crushing, it can meet the needs of granite raw materials in many fields.

Application Fields of Granite Crusher

Granite crusher for sale is widely used in the crushing and shaping of hard materials in mining, sand market, hydropower, highway, railway, chemical industry, building materials, and other industries. Below I briefly introduce its application areas.

1. Produce granite building stone. People often use Granite crushing machines for sale to manufacture building stones for granite is hard and difficult to be eroded by acid and alkali or weathering. Therefore, granite crushed stone is a widely used high-quality building stone.

2. Road construction. Because granite is characterized by high compressive strength, low crush value, strong corrosion resistance, and good asphalt adhesion, so a lot of puts often use granite ore crusher machines for building roads, railways, and airport runways the world.

3. Produce concrete aggregates. Because granite has many pores and a hard texture, mixing in concrete can reduce the weight of concrete, so granite crushers are often used in the production of concrete aggregates.

granite crusher plant
crushing plant for granite
crush plant

Services We Can Provide

AIMIX is a well-known construction and mining manufacturer in China, we have been engaged in the production and sales of construction equipment for more than 40 years. Satisfying customers is the responsibility of each of us. Over the years, we have been insisting on providing customers with the best products and best services.

  • Listening to customer needs in detail: After comprehensively understanding customer needs for equipment and cost budget, recommend the most suitable product model and supporting equipment for customers.
  • Real-time communication: During the sales process, keep in touch with customers in real-time, and adjust the plan according to customer needs.
  • Free installation and training: After the product arrives, our team will install and debug the equipment for customers free of charge, and provide professional training services.
  • 24/7 customer service: If there is any problem during use, you can contact us at any time, and we will give you an answer immediately.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to consult, I will give you the most enthusiastic service.

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