How To Ensure The Performance Of The Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is important for a stone crusher plant. It is suitable for crushing materials with various hardness and has the characteristics of strong crushing force and high production capacity. If you want to buy a jaw crusher or you already have a jaw crusher, then take a look at this article. Our experienced engineers have listed the following points for you to help you use the jaw crusher better.

5-point Method To Ensure The Performance Of The Jaw Crusher

Adjust The Scrolling Speed Of The Eccentric Axis

The faster the rolling speed of the eccentric shaft, the higher the grinding frequency of the jaw plate, which will cause the crushed stones to fail to leave the crushing chamber in time, and blockage will easily occur.

Therefore, it is necessary to select a motor with appropriate power to control the rolling speed of the eccentric shaft.

Reasonably Adjust The Discharge Opening And Bite Angle

The jaw crusher is the primary crushing equipment, and the size of its discharge opening should be based on the optimal feed particle size of the secondary crusher, such as cone crushing equipment and impact crusher machines.

Reasonably reducing the bite angle can improve the production capacity of the jaw crusher. The adjustment of the bite angle should be strictly operated, generally in the range of 17-26°(the actual situation shall prevail for details).

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Pay Attention To The Moisture Content And Viscosity Of The Material

When carrying out stone crushing, it is necessary to use dry materials with less mud content as much as possible. In this way, the crushed materials will not stick together to form the phenomenon of material jam. Thereby ensuring the smooth progress of the jaw crushing process.

Set Feed Size And Speed

According to the upper limit of the feeding port of the jaw crusher, the feeding size of raw materials shall not be greater than the upper limit of the feeding port to avoid getting stuck in the groove. The particle size of the feed should be as consistent as possible, and it can be pre-screened with a vibrating feeder.

When feeding, the material should be fed evenly, because the jaw crusher works in a semi-rhythmic state. If the feeding amount is too large, the crushing cavity will be blocked, thereby reducing the production capacity.

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APJ-E Jaw Crusher

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APJ-X Jaw Crusher

Pay Attention To The Wear Condition Of The Jaw Plate

Workers should observe and adjust the wear condition of the jaw plate during daily use. Check and judge when to invert, interchange, and replace the jaw plate. The following is the jaw plate status and corresponding treatment methods we offer to you:

  • Invert the two jaws separately: the bottom of the movable jaw wears 1/3, and the bottom of the fixed jaw wears 2/3.
  • Replace the two jaws: the top and bottom of the movable jaw wear 1/3, the middle part wears half, and the top and bottom of the fixed jaw wear 2/3.
  • Replacement Jaws: Both jaws are fully worn on top and bottom.

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AIMIX has its own jaw crusher production and R&D workshop. Our equipment is sold directly by the factory, and the equipment quotation is more reasonable. We have professional engineers to customize the solutions for you. If you want to get a jaw crusher quotation, please leave me a message. At the same time, we warmly welcome every customer to visit the factory.

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