Difference between Cone Crusher and Impact Crusher When Used As Secondary Crushing

In the secondary crushing stage, cone crusher and impact crusher are two common crushing equipment. They have some differences in working principle, structure and scope of application.

cone crushers
Cone Crusher
impact crusher
Impact Crusher

Differences in Working Principles

  • The working principle of the cone crusher is to inject raw materials from the upper part through the conical crushing cavity, and through the conical shell, the materials are squeezed, impacted and ground in the crushing cavity, thereby achieving the crushing effect.
  • cone crusher working principle
    cone crusher working principle
  • The impact crusher achieves the crushing effect through the collision of the high-speed rotating rotor with the feed material, causing the material to be impacted and sheared on the rotor.
  • working principle of impact crusher
    working principle of impact crusher

The differences in working principles and crushing methods lead to very different applicable materials and finished products.

Differences in Applicable Materials

  • Cone crushers are usually used for medium hardness and medium particle size raw materials, especially for harder rocks, such as granite, basalt rock, etc., and have a good fine crushing effect.
  • The impact crusher is suitable for stones with medium hardness and below. It also has a good processing effect on some stones with higher water content and greater viscosity. Suitable for limestone, gypsum, coal mine, etc.

Differences in the Shape of Finished Aggregate:

  • Since the cone crusher adopts the working principle of extrusion and grinding, the crushed products usually have a good three-dimensional shape and the particle surface is relatively smooth. Suitable for certain projects that require consistent particle shape and particle size distribution.
  • 0-5mm
    0-5mm Crushed by Cone Crusher
  • The impact crusher achieves crushing through the high-speed rotating rotor and the impact of the material. Therefore, the particles of the crushed products produced have more edges and irregular shapes, which helps to improve the bonding strength of the aggregate. In the production and application of concrete, it can Helps save cement and sand.
  • 20-30mm
    20-30mm Crushed by Impact Crusher

Since each type of crusher has its own advantages, we can determine the final choice based on your actual needs. For the choice of these two crushers, we give some suggestions to help you make the final choice.

Advice for Choosing These Two Crushers

  • If you have higher requirements on the particle shape of the final material, we recommend you use an impact crusher as the secondary crushing.
  • If your raw material has high hardness and your budget is sufficient, we recommend you use a combination of jaw crusher + cone crusher.

You can contact us for more suggestions.

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