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Crusher Plant Manufacturer

As a crusher plant manufacturer, with more than 30 years of production experience, Aimix Group can not only supply customized crushing equipment, but also provide comprehensive after-sales service, including training, maintenance and spare parts support, to ensure that customers receive long-term service support after purchasing our stone crushing equipment.

1000TPH crushing plant manufacturer

If you plan to buy a crushing station, you should come to Aimix, and we can provide you with a range of services to meet your needs and build long-term relationships with you.

What You Can Get from Aimix Group?

Various High-quality Crushing Equipment – Can Ensure Your Crushing Work Goes Smoothly

Aimix Group manufactures various kinds of crusher plant and equipment, including stationary-type, mobile-type, crawler-type, jaw-type, cone-type, and impact-type. No matter what kind of crushing screening plants you need, you can always find a suitable one from Aimix Group.

stationary-type crushing plant
mobile-type crusher plant

With more than 10 years manufacturing experience, Aimix Group is not only dedicated to supplying excellent services, but also producing and developing new products. In the following part, we will list some new models of our mobile crusher plants, contact us for further machine details.

Mobile Jaw-type Crushing Plants – Suitable for Hard Rocks

Mobile jaw-type crusher plant is one of our latest developed products. It uses a wheel-based chassis, which can offer you more convenient usage experience. With our mobile jaw-type crusher plant, you can easily shift the working sites within a shorter time.

The mobile jaw-type crusher plant crushes raw materials through the squeezing and crushing actions between the dynamic jaw plate and the static jaw plate. This design is suitable for rocks and ores of varying hardness and strength.

mobile jaw crusher
Mobile Jaw Crusher

Technical parameters

 Model APY2-57J APY2-69J APY2-750J APY2-110J
Transportation length(mm) 12600 13500 14500 15200
Transportation width(mm) 2600 2700 2800 2900
Transportation height(mm) 3870 4200 4450 4500
Max length(mm) 12500 14000 16100 16700
Max width(mm) 4100 4500 5100 5100
Max height(mm) 4100 4900 5000 5300
Weight(t) 39 57 55 65
Tire configuration tandem axle tandem axle tandem axle tandem axle
Jaw crusher model APJ-5075E APJ-6090E APJ-7510E APJ-110V
Max feed size (mm) 500 550 660 800
discharging mouth adjusting range(mm) 50-150 75-175 100-200 125-225
capacity(t/h) 45-100 60-160 110-320 250-400
Vibrating Feeder Model APG-3090W APG-3896W APG-4211W APG-4211W
The main belt machine type B800×8.5M B1000×9.5M B1000×11M B1200×11M
Side out belt model(optional) B500×3M B650×3.5M B650×4.5M B650×4M
Generator model(optional)(kw) 200 250 270 400
de-ironing separator model (optional) RCYD(C)-8 RCYD(C)-10 RCYD(C)-10 RCYD(C)-12

Mobile Impact-type Crush Plants – Ideal for Crushing Limestone, Granite, Coal, & Concrete

Mobile impact-type crush plants uses the high-speed rotating rotor to project the raw materials onto the plate hammer of the crushing chamber to crush the raw materials. This design produces high-speed impact and is suitable for medium-hard and above-medium hard materials.

mobile impact crusher
Mobile Impact Crusher

Technical parameters

Model APY3-1010F APY3-1210F APY3-1214F APY3-1315F
Transportation length(mm) 12000 12000 13900 15450
Transportation width(mm) 2550 2550 2900 2950
Transportation height(mm) 3900 3900 4450 4500
Max length(mm) 12500 12500 13900 15450
Max width(mm) 3250 3260 3250 3250
Max height(mm) 5100 5200 5200 5200
Weight(t) 39 44 54 62
Impact crusher model APF-1010H APF-1210H APF-1214H APF-1315H
Max feed size (mm) 350 350 500 400
discharging mouth adjusting range(mm) 70-130 100-180 130-250 112
Vibrating Feeder Model APG-3090W APG-3896W APG-3896W APG-4211W
The main belt machine type B800×8.5M B800×8.5M B1000×9.5M B800×11M
Side out belt  model(optional) B500×3.2M B500×3.2M B600×4M B650×4M
Generator model(optional)(kw) 320 320 400 320
de-ironing separator model (optional) RCYD(C)-8 RCYD(C)-8 RCYD(C)-10 RCYD(C)-8

Mobile Cone-Type Crush Plants – Apposite for Medium Hardness Rocks

Mobile cone-type crusher plant uses a conical crushing cavity, the raw materials are crushed by rotating the transverse axis in the cone. This design provides efficient relay crushing and fine crushing effects. It is suitable for crushing various ores and rocks with medium hardness and above medium hardness, such as limestone, granite, basalt, etc.

mobile cone crusher
Mobile Cone Crusher

Technical parameters

Type APY2-110C APY2-160C APY2-200C
Transportation length(mm) 14500 15000 16000
Transportation width(mm) 3000 3000 4550
Transportation height(mm) 4400 4500 17000
Max length(mm) 17000 16000 4600
Max width(mm) 3400 3900 6900
Max height(mm) 5800 6500 4700
Weight(t) 34.5 49.5 41
cone crusher APC-110C APC-160C APC-200C
Discharging belt conveyor B650×15M×2 B800×15M×2 B800×15M×2
Return belt conveyor 1 B650×14M B800×14M B800×16M
Return belt conveyor 2 B500×15M B800×6M B800×15M×2
Under the vibrating screen B800×7M B800×8M B800×9M
vibrating screen model APS-1848Y APS-1860Y APS-2160Y

In general, our diverse range of crushing stations can meet your needs for different raw materials and projects. Contact us now!

One-to-one Pre-sale and After-sale Services

After receiving your quotation, Aimix Group will arrange professional staff to connect with you to offer you professional pre-sale and after-sale services.

Technical Advice and Support

  • We provide professional technical consulting services to help you choose the right crushing plant equipment that suits their business needs.
  • Besids, our engineers will answer your questions about stone crusher performance, maintenance and operation.

aimix group

Customized Design

  • We will provide customized desings for the stone crusher plants based on your specific needs and application scenarios to ensure that the equipment can best meet your requirements.

Installation Services

  • No matter which country you are from, Aimix can dispatch our installation engineers to your sites to help you install the crusher plants.
  • What is more, as a crusher plant suppliers in China, Aimix has developed a lot of local partners all around the world, including Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Russia, Uzbekistan, Australia, etc. Our partners will supply you with timely installation services.

aimix group engineers

Training Services

  • Aimix provides equipment usage training to ensure that our customers’ operators can use crushing plants correctly and safely.
  • In addition to that, we will also provide maintenance personnel training to enable them to effectively perform equipment maintenance and repairs.

Spare Parts Supply

  • Aimix can provide original certified spare parts for you, which can ensure each of our customers have access to high-quality parts to extend the life of their equipment and maintain performance.
  • What the most important thing is that Aimix has several warehouses in cities of Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Uzbekistan, and so on. Therefore, our customers from those countries can receive the spare parts within 2 days.

aimix warehouses

Regular Maintenance Services

  • Aimix Group can provide regular maintenance services to ensure that crushing equipment is regularly inspected and maintained, and reduce the probability of failure and extending equipment life.

In general, Aimix Group is one of China’s largest and most competitive crushing plant manufacturers. For more than 30 years of development history, we have exported our products to more than 83 countries and regions. Hence, Aimix Group has rich experience in the production and export of all kinds of crusher plants for sale.

300 tph crusher plant supplier

Are you annoyed at searching for a crushing plant manufacturer? Indeed, I will give you some advice on choosing crusher plant companies at following. I hope the discussion will help you to work out your trouble.

Several ways how To Find crushing and screening plant manufacturer?

1. To search online

Actually, it is very easy to find crush plant manufacturers online. There are many crushing plant manufacturers you could see if you browse on Google or another search engine what you want to buy. Thousands of lists of results will be presented to you just by clicking your mouth on the computer.

2. From recommendation from other people

Looking for crushed plant manufacturer by surfing the web, customers can also get information from recommendations. Acquiring recommendations from friends or other people who bought is one of the most direct ways. And you can get what you want to know in the fastest way, such as product quality, performance, parameters, and the price,, etc.

3. Consider your budget

At the same time, customers should also consider their own budget. A good crusher plant manufacturer also has certain advantages in price.

From many ways customers can find a crushing plant manufacturer, according to comparison, users will look out for the fittest crushing plant manufacturer for them.

Next, I will show you how to select crusher plant manufacturers’ information.

Several tips how to select crusher pant suppliers

1. Sales volume of manufacturer

Frankly speaking, for a real strong manufacturer, its strength must be proportional to its sales volume.

Buyers can ask which areas have been sold. You can use it as a direction to determine whether you can choose his crusher plant for sale. which other areas have been sold. And we Aimix Group, have exported our product to the majority countries and areas of the world. The company has an annual output of over 15 thousand crusher plants.

portable crushing plant
In Vietnam
portable crushing plant
In harbor
stone crusher plant for sale
In Russia
crushing plant manufacturers

2. Scale of crushing plant manufacturers

To some extent, the scale can also be considered a factor. A large-scale manufacturer can reflect it has certain competitiveness in the crushing plant industry. You can also ask for a visit to the company, from the on-site observation to judge the factory, customers can check their level of production technology. Of course, intuitive observation is better than just searching and chatting on the internet. But it is not absolutely to say a crushing plant manufacturer is a bad choice. For the small-scale manufacturers, customers should much more consider their reputation and service level.

We Aimix Group has become the largest special crusher plant manufacturer, with over 1500 employees.

AIMIX team

 3. Manufacturer’s service

As is known to all, buying a crusher plant not only depends on the quality of products, but also buyers should pay attention to the service of manufacturers. Especially when buying products overseas, service is a vital factor that cannot be ignored. Ask crushing plant suppliers if they can have a field trip before the sale.

Moreover, a good manufacturer must pay attention to service, especially the after-sale service.

Generally speaking, what does the after-sales service cover? For example, consult service timely, whether have regular maintenance service, and whether product components can single supply.

We Aimix Group, taking “supplying first-class crusher plant equipment and first-class service to global market ” as a strategic objective. We can adopt advanced management mode, and establish a perfect quality assurance system that can provide users with pre-stop and after-sale service.

Service Idea: Provide pre-sale, sale, and post-stop service which put the whole process to meet the customer’s needs as the core business activities.

aimix group teams

4.Manufacturer’s reputation

Customers should consider cooperating with crushing plant manufacturers with good reputations, so as to ensure more benefits for consumers.

When choosing crusher plant wholesalers, customers can select wholesalers who have good word of mouth. Because a good manufacturer will hire professional engineers to research and develop advanced production technology. They always have professional sales teams and service teams. Those that I have listed are all essential factors for a good crushing plant manufacturer. As we all know, if a manufacturer wants to become a good enterprise that has long-term development.

We Aimix Group have received good praise from most customers. We have a better relationship with our customers, and the majority of customers have second purchase our products.


5. Advanced technology and excellent production technology

A good crushing plant manufacturer must have something to do with product technology. They will use durable wear-resistant materials. They always apply advanced technology to produce, in line with the development trend of products that meet the requirements.

The first-class management and advanced technology bring high-quality products and win Aimix Group a good reputation from the market and users.

aimix factory
Aimix Factory

Choose Us Aimix Group

We always adhering the belief “take the customer as the first forever”. We Aimix Group as a reliable crusher plant supplier, try your best to meet the customer’s demand. The success of our customers is our success. We will continue to develop for 100 years with the spirit of self-improvement.

We Aimix Group Co,. Ltd, can provide stone crusher plant, mobile crushing plants for sale, portable crusher plant,etc..

We Aimix Group can also receive customized products. Our crusher plants have been well received by customers, you will not feel disappointed if you choose us.

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