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rock crushing plant 

Mobile Type Crusher Plant For Sale

Production capacity: 60-850t/h

Feeding size: 50-800 (mm)

Application: widely used in building materials, roads, railways, mines, smelting, water conservancy and chemical industries.

Disposal materials: construction waste, pebbles, quartz sand, granite, basalt, iron ore, limestone, quartzite, etc.

Generally speaking, a crusher plant for sale is a set of equipment combined together. There are many types of crushing plants for sale and can be classified as equipment configuration and materials. To classify as materials, our crusher plants for sale can be used for quarry, coal, sand, limestone, iron ore, gravel, etc. To classify as equipment configuration, there are fixed crushing plant for sale and mobile-type crusher plant for sale. For mobile crusher plants, there are wheel type and crawler type crushing and screening plants for sale.

Crusher Plant Applications

AIMIX crusher plant for sale

The main effect is to crush big blocks into pieces of materials according to different configuration requirements of users. Mining crusher plant is an indispensable helper in construction rebuilding projects and mine engineering.

jaw crushing wheel type plant
AIM938JC80 crushing plant for sale

Type: AIM938JC80
Transportation length(mm): 12600
Transportation width(mm): 2600
Transportation height(mm): 3870
Weight(t): 39
Jaw crusher model: JC80
Max feed size(mm): 500
discharging mouth adjusting range(mm): 50-150
Capacity(t/h): 85-275
Vibrating Feeder Model: ZSW380×95
The main belt machine type: B800×8.5M
Side out belt model(optional): B500×3M

AIM938F1210 stone crusher plant for sale

Type: AIM938F1210
Transportation length(mm): 12000
Transportation width(mm): 2550
Transportation height(mm): 3900
Weight(t): 39
Impact crusher model: PF-1210
Max feed size(mm): 350
discharging mouth adjusting range(mm): 70-130
Vibrating Feeder Model: ZSW950×3800
The main belt machine type: B800×8.5M
Side out belt model(optional):B500×3.2M

quarry plant for sale
AIM3S154PSG09 quarry plant for sale

Type: AIM3S154PSG09
Transportation length(mm): 14500
Transportation width(mm): 3000
Transportation height(mm): 4400
Max length(mm): 17000
Max width(mm): 3400
Max height(mm): 5800
Weight(t): 34.5
Cone crusher model: PSG09
Discharging belt conveyor: B650×15M×2
Under the vibrating screen: B800×7M
vibrating screen model: 3YZS1545

crusher plant application
crusher plant application

Many clients of AIMIX GROUP, have bought our product. They have a common perspective that make construction waste become treasure. Nowadays the steps of urbanization have sped up, at the same time, it often causes an urgent need for sand and gravel aggregate. If transported from out-of-town, the cost is expensive, customers realize that Aimix Group rock crushing machines for sale can process concrete waste into high-quality sand and gravel aggregate for construction. They thought to recycle concrete to provide sand and gravel aggregate continuously. Then the idea got implemented, The investment has worked well. Recycling concrete waste into sand and gravel aggregate, not only cost less in transporting sand and aggregate from the other cities, but is also favored by the local purchaser. Moreover crusher plant meets the needs of the local infrastructure for raw materials. It can be said that kills two birds with one stone.

Application field

Mining, coal, waste, and construction waste recycling, conditions, urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites, and other fields.

For the material

Pebble, rock (limestone, granite, basalt, diabase, andesite, etc.), ore tailings, etc.

mobile crusher plant materials
mobile crusher plant materials

Crusher Plant Working principle

Materials are conveyed to the crusher by the feeder evenly, jaw crusher preliminarily breaks the materials, with the circular vibrating screen, which constituted a closed-circuit system to realize the material cycle of broken. Finished product materials are output from the conveyor, continuous crushing operations can be combined according to the requirements of users. One thing to note is that sometimes jaw crushing series mobile wheel-type crusher plant for sale can remove the circular vibrating screen according to actual production requirements to directly break the materials. Also it can work with other crushing equipment. The operation crusher plant is simple and flexible.

Complete crusher plant for sale classification mainly includes mobile-type jaw crusher plant, reaction type mobile crush plants for sale, mobile-type cone crusher plant, track impact crusher, mobile screen substation, crawler hydraulic drive mobile-type crusher plant for sale, and rubber-tired mobile-type crush plant for sale.

Crusher plant for sale consists of a stationary frame, jaw crusher, feeder, vibrating screen, conveyor, motor, and control box.


Working video shows the efficiency of a crusher plant

Contrast of crawler hydraulic drive mobile-type crusher plant and wheeled mobile-type crusher plant

1. Action power

Wheel mobile-type crushing screening plants for sale, in fact, is not fully known as the mobile-type crush plant, because it depends on half hanging head engine to achieve movement. So in action it is not as good as hydraulic crawler mobile crushing plant.

2. Applicable site

Owing to the mobile wheel-type crushing and screening plants for sale should use onboard traction, so it is more suitable for some construction waste processing, construction engineering, urban infrastructure construction, and road-building to provide all kinds of sand and gravel material crushing.

For mobile crawler-type crusher plant for sale, chassis adopts crawler-type structure, high strength. So to some extent, it has good adaptability in the mountain and wetlands. Also, it can even achieve climbing homework, so it is much more used in some mines, open-air coal mining, and other harsh operating environments.

3. Work efficiency

Mobile wheel-type crusher plant for sale, because of the fixed frame at the bottom of the hydraulic legs. So this way can increase the stability of the site. As we all know, stability is the foundation of the mobile crushing plant. A good stability crusher plant can be equipped with large crusher equipment. That is to say, a rubber-tired mobile sand screening plant for sale can undertake large material crushing operations, and get high work efficiency.

However, the stability of the crawler-type crusher plant for sale is weak, which leads to the high efficiency is not equal to the crushing tire-type crusher plant.

4. Equipment performance

The tire aggregate washing plants for sale have a short wheelbase and small turning radius, so it has no damage to the road surface. It can operate flexibly on ordinary roads and operating areas.

The crawler mobile crushing station uses a crawler to walk, so it can realize the spot turn. It has a standard configuration such as a wireless device. Through the wireless remote control, it is easy to drive the crusher to the trailer and transport it to the location sites.

5. Finishing product effect

Currently, a wheeled crusher plant for sale is applied to the crushing treatment of construction waste, and its production of recycled aggregates is good for recycling.

The semi-open discharge system is suitable for building rubbish with a small amount of rebar, which the granules formed well, especially suitable for the production of green bricks.

To sum up, both the wheel and the crawler-type crusher plants for sale have their own characteristics, which should be selected according to the user’s production requirements.

As people are in the pursuit of efficiency and convenience, the mobile-type crusher plant for sale will be more and more applied to all walks of life. Hence, to understand the characteristics of these two kinds of crusher aggregate equipment for sale, lay a foundation for current or future equipment selection.

mobile crushing & screening plant
AIM1149JC98 Crusher Aggregate Equipment For Sale

Type: AIM1149JC98
Transportation length(mm): 13500
Transportation width(mm): 2700
Transportation height(mm): 4200
Weight(t): 39
Jaw crusher model: JC98
Max feed size(mm): 550
discharging mouth adjusting range(mm): 75-175
Capacity(t/h): 110-350
Vibrating Feeder Model: ZSW420×110
The main belt machine type: B1000×9.5M
Side out belt model(optional): B650×3.5M

portable crusher plant
AIM938FW1214 portable crusher plant

Type: AIM938FW1214
Transportation length(mm): 12000
Transportation width(mm): 2550
Transportation height(mm): 3900
Weight(t): 44
Impact crusher model: PF-1214
Max feed size(mm): 350
discharging mouth adjusting range(mm): 110-180
Vibrating Feeder Model: ZSW950×3800
The main belt machine type: B800×8.5M
Side out belt model(optional):B500×3.2M

sand crusher plant
AIM3S185PSG130 sand crusher plant

Type: AIM3S185PSG130
Transportation length(mm): 15000
Transportation width(mm): 3000
Transportation height(mm): 4500
Max length(mm): 16000
Max width(mm): 3900
Max height(mm): 6500
Weight(t): 49.5
Cone crusher model: PSG130
Discharging belt conveyor: B800×15M×2
Under the vibrating screen: B800×8M
vibrating screen model: 3YZS1854

Technical parameters of Jaw Crusher Type Mobile Crushing Plants for sale

 Model AIM938JC80 AIM1149JC98 AIM1349JC110 AIM1349JC125
Transportation length(mm) 12600 13500 14500 15200
Transportation width(mm) 2600 2700 2800 2900
Transportation height(mm) 3870 4200 4450 4500
Max length(mm) 12500 14000 16100 16700
Max width(mm) 4100 4500 5100 5100
Max height(mm) 4100 4900 5000 5300
Weight(t) 39 57 55 65
Tire configuration tandem axle tandem axle tandem axle tandem axle
Jaw crusher model JC80 JC98 JC110 JC125
Max feed size (mm) 500 550 660 800
discharging mouth adjusting range(mm) 50-150 75-175 100-200 125-225
capacity(t/h) 85-275 110-350 215-510 280-650
Vibrating Feeder Model ZSW380×95 ZSW420×110 ZSW490×130 ZSW490×130
The main belt machine type B800×8.5M B1000×9.5M B1000×11M B1200×11M
Side out belt model(optional) B500×3M B650×3.5M B650×4.5M B650×4M
Generator model(optional)(kw) 200 250 270 400
de-ironing separator model (optional) RCYD(C)-8 RCYD(C)-10 RCYD(C)-10 RCYD(C)-12

Technical parameters of Impact Crusher Type Mobile Crush Plant for sale

Model AIM938F1210 AIM938FW1214 AIM1149F1315 AIM1349HD1110 AIM1349HD1315
Transportation length(mm) 12000 12000 13900 15450 15450
Transportation width(mm) 2550 2550 2900 2950 2950
Transportation height(mm) 3900 3900 4450 4500 4500
Max length(mm) 12500 12500 13900 15450 15450
Max width(mm) 3250 3260 3250 3250 3250
Max height(mm) 5100 5200 5200 5200 5200
Weight(t) 39 44 54 62 62
Impact crusher model PF-1210 PF-1214 PF-1315 HD1110 HD1315
Max feed size (mm) 350 350 500 400 700
discharging mouth adjusting range(mm) 70-130 100-180 130-250 112 280
Vibrating Feeder Model ZSW950×3800 ZSW950×3800 ZSW110×4900 ZSW130×4900 ZSW130×4900
The main belt machine type B800×8.5M B800×8.5M B1000×9.5M B800×11M B1200×11M
Side out belt  model(optional) B500×3.2M B500×3.2M B600×4M B650×4M B650×4M
Generator model(optional)(kw) 320 320 400 320 440
de-ironing separator model (optional) RCYD(C)-8 RCYD(C)-8 RCYD(C)-10 RCYD(C)-8 RCYD(C)-12

Technical parameters of Mobile-type Cone Crusher Plant

Type AIM3S154PSG09 AIM3S185PSG130 AIM3S216HP300
Transportation length(mm) 14500 15000 16000
Transportation width(mm) 3000 3000 4550
Transportation height(mm) 4400 4500 17000
Max length(mm) 17000 16000 4600
Max width(mm) 3400 3900 6900
Max height(mm) 5800 6500 4700
Weight(t) 34.5 49.5 41
cone crusher PSG09 PSG130 HP300
Discharging belt conveyor B650×15M×2 B800×15M×2 B800×15M×2
Return belt conveyor 1 B650×14M B800×14M B800×16M
Return belt conveyor 2 B500×15M B800×6M B800×15M×2
Under the vibrating screen B800×7M B800×8M B800×9M
vibrating screen model 3YZS1545 3YZS1854 3YZS2160
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