Crawler Mobile Crushers Put into Work in Malaysia For River Pebbles

Good news, we successfully exported three crawler mobile crushers to Malaysia in May this year. The equipment has been in use for a period of time, now please take a look at the information, videos and pictures of this case with me.

crawler crusher for river pebbles

What Is The Basic Situation Of The Customer Project

From the very beginning of the contact, the client’s needs are very clear. He wants to buy mobile type crushing plants for crushing river pebbles. The river pebbles where the customer’s project is located are very rich, so the customer has certain requirements for the production capacity of the equipment.

What Is The Final Purchased Equipment

In view of the relatively high hardness of river pebbles, our technical engineers recommended the most suitable solution to the customer – the configuration of crawler mobile jaw crusher + cone type crawler mobile crusher. This combined configuration has powerful crushing capacity and efficient crushing effect, and can effectively meet the hardness challenge of river pebbles.

working site of crawler crushers in malaysia

In addition to the selection of crushing equipment, we have also carried out further optimization according to the customer’s discharge particle size requirements. In order to ensure that the ideal particle size is achieved, we have equipped with mobile screening equipment. This screening equipment can accurately sort and classify the crushed material to ensure the quality and consistency of the final product.

crawler jaw crusher for primary crushing
Technical staff with customer in front of crawler crushers
mobile cone crusher crawler type

Such a combined configuration can fully meet the needs of customers and improve work efficiency.

Equipment Installation And Operation Site

After the equipment arrived, the AIMIX engineering team sent professional technicians to Malaysia to assist in the installation and adjustment of the equipment. We also provide detailed equipment operation guidance and maintenance training to ensure that customers can correctly operate and maintain the equipment and give full play to its performance. The following is the installation site and working video of the equipment.

unload crawler cone crusher
the installation of mobile crusher
commission of crawler crushers
the install of crawler crusher machine

What Do Our Customers Say About Us

We communicate in time and provide professional technical support in the cooperation with customers, which is undoubtedly a win-win situation for AIMIX and customers. The following is the handwritten evaluation given to us by the customer, thank you very much for the customer’s approval.

Customer praise for AIMIX support and equipment

The AIMIX engineering team has performed well in demand analysis, customized solutions, equipment delivery and after-sales service, and has won high praise from new and old customers. AIMIX will also live up to expectations, continue to maintain, and become a mining equipment manufacturer trusted by more customers.

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