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Crawler Mobile Crusher

Crawler mobile crusher adopts a self-driving method and relies on a crawler to transfer the site. It is a kind of high-efficiency crushing equipment. With the diversification of production needs, sometimes people need to carry out a project on complex terrain. While crawler mobile crushers are highly moveable and can adapt to various harsh environments such as climbing operations, they have been widely used in recent years. Now follow me to learn more about them.

crawler crusher plant

Crawler type mobile crusher

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Feeding SizeFeed particle size: ≤500mm
Capacity: 43-300T/H

【Applicable Material:】

Construction waste, coal, river pebbles, quartz stone, granite, basalt, iron ore, limestone, and other materials.

【Applicable Fields:】

Widely used in mining, recycling of construction waste, urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites and so on.

Types Of Crawler Mobile Crusher

When we talk about the difference between crawler mobile crushers, we have to notice the difference in the crushers it is equipped with. Generally speaking, we often divide the crawler mobile crusher for sale into four types. They are crawler mobile jaw crusher, crawler mobile cone crusher, crawler mobile impact crusher, and crawler mobile screening machine.

Each of them is composed of a vibrating feeder, a crushing or screening machine, and a belt conveyor, which can ensure high crushing efficiency of materials while maintaining good mobility. Now please follow my lead to get to know their characteristics of them.

Crawler Mobile Cone Crusher – Suitable For Crushing Medium And High Hardness Materials

In the secondary or tertiary crushing and screening stage, people often use a crawler mobile crusher hydraulic cone. The main crusher it is equipped with is a cone crusher with high performance and high output. It has a large processing capacity and can be used to process limestone, granite, marble, basalt, iron ore stone, river pebbles, construction waste, and many other materials. The crawler mobile cone crusher’s processing capacity can reach 150-495t/h.

Aimix mobile crushers

APYL-300CS Crawler Mobile Cone CrusherCapacity: 290-495 (t/h)

  • Volume (m³): 6.5
  • Crusher Type: Single Cylinder Cone Crusher
  • Feeding height (mm): 2870
  • Processing capacity (t/h): 290-495
  • Feeding capacity (t/h): 500
  • Walking speed (kw/h): 0.6-1
  • Discharge range (mm): 25-54
  • Dimensions L×W×H (mm): 13850×3200×3800
  • Machine power (kw): 308.7
  • Host power (kw): 250
  • Machine weight (t): 52

Crawler Mobile Impact Crusher – The Final Product Is In Good Shape

Usually, a crawler impact mobile crusher is often used in the secondary crushing stage of material processing. It is mainly suitable for crushing soft and hard natural stones and construction waste recycled aggregate. Because of the advantages of impact crushing machines, the final product after processing is usually in cubic shape, with good shape and high quality. If you have high requirements for the final product’s shape, you can consider it. Depending on the model, the production capacity of the crawler mobile impact crusher can reach 100-600t/h.

crawler-type mobile crusher

APYL-260R Crawler Mobile Impact CrusherCapacity: 160-350 (t/h)

  • Volume (m³): 7
  • Crusher Type: APF Impact Crusher
  • Feeding height (mm): 4250
  • Processing capacity (t/h): 160-350
  • Feeding capacity (t/h): 300
  • Walking speed (kw/h): 0.6-1
  • Discharge range (mm): 25-100
  • Dimensions L×W×H (mm): 18127×3626×3909
  • Machine power (kw): 265.6
  • Host power (kw): 200
  • Machine weight (t): 55

Crawler Mobile Screening Machine – Provide Accurate Screening

Our crawler mobile crusher and screener machines are highly maneuverable, can be applied to a variety of terrains, and can fully meet the mobile screening requirements of customers. Aimix crawler mobile screening plant has the characteristic of high screening efficiency and large output and is suitable for various screening operations such as heavy, medium and fine screening. Its production capacity can reach 100-500t/h.

crawler mobile crusher and screening machines

APYL-3618S Crawler Mobile Screening MachineCapacity: 200-500(t/h)

  • Volume (m³): 2.8
  • Vibrating screen L×W (mm): 6000×1800
  • Feeding height (mm): 1979
  • Feeding capacity (t/h): 350
  • Screen layers: 3
  • Machine power (kw): 74.5
  • Processing capacity (t/h): 200-500
  • Machine weight (t): 38

Crawler Mobile Jaw Crusher – Best Choice For Primary Crushing

If you want to try a crawler crusher, you must not miss the crawler mobile crusher jaw. We know that the jaw crusher is very powerful, it has a large crushing ratio that can process all hard stones. Therefore, it is the first choice for primary crushing, which is also the most hot-sale type in construction and mining fields. The production capacity of the crawler mobile jaw crusher can reach 80-600t/h.

crawler mobile jaw crusher for sale
cralwer mobile crusher plant

Spot Crawler Crusher Hot Selling

Aimix spot crawler type mobile crusher is on sale! This is a 200tph impact crawler crusher with a total of three mobile units including a feeder machine, impact crusher, and screening equipment. The following are the detailed parameters of this crawler crusher. If you are interested, please send us a message to buy it!

crawler impact and screening crusher
crawler mobile crusher

crawler crushing machine

SYF1314 Crawler Mobile CrusherCapacity: 200(t/h)

  • Volume (m³): 4.5
  • Crusher Type: APF1314H Impact Crusher
  • Walking speed (kw/h): 0.6-1
  • Dimensions L×W×H (mm): 18586×3532×3800
  • Machine power (kw): 250
  • Main belt conveyor width (mm): 1200
  • Machine weight (t): 62
  • Return belt width (mm): 500

Main Configurations Of Crawler Mobile Crusher

We all know that the crawler crusher is powerful, and this is inseparable from its powerful system support. The composition system of a crawler crusher mainly includes a feeding system, crushing system, screening system, power system, etc. Please follow my steps below to come to the features of these systems!

Feeding System – Safer For Transportation

The feeding system consists of a silo and a vibrating feeder. The lower pre-screening hopper and the excavation belt conveyor can separate the soil in the raw materials first and then crush it. The feeding hopper of the Aimix crawler mobile crusher has a novel design, the two wings of the hopper can be folded, and it is equipped with a locking system, which is safer for transportation and official use without damaging the equipment.

Crushing System – Improve Work Efficiency

You can equip the crawler mobile crusher with a variety of crushing equipment. Such as jaw crushers, impact crushers, cone crushers, etc. Different crusher machines have different characteristics. Choosing the right crusher can improve production efficiency and speed up project progress.

Screening System – Improve Sand Quality

Aimix’s screening system adopts innovative dual-stage screen technology, and the screen body can be operated at multiple angles. Also, our screening system adopts hydraulic lifting, which can flexibly switch between work and transportation modes. With these technologies, our products can produce more high-quality final products.

crawler crushing project

Power System – Saveing Energy

Aimix crawler mobile crusher adopts a well-known brand engine, with guaranteed quality, strong power, and high work efficiency. The crawler crusher manufactured by Aimix has the characteristics of more sufficient engine fuel combustion and high energy conversion efficiency. All these features make the equipment more energy-saving.

Conveyor System – Save Shipping Time And Costs

The conveying equipment mainly includes the main conveyor, the side conveyor, the return conveyor and the under-screen conveyor. The main conveyor adopts a high-quality integrated conveyor belt, which is more durable and less prone to deviation. what’s more, Aimix crawler type mobile crusher adopts an under-screen conveyor, and the materials processed by the vibrating screen can directly pass through the conveyor for the next process, which can save shipping time and shipping costs.

Electronic Control System – Reduce Training Time

AIMIX’s crawler crusher adopts a dust-proof, waterproof, and shock-proof electronic control system. You can use it after power on. In addition, you can choose to have the electronic control system integrated into the vehicle body or independent from the control room. We also provide easy-to-operate PLC control boards for you to choose from, which can effectively reduce operator training time.

Crawler Crawling System – Suitable For Complex Terrain

The crawler-type mobile crusher adopts a self-propelled movement method and uses a low-speed and high-torque walking motor. That realizes flexible turning, so the crawler-type mobile crusher can climb more powerfully. If the terrain environment of your project is complex, then the crawling system can help you a lot with transportation.

Through the above explanation, I believe you already have a certain understanding of the mobile crawler crusher assembly equipment. It is these high-quality systems that assemble the best quality Aimix crawler crusher. Below I will show you a video about it to let you know more intuitively about these systems.

large crawler mobile equipment

Why Should You Invest In A Crawler Mobile Crusher?

Since the crawler crusher is equipped with so many high-tech systems, what are its advantages? Let’s take a look together!

  • Strong mobility, suitable for various terrains. Compared with the tire-type crusher, the crawler-type mobile crusher plant can move freely in the case of complex road conditions and poor weather conditions, avoiding situation of movement obstruction.
  • Equipped with an advanced vibrating screen. Our crawler mobile crusher design is equipped with high excitation force and large screen surface screens. The side wall of the vibrating screen is equipped with a maintenance-free vibration motor, which is featured high vibration intensity and large processing capacity. Thus, it can help improve a lot of production efficiency.
  • Energy saving and environmental protection. Our equipment adopts an innovative hydraulic system that can greatly reduce fuel consumption. The equipped pre-screening system not only makes the crushing efficiency higher but also effectively reduces equipment wear. Therefore, it helps to save a large amount of crawler-type mobile crusher maintenance costs.
  • Unit integration. The crawler crusher integrates process equipment such as feeding, crushing, and conveying, and can be used independently. It can also provide a more flexible process configuration according to customers’ requirements for materials and final products. Then form a powerful crushing plant that can meet customers’ requirements.
  • Quickly put into use. It has the characteristics of good mobility and strong adaptability to the construction site. There is no need for various preliminary preparations before the installation of the stationary crusher plant. At the same time, it can enter the working site at any time, thereby speeding up the progress of the project.

crawler crushing on site

The above are the main features of the crawler mobile crusher.

Crawler Mobile Crusher Vs Tire Mobile Crusher

Although the tire-type mobile crushing plant can also move flexibly, there are still differences between the two. Do you have any questions about how to choose a mobile crusher that is more suitable for you? The following are the differences between them. Come and check it out for your own needs!

1. Mobility

The crawler mobile crusher adopts a fully automatic hydraulic drive, you can use it for short-distance travel under remote control operation. If the long-distance transfer is required, it needs to be carried by truck, while the tire-type mobile crusher plant only needs to be pulled by a semi-trailer head when traveling, which is more convenient.

2. Application field

Crawler-type mobile crushers are more suitable for complex engineering conditions and have strong adaptability to sloping land and wetland parks. Conversely, tire-type mobile crushers are more suitable for flat ground environments, with faster transportation and transfer speeds.

3. Equipment characteristics

The crawler mobile crushing plant adopts crawler walking, which can be turned on the spot. Through remote control operation, the crusher can be easily driven to the work site. The tire-type mobile crushing plant has a short wheelbase and a small turning radius, which requires more flexible driving in the work area.

In summary, the tire-type and crawler-type mobile crushers have their own characteristics, which should be selected according to the user’s production requirements. If you want to compare and buy a crawler crusher or a tire mobile crusher, you are welcome to leave me a message.

Application Field Of The Crawler Mobile Crusher

After comparing the difference between the tire-type and crawler-type mobile crushers above, you should find that the most important feature of the crawler crusher is that it is suitable for complex sites, so what fields can it be used in? Let’s take a look.

1. For ore mining. The mining and construction fields are the main crawler mobile crusher markets. The crawler crusher has a strong climbing ability and good adaptability to mountains and wetlands, so it is very suitable for harsh environments such as mine openings and open-pit coal mines.

2. Recycling construction waste. The crawler crusher can be used in urban infrastructure construction, earthwork engineering, highway, and railway construction, and other sites to recycle construction waste.

3. Screening materials. Its powerful screening function can be used to process topsoil and other materials and can screen viscous concrete aggregates. If you have high requirements for screening, you can choose our APYL-3618S crawler sand screening crusher plant.

If your project is in line with the above-mentioned fields, then you can consider the crawler type mobile crusher. If you have any questions, please leave me a message.

application fields

Advice I Can Give To You When Buying Crawler Mobile Crusher

The high mobility of the crawler type mobile crusher plant makes it unrestricted by the site. Therefore, more and more people want to buy crawler crushers. But how can you buy the most desirable equipment? Here allow me to share 3 things to consider when choosing crawler mobile crusher units:

Pay Attation To The Reputation Of The Manufacturer

There are a lot of crawler mobile crusher manufacturers in the world, the easiest way to find out if a manufacturer is reliable is to search for company-related information on Google Chrome, and if you happen to have customer feedback, you can use it as reference. Only a crusher plant manufacturer with a good reputation can have a long-term foothold in the industry.

Here, you can trust Aimix Group. We have a professional service team that can escort customers throughout the transaction. For customer feedback, you can view our case page.

Evaluate The Production Costs Of The Crawler Crusher

You may find that when buying crushing equipment online, prices vary widely, and at this point, that is certainly why you need to look into the price and quality of the machine. You should ask the seller what raw materials their crusher is made of, what the production process is, and determine whether it meets the crawler mobile crusher price.

Aimix’s equipment mostly adopts cast steel equipment, which has high strength, wear resistance and longer service life, which can effectively reduce maintenance costs, so you can rest assured of the equipment quality, and at the same time, we will try to provide you with the most cost-effective ex-factory price.

Choose The Right Crawler Crusher According To The Specifications

When you consider buying a crawler crushing plant, you must figure out the following aspects: the material to be processed, the required output, the particle size of the finished product, etc. Because there are many types of crawler crushers, and each type is divided into many models, so you can choose the most suitable equipment by comparing the parameter table.

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Great Crawler Mobile Crusher Manufacturer – Aimix Group

As a professional crushing equipment manufacturer, AIMIX GROUP CP., LTD is committed to standing out among many well-known crawler mobile crusher brands. After years of development, we have built a professional service team and technicians. The stone equipment produced by Aimix is exported to more than 60 countries and regions abroad and has won high praise from customers all over the world.

Except for the crawler type, we also have many other types of crushing equipment, such as stationary crushing plants, mobile crushing plants, stone crushing plants, basalt crushing plants, etc. If you have relevant needs, please fill in the message box below to contact us, our staff will reply to you within 24 hours.

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