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Construction Waste Crusher Plant

The construction waste crusher plant is a kind of equipment specially used to deal with construction waste, including concrete waste, brick fragments, etc. It is one of the important pieces of equipment in the field of construction waste recycling industry. The advantage of the construction waste crushing plant is that it can improve resource utilization and environmental protection benefits. If you are considering investing in a crusher construction machine, please don’t miss the content of this article.

Construction Waste Crusher Plant
AIMIX Construction Waste Crusher Plant

What Benefits Can Construction Waste Crusher Plant Bring for You?

Resource Recycling

The construction waste crusher plants can effectively separate and recover recyclable materials (such as concrete, bricks, metal, etc.) in construction waste, promote the reuse of resources, and reduce the demand for new raw materials.

Bring Economic Benefits

Construction waste crusher plants can continuously process construction waste and produce recycled aggregate materials for you, such as sand and gravel aggregate. With regard to these recycled construction aggregates, whether you use them yourself or sell them, they will bring you huge income.

construction waste crusher plant

Reduce Construction Waste Volume

By crushing and screening construction waste, the volume of waste can be reduced, the dependence on landfills can be reduced, and the consumption of land resources can be slowed down.

Reduce Transportation Costs

Construction waste recycling plants are usually built near the construction sites, which can reduce the transportation distance of construction waste, thereby reducing your transportation costs and reducing the impact of transportation on the environment.

Improve the Utilization Rate of Construction Waste

By means of crushing and screening processes, the construction waste can be better classified and utilized, and the development and utilization of renewable energy can be promoted.

Cases To Show Functions & Advantages of Our Plants

Here are a few solutions for your reference.

100TPH for Road Paving Construction

The customer wants to further process large pieces of construction waste for the sake of producing construction aggregate. The finished product is required to have a better grain shape to meet the production demand. Here, Aimix design this 100tph stationary-type construction and demolition waste recycling plant for our customers.

100tph crusher plant for sale

  • Raw material: construction waste
  • Production scale: 100 t/h
  • Raw material specification: below 500mm
  • Final product specifications: 0-10mm, 10-20mm, 20-40mm
  • Applications: produce recycled construction aggregate for road paving construction and selling them to other building contractors.
  • Special requirements: our customer is in need of construction aggregate with better particle shape, preferably rhombic shaped.
  • Equipment configuration: APG-3896W vibrating feeder + APJ-6090E jaw crusher + APF-1214V impact crusher + APS-1860Y3 circular vibrating screen.
  • Reasons that choose these host models: The maximum feeding size of the APJ-6090E jaw crusher is 500mm, which meets the needs of customers for raw materials; APF-1214V is an impact crusher with a three-cavity structure, its output particle size is finer, and the product particle shape is a regular rhombus.

APG-3896W vibrating feeder
APG-3896W vibrating feeder

600*900mm jaw crusher
APJ-6090E jaw crusher

impact crushing machines
APF-1214V impact crusher

circular vibrating screen
APS-1860Y3 circular vibrating screen

50TPH for House Construction

The customer wants to further process large pieces of construction waste, partially or completely replace natural aggregates, and produce recycled inorganic mixtures, recycled bricks, recycled concrete and other products. Besides, he requires that the finished product to have a good grain shape to meet the production demand.

mobile impact-type construction waste crusher plant

  • Raw material: construction waste
  • Production scale: 50 t/h
  • Raw material specification: below 600mm
  • Finished product specifications: 0-5mm, 5-20mm, 20-40mm
  • Applications: producing construction aggregate to supply the concrete batching plants to make concrete for house construction projects.
  • Special requirements: our customer have several different projects located at different construction sites, so he need a mobile-type construction and demolition waste processing plant that can be easily shifted after one project is done. That is why we recommend this 50tph mobile-type plant for him.
  • Equipment model: 50TPH crawler impact-type construction waste crush plant. Impact breaker is more suitable for crushing stones with lower hardness, such as limestone, bluestone, and gravel soft rock, and the final product has a good grain shape.

crusher plant for construction waste

As can be seen from the above two cases, as a professional crushing plant manufacturer, Aimix Group can provide you with two types of construction waste crusher plant s to meet your different requirements.

Two Types of Construction Waste Crusher Plants – To Serve Your Construction Waste Crushing Business

Construction waste recycling plants can be divided into two types: stationary and mobile. AIMIX engineers designed two crushing plant solutions for customers’ reference. Our engineers set these solutions based on certain requirements and also can adjust configurations according to different requirements. Send me a message if you are interested.

Stationary Type- Areas With Large Processing Volume Or Concentrated Construction Waste

We usually install stationary construction waste crushing plants on a stationary site and require basic engineering construction, including site leveling, foundation treatment, and equipment installation.

  • Processing capacity: The stationary type usually has a large processing capacity and can handle a large amount of construction waste.
  • Operational efficiency: By setting up multiple processing production lines, it is possible to work simultaneously to process multiple construction wastes.
  • Transportation cost: Usually, the stationary type will be built near the area where the construction waste is produced, or as the terminal transfer point, so the transportation cost is relatively low.
  • Scope of application: Since the stationary type requires basic engineering construction, it is suitable for long-term construction waste treatment projects.

construction waste plant
stationary crusher plant constrcution waste

Mobile Type – Areas With Small Processing Volume Or Scattered Construction Waste

The mobile construction waste crusher plant adopts mobile equipment, which can be moved and arranged according to actual needs, without the need for stationary sites and infrastructure construction.

  • Processing capacity: The mobile construction waste recycling plant usually has a small processing capacity and is suitable for processing small or scattered construction waste.
  • Operating efficiency: Due to the limitation of equipment output, the maximum processing capacity of the construction waste mobile crush plant is lower than that of the stationary crushing plant.
  • Transportation cost: The mobile construction waste crusher plant can be moved to the area where the waste is generated at any time, so the transportation cost can be reduced to a certain extent.
  • Scope of application: The mobile construction waste recycling plant is suitable for temporary construction waste treatment projects or short-term construction waste treatment projects.

Construction Waste Crusher Plant

The Construction Waste Crusher Plant Has Bright Investment Prospects

The investment prospects of construction waste crushing equipment are very promising globally, as many countries and regions are vigorously promoting the resource utilization and environmental protection of construction waste.

Environmental Protection Advantage

Construction waste crushing equipment offers obvious advantages in terms of environmental protection. It can greatly reduce the landfill volume and floor area of construction waste, while reducing environmental pollution. With the increasing global awareness of environmental protection, the demand for construction waste gravel crushing equipment will gradually increase.

Converting Waste To Resources

Construction waste crushing equipment can also convert waste construction materials into useful resources, which are of great significance to countries and regions that are short of resources. Many countries and regions have planned and promoted the resource utilization of construction waste as a national strategy, and construction waste crushing equipment is an important piece of equipment in this field.

Invest For Profitable Growth

The global urbanization process is accelerating, leading to an increase in the generation of construction waste. This in turn drives the market demand for construction waste stone crushing plant, which will continue to grow. Therefore, investing in a construction waste crushing plant can be profitable and can also be used for rental, ensuring the fastest return on investment.

Construction Waste Crusher Plant

In conclusion, construction waste crushing equipment has a very broad investment prospect on a global scale. It is a worthy investment field for those looking for profitable growth opportunities.

What Are The Advantages of Investing in a Construction Waste Crusher Plant?

The construction waste recycling plant is an important piece of equipment for the resource utilization of construction waste. Here are some advantages of investing in this field:

Economic Benefits

Reduce the processing cost of construction waste, which has good economic benefits.


It adopts mobile equipment, which can be moved and arranged according to actual needs, and has high flexibility and adaptability.

Improved Efficiency

It adopts a fully automatic control system, which can realize the intelligent management and maintenance of the equipment, and improve the reliability and efficiency of the aggregate crushing machines.

Investing in a construction waste crushing plant can bring numerous benefits, making it a field worth considering.

aimix engineers
aimix professional solution provider

To sum up, the construction waste crusher plant has a good market prospect. It is one of the fields worth investing in. If you have relevant needs, you can consult us, and our engineers will help you make reasonable investment decisions to achieve the optimal allocation of funds and resources and maximize investment returns.

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