300TPH Construction Waste Crawler Crusher Plant Put Into Use In Australia

The latest update about the crawler mobile crushing plant is here! Our Australian customer ordered a crawler-type mobile crusher plant from us in February. His project is about to start construction recently. Let’s take a look at the details of this case.

Why Customers Choose Crawler Mobile Crusher?

This client is a seasoned investor. He has been in the mining industry for many years. In the past two years, he has learned that construction waste can be used as recycled aggregate and believes that the investment prospect of crawler crusher is very good. Under the introduction of a friend, the customer found our company’s website, browsed the related products, and left us a message to ask for the quotation of the equipment.

Crawler crusher in Australia

What Did We Offer?

The customer requested to configure the relevant production line to realize the recycling of construction waste and obtain effective benefits from it. This sand production line is the final solution after our engineers communicate with customers online and draw 3D drawings. The finished product produced by this production line not only has uniform particles, but also has high output.

Solution configuration: APYL-106J Crawler Jaw Crusher Plant+ APYL-260R Crawler Impact Crusher Plant+ APYL-3618S Crawler Mobile Screening Plant

Production capacity: 300t/h

Processing materials: construction waste

Final recycled products: including recycled aggregates, recycled inorganic mixtures, recycled bricks, recycled concrete, etc.

The Working Process Of This Crawler Mobile Crusher Plant

  • Coarse crushing. Send the bricks, soil blocks, concrete blocks, etc. to the crawler mobile jaw crusher for coarse crushing, and the unbreakable materials such as wood strips and steel bars are filtered out from the screen.
  • Fine crushing. The coarsely crushed construction waste is further sent to the crawler mobile impact crusher for fine crushing, and then screened again to obtain qualified recycled aggregates.
  • Screening. The aggregate is screened through a crawler screening station to produce the final recycled aggregate.

the working process of crawler crusher

The above are some introductions of this crawler crushing plant. If you are interested in investing in a construction waste crushing plant, please contact us.

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