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What is a cone crusher? It is a kind of advanced crusher with high power, a large crushing ratio, and high productivity. It is also known as a spring cone crusher. It is suitable for crushing medium-hard or harder minerals and rocks. It has a reliable structure, high production efficiency, easy operation, and other characteristics.

As a leader in mining machinery, the type of crusher is widely used in various fields. Firstly, it can be applied in metal and non-metallic minerals, cement plants, construction, gravel, metallurgical and other industries. Secondly, it is used to crush iron ore, nonferrous metal ore, granite, limestone, quartzite, sandstone, pebble, and so on. Lastly, the trio cone crusher can be used in gravel fields, concrete mixing plants, dry mortar, power plant desulfurization, and other fields. And this kind of ore crusher for sale is becoming more and more important in many industries.

cone crusher material
cone crusher material

Cone Crusher Spare Parts:

This kind of crusher machine is mainly composed of a frame, transmission shaft, eccentric sleeve, spherical bearing, crushing cone, adjusting device, adjusting sleeve, spring, and discharging port. In order to give customers a better understanding of the crusher, Aimix will describe the detailed informations of the following parts .

1. The main frame of the cone crusher for sale: the main frame consists of the upper frame part and the lower frame part. The two parts are connected by a hydraulic cylinder. The upper shelf is a welding piece, and the upper side of the shelf is welded with a wear-resistant copper plate. And the lower frame is whole cast steel.

2. The adjusting device: hydraulic motor drives the pinion, and the pinion drives the adjusting cap on the gear, thereby the fixed cone will be driven to rotate. In this way, the gap between the fixed cone and the mobile cone will be adjusted.

3. Hydraulic control station: it mainly includes a fuel tank with an oiled table, motor oil pump, filter device, energy storage device, control device, pressure switch, safety protection device, etc. A terminal box and a button control cabinet are also equipped beside the crusher.

How Does A Cone Crusher Work:

We may have known a lot about the definitions and applications of a crusher. However, few people understand the cone crusher operating principle. Here, Aimix’s experts will tell you its working principle.

When the cone crusher working, the V-belt, pulley, drive shaft, small bevel gear, and large bevel gear driven by the motor drive the eccentric sleeve to rotate. The axis of the crusher cone driven by the eccentric shaft sleeve swings rotationally, so that the surface of the crushing wall sometimes approaches and sometimes leaves the surface of the mortar wall. Therefore, materials in the ring crushing chamber composed of fixed cones and mobile cones can be crushed by impacting, squeezing, and bending constantly. After repeated squeezing, impacting, and bending, materials can be crushed to the required particle size and discharged from the lower part.

In the case of unbreakable materials going into the crushing chamber or the machine overloaded due to some reasons, the spring insurance system will work. The discharge port will be enlarged, and the unbreakable materials are discharged from the crushing chamber. If the impurities can not be discharged, we can use a cavity cleaning system. So that the discharge port will continue to increase. And the impurities can be discharged from the crushing chamber. Under the effect of the spring, the discharge port will automatically reset, and the machine will back to normal work. This is how the equipment works.

Type: PSG900
Model: 0910
Diemeter of large end of crushing cone(mm): 914
Adjusting range of discharging opening(mm): 9-22
Feed opening size of the open edges when recommending the min discharge opening(mm): 102
Max feed size(mm): 85
Processing capacity(t/h): 45-91
Main motor power(kw): 75
Weight(kg): 9980

Type: PSG1300
Model: 1313
Diemeter of large end of crushing cone(mm): 1295
Adjusting range of discharging opening(mm): 13-31
Feed opening size of the open edges when recommending the min discharge opening(mm): 137
Max feed size(mm): 115
Processing capacity(t/h): 108-181
Main motor power(kw): 160
Weight(kg): 22460

Superior Features of The Crusher:

The Cone crusher designed and manufactured by Aimix Group is a superior product. And it uses the most advanced technology and conception. Therefore, it has so many unparalleled advantages.

Firstly, cone crusher maintenance is easy. The discharge port of the crusher’s hydraulic motor can be adjusted. And it allows the fixed cone to be fully removed to adjust the collar nut to replace the liner, thus can greatly simplify the replacement work of the liner. And all crusher machines‘ parts can be maintained or repaired from the top or side, so equipment maintenance is very convenient. And you can find more information on Aimix’s cone crusher maintenance manual.

Secondly, it has a large processing capacity. The crusher has a higher speed stroke, so the rated power of the cone crushing machine is increased, and the processing capacity of the equipment is greatly improved.

Thirdly, a single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has a two-way iron release hydraulic cylinder, which allows the iron to go through the crushing chamber, and reduces the shutdown due to debris in the crushing chamber.

Fourthly, a large-diameter spindle and heavy main frame ensure that the equipment has durable and reliable working conditions. The independent thin oil lubrication system can ensure the bearing lubrication has double protection.

Lastly, the short head cone crusher has a high degree of automation. And it can be automatically controlled and even further controlled by a computer according to users’ needs.

If you are still not clear about these features, we can show you the cone crusher animation and cone crusher video.

Technical Parameters of the Crusher:

Type Model Diemeter of large end of crushing cone(mm) Adjusting range of discharging opening(mm) Feed opening size of the open edges when recommending the min discharge opening(mm) Max feed size(mm) Processing capacity (t/h) Main motor power(kw) Weight(kg)
PSG 900 0910 914


9-22 102 85 45-91 75 9980
0917 13-38 175 150 59-163
0904 3-13 41 35 27-90
0906 3-16 76 65 27-100
PSG1300 1313 1295

( 4+1/4’)

13-31 137 115 108-181 160 22460
1321 16-38 210 178 132-253
1324 19-51 241 205 172=349
1306 3-16 64 54 36-163
1308 6-16 89 76 82-163
1310 8-25 105 89 109-227


1620 1676


16-38 209 178 181-327 250 43270
1624 22-51 241 205 258-417
1626 25-64 269 228 299-635
1607 5-13 70 60 90-209
1608 6-19 89 76 136-281
1613 10-25 133 113 190-336
PSG2100 2127 7’ 19-38 278 236 544-1034 400 86730
2133 25-51 334 284 862-1424
2136 31-64 369 314 1125-1814
2110 5-16 105 89 218-463
2113 10-19 133 113 404-580
2117 13-25 178 151 517-680

Favorable Cone Crusher Price:

It is not difficult to find that different crusher machines have different prices. Maybe you need to spend a lot of time choosing a suitable machine among many suppliers. Here, I recommend you choose the crusher from Aimix Group. As a professional crusher supplier, we have various types of cone crushers for sale, such as the cs cone crushers.

Aimix’s crushers have a reasonable structure, advanced technology, reliable working condition, and low operating cost. All parts have wear-resisting protection. So the maintenance cost will be reduced to a minimum, and the service life can be increased by more than 30%. Therefore, you don’t need to spend money to change spare parts or repair the machine frequently.

Introduction of Compound Cone Crusher:

It is an integrated mobile cone crusher with spring and hydraulic cylinder. It can crush all kinds of medium hardness and high hardness materials. Besides, the cone stone crusher has wide applications, and it is mainly used in mining, chemical, road, bridge construction, construction, and other industries.

It mainly has four different crushing cavities: coarse type, medium type, fine type, and superfine type. Compared with the similar models of the VSC series crusher, it has the best combination of crushing frequency and eccentricity. The combination can make crushing materials finer and production capacity higher. In addition, it enhances the lamination crushing effect between the materials and makes the particle shape of the material more beautiful.

Structure Characteristics:

1. Hp 300 cone crusher has a higher production capacity and better quality.

2. Because of the safety device, its downtime is greatly reduced.

3. The machine frame is made of cast steel, and the reinforcing part is equipped with stiffeners.

4. Hp cone crusher has regulators, so you can adjust the size of crushing particle size easily.

5. The kind of mobile crusher for sale also has a spring protection device.

6. It has a complete set of lubrication systems. When the oil temperature is too high or the flow rate is too slow, the crusher will automatically shut down.

7. The sealing performance of the internal structure is good, so it can effectively protect the equipment from dust and other small particles.

8. The hydraulic cone crusher has long service life and wide application.

Gyratory Crusher vs Cone Crusher:

The working principle of the cone crusher is basically the same as that of the gyratory crusher, but the two rock machines differ in some structural features. The main differences are the following aspects:

1. The shape of their crushing chamber is different. In order to meet the requirements of the feeding size, the two cones of the gyratory crusher are steeply inclined. However, the two cones of the cone-type crusher are gently inclined. And in order to control the size of the finished products, the portable cone crusher has a parallel crushing area in the lower part of the crushing chamber.

2. The suspension of the movable cone is different. The cone of the gyratory crusher is suspended from the crossbeam of the frame. However, the crusher cone for sale of the cone crusher is supported by the spherical bearing.

3. Dust-proof devices are different. Gyratory crushers generally use the dry dust-proof device, and the latter usually use a water seal dust device.

4. Discharge port’s adjustment methods are different. The gyratory cone crusher uses the change of the movable cone to adjust the size of the discharge port, while the other kind of crusher uses the height of the fixed cone to adjust the width of the discharge port.

Cone Crusher vs Jaw Crusher:

Cone-type crushers and jaw crushers are widely used as mining machines. So, which rock crusher machine should we use when we need to crush stone materials? Aimix’s experts give you some suggestions.

When we choose crushing equipment, we should consider the nature of the ore, the requirement of product size, and equipment configuration conditions. To crush the same quantity of flaky or long strip hard ore, you can choose a cone-type crusher or more than two sets of jaw crushers. To save your production cost, it is better to choose the former one. Especially when the coarse crushing plant configuration is placed on the sloping terrain, this program is more favorable. When crushing wet and sticky ore, you should choose a jaw crusher. As for crushing under the pit, you should always choose a jaw crusher plant.

Cone Crusher Manufacturers:

With the development of the mining industry, mining machinery manufacturers also become more and more. Therefore, it is very difficult to choose a reliable supplier among many manufacturers. Our company specializes in the production of all kinds of crushers. We not only have this kind of crusher for sale but also have another kind of related crushers for sale. If you need other kinds of crusher plants, you can also contact us. If you want to purchase a crusher, we can provide you with more detailed information. You can know more about cone crusher operation and cone crusher diagram by sending us an email. We will provide you best products and professional services!

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