Comprehensive Guide – How to Choose the Right Lubricant for Cone Crusher

With the wide application of the cone crusher on various construction sites, choosing the right lubricant is very important for cone crushers. Equipment lubrication is directly related to equipment life and operating efficiency. Among the many factors of equipment lubrication, cooling is a vital function in preventing parts from becoming too hot and causing equipment accidents. In this article, we will discuss the lubrication needs of the cone crusher for sale in depth. Besides, we will provide a clearer guide on how to choose the right cone crusher lubricant.

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Understanding the Operating Temperature of the Cone Crusher Machine

Equipment lubrication is one of the keys to ensuring the efficient operation of equipment for a long time. In equipment lubrication, cooling is a vital function to prevent parts from becoming too hot and causing damage to the equipment. When selecting a lubricant, the first thing you need to know is the normal working oil temperature of the cone crusher.

Normal Oil Temperature, Optimal Oil Temperature, Alarm Oil Temperature

General equipment is equipped with an oil temperature alarm device, and the normal setting value is usually 60℃. However, the working conditions of each equipment are different, so the alarm value needs to be adjusted according to the actual situation. In winter and summer, due to changes in ambient temperature, the alarm value also needs to be adjusted accordingly. This adjustment method can be done by observing and recording the return oil temperature and adding 6℃ to it after stabilization, which is the alarm temperature value.

The normal oil temperature of the crusher cone should be kept at 38-55℃ under different site environments and operating conditions, and the optimal operating temperature range is 38-46℃. If the oil temperature is too high for continuous operation, it may lead to equipment accidents such as crusher burning tile and breaking shaft.

After mastering the basic principles of normal oil temperature of equipment, we will delve into the influence of different seasons and component characteristics on lubricant selection.

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Lubricant Selection

The selection of lubricant is directly related to the lubrication effect of the equipment. When selecting lubricants, it is very important to consider the influence of different seasons and working conditions.

Seasonal Selection

Here are some tips about the seasonal selection of the lubricant for the cone crusher.

  • Winter: Cold weather and low temperatures in winter require a relatively thin and slippery lubricant selection. Low-viscosity lubricants, such as No. 20 or No. 30 mechanical oils, are recommended to ensure the lubrication of equipment at low temperatures.
  • Summer: Hot weather and high temperatures in summer make it wise to choose a relatively viscous lubricant. Machinery oil No. 50 can be used to ensure that the equipment can still be effectively lubricated in a high-temperature environment.
  • Spring and Fall: During the spring and fall seasons, ambient temperatures are relatively moderate, so it is wise to choose a #40 mechanical oil as your lubricant. Such a choice can balance the temperature changes of different seasons. Therefore, it can ensure that the equipment is in the normal operating temperature range of efficient operation.

However, the choice of lubricant does not depend only on the season. Of course, we also need to understand the characteristics of the different parts of the equipment, to more accurately select the lubricant.

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Component-Related Choices

The type of lubricant is also related to the components of the cone crusher.

  • Components with high loads and low speeds: When selecting a lubricant, consider choosing one with a high viscosity value. This will help form a lubricant film, which is crucial for good lubrication. A high viscosity value ensures that the equipment is well-lubricated and protected from damage. So, make sure to choose a lubricant with the right viscosity value for your equipment.
  • Parts with high running speed: choose a lubricant with low viscosity to avoid the internal friction of the liquid causing excessive running load and equipment heating.
  • In the case of the large gap between the rotating parts: choose the lubricant with a high viscosity value to ensure a good lubrication effect.

Through an in-depth understanding of the lubrication needs of different parts, we can more targeted selection of lubricants to improve the overall performance of the equipment.

Logic of Lubricant Selection for the Cone Crusher

Whether considering seasonal changes or component characteristics, the choice of lubricant is based on logic. What’s more, it’s also based on a deep understanding of the operating conditions of the equipment. In the cold season, choose a relatively thin and slippery lubricant to adapt to the low-temperature environment. In the high-temperature season, choose a relatively viscous lubricant to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. The logic is clear, allowing your equipment to be optimally lubricated and protected in all operating conditions.

In short, a clear logic of lubricant selection will provide a solid guarantee for the long life and efficient operation of the equipment. Next, we will further summarize the key points of the lubricant selection for the cone crusher as well as the mobile cone crusher.

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Cone Crusher Lubricant Purchasing Advice

To select a lubricant, it is important to understand: What operating temperatures of your equipment. How large are the seasonal influences on your equipment is. And know more about the characteristics of the components in your equipment. Understanding these factors is important. It can help you make an informed decision. This decision will be about which lubricant will best suit your equipment. This will ensure the optimal performance of your equipment.

We offer a wide range of cone-crushing machines to meet the needs of different working conditions. We are a professional supplier of cone-type crushers. Our technical team can give you a series of recommendations for your cone crusher. For example, they can advise you on the purchase of lubricants. This can improve the efficiency of your cone crushers. It can also ensure that your equipment gets the best lubrication effect in any circumstances. Ultimately, this can help extend the life of your equipment and improve the efficiency of your work. So choose our cone crushers for sale, our service, and our advice to help your cone crusher’s efficient operation!

Possess A Cone Crusher With Professional Advice

If you need to purchase the cone crusher, please feel free to us for more detailed information. We will provide you with professional advice on the cone crusher. Besides, we will give more such as the choice of lubricating oil and other recommendations. Therefore, your cone crusher is always in the best state, as well as to make your career more smooth sailing.

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