Completion of Shipment for 200-ton Crushing Plant to Indonesia

Recently, aimix successfully customized and shipped a 200-ton crushing plant for an Indonesia customer.

Completion of Shipment for 200t Crushing plant to Indonesia

Production Progress and Customer Communication

During the production process, we maintained close communication with the customer. To help customers track the production of the crusher plant in real-time, we gave detailed reports at key stages, showing equipment manufacturing with photos and videos.

Here are some actual pictures taken during the production process.

production of 200t Crushing plant to Indonesia
production of 200t Crushing plant Indonesia
production of 200t Crusher plants Indonesia
production of 200t Crushing plant Indonesia

Application Fields of the 200t Crushing Plant

Our 200-ton crushing Plant is a versatile machine suitable for most small to medium-sized construction sites and projects. It can also handle medium-sized crushing tasks in large projects.

  • Construction Building: In the construction industry, this crushing plant can crush large stones. It provides aggregates such as sand and gravel needed for construction projects.
  • Road Construction: It is used to produce various sizes of aggregate for paving roads, ensuring the stability and durability of the road foundation.
  • Water Conservancy Projects: In water conservancy projects, this crushing plant can provide basic materials required for the construction of flood control dams and reservoirs.
  • Mining: For the mining industry, this crushing plant is a key equipment for preliminary ore processing, improving the utilization of mineral resources.

Aimix also provides diversified custom crushing equipment services to meet the specific needs and applications of its clients. The main custom services include:

  • Customization of Equipment Type and Specifications
  • Customization of Production Capacity
  • Motor Power and Energy Efficiency Optimization
  • Customization of Parts and Wear-resistant Components
  • Safety and Environmental Requirements
  • Technical Support and After-sales Service

Product Shipment and Follow-up

Currently, the 200-ton crushing plant has been successfully shipped and is on its way to Indonesia. We will closely monitor the logistics to ensure the product reaches the customer safely and timely. To keep our customers and partners updated on the latest news of Aimix crusher plant, we will continuously post updates on our company’s official website.

Shipment of 200t Crushing plant to Indonesia
Shipment of 200t Crushing plant Indonesia
Shipment of 200t Crusher plant Indonesia

In addition, we offer a range of efficient batching plants to complement our crushing plant. As one of the best crushing plant manufacturers, aimix meets your needs in all areas of construction, highway, and water resources. We will continue to provide high-quality products and excellent services, looking forward to creating a better future with you!

Want to learn more about how our crushing equipment can meet your needs? Contact our expert team now!

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