APV-7611 Vsi Crusher Was Acting Well In Peru – Sand Making And Shaping

Wow, the case for this update is also from Peru, but in a different city. Last April, a customer from Cusco, Peru purchased one of our vsi sand making machines. So how is it going, come and see!

Customer’s Source

This customer was introduced by a regular client, who has purchased our equipment before. Because that regular customer was very satisfied with the quality and production efficiency of the equipment, he recommended our company to many friends.

Customer’s Needs

The customer had already purchased a crushing plant for his project, but lacked a tertiary crusher equipment. Because he wants to use it for stone shaping and sand making, the customer’s initial demand is a cone crusher or sand making machine for fine crushing.

vsi crusher

Professional Recommendation

Our engineer learned about the configuration of his crushing plant from the customer, and because the customer has high requirements on the particle size of the finished sand, it is more suitable to choose an APV series sand making machine. Finally, after considering the customer’s production demand and budget cost, the APV-7611 vsi Crusher was selected.

Our APV series high-efficiency impact sand making machine adopts the advanced “stone hitting iron” crushing principle, which combines impact crushing and extrusion crushing, and is an ideal tertiary or quaternary crusher.

Customer’s Feedback

“The vsi crusher has been in use for almost a year and everything is running fine. This sand making machine is very suitable for my crusher plant. It is a pity that if I met Aimix earlier, maybe I could buy a complete crusher plant from it. Their skilled workers were very professional, they gave me a lot of pointers and helped me save a lot of costs. Last but not least, the vsi crusher has very little dust when it is running, so it is a more environmentally friendly device.”

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