80-100TPH Construction Waste Mobile Crusher Plant Is Ready To Tanzania

Wow! It is very exciting that our construction waste crusher plant is going to be sent to Tanzania. The client placed the order in July this year, and now the equipment is all done, we are very glad that our crushing machinery can be exported to Tanzania again.

Configuration Of Construction Waste Mobile Crushing Plant

Equipment configuration: raw material warehouse, APY2-69J mobile jaw crusher, APY2-110C mobile cone crusher, APY3-1010F mobile impact crusher, iron separators, and several conveyors.Now let’s see the basic demands of the customer.

Processing materials: construction waste (waste bricks, waste concrete, etc.)

Production capacity: 80-100 t/h

Feed particle size: 500mm

Outlet specifications: 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm

mobile jaw crusher plant and mobile cone crusher plant

What Does The Customer say About Our Equipment?

“Before buying, I searched a lot of manufacturers. Aimix can be said to have the most meticulous service. Their engineers helped me modify the solution many times, and the final plan is not only economical but also powerful. Construction waste disposal is now a popular industry and definitely worth the investment. I’m also very confident that Aimix equipment can bring me high yield and high return.”

How Did The Customer Find Us?

He searched on the internet for a crusher plant and saw our website. We have a sector to offer some solutions and he was really interested in them. Then he contacted us on WhatsApp. During the contact, our experienced engineers configure several crusher plant solutions for him, finally, we came to an agreement and he bought these construction waste crusher plants.

mobile crusher plant

What Is A Construction Waste Crusher Plant?

The main processing equipment of the construction waste crusher plant is the mobile crusher, the main purpose is to reuse the construction waste. At present, the recycling of construction waste is gradually becoming one of the popular investment industries all around the world. It can process construction waste such as waste bricks, pavement, reinforced concrete, and muck into reusable sand and gravel aggregates.

Stationary Construction Waste Crusher Plant For Reference

If you are looking for a small construction waste crusher plant, then I would like to introduce you to a stationary type configuration. It is suitable to deal with construction waste and can produce long-term profits.

Configuration of the crusher plant: APG-0724Z vibrating feeder + APF-1010 impact crusher + APS-1548Y3 vibrating screen

construction waste crusher plant

Customer demands:

Raw materials: ≤ 250mm.

Finished particle size: 0-30mm sand.

Yield demands: 50TPH.

If you are interested in this configuration, please leave me a message. And more details can be found in the 50tph construction waste crusher plant.

Regarding the price of construction waste crusher plants, the quotations produced by different manufacturers are also very different. Aimix Group Co., Ltd is a direct-selling crusher plant manufacturer, in addition to tire-mounted mobile crushers, you can also choose from crawler mobile crushers. We have a wide variety of crushing machinery, more flexible in collocation. We warmly welcome investment users to come and consult!

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