200TPH Stone Crusher Plant Design for Crushing River Pebbles

In response to the market demand for high quality machine-made sand, the customer decided to invest in river pebble sand production after extensive research. Aimix not only provides users with complete sets of stone production line equipment with wide selection, reasonable support facilities, reliable quality and high cost-effectiveness, but also provides pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services.

It configures the process according to the customer’s production site and strives to achieve reasonable results for customers. economical production line. The configuration is shown below:

Project Introduction

Production capacity: 200 tons per hour

Finished product size: 0-5mm

Raw material: River pebbles

Equipment configuration: vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher, vibrating screen, impact crusher, sand washing machine, conveyor, etc.

150TPH Mobile crushing plant

How Does the Crusher Plant Work?

River Pebbles Enter Jaw Crusher

The large pebbles are fed into the jaw crusher of the coarse crushing equipment by the feeder, and are crushed into gravels that meet the feeding particle size of the cone crusher.

APJ Type Jaw Crusher

Raw Materials Enter Cone Crusher for Secondary Crushing

Then these gravels are continuously sent to the cone crusher of the secondary crushing equipment by the conveyor. Intermediate crushing is carried out during crushing


The crushed stone after intermediate crushing is sent to the vibrating screen by the conveyor. The screened stones that meet the production requirements are sent to the finished product pile, and those that do not meet the requirements are sent to the impact crusher for fine crushing until they meet the requirements.

APC-132C Stone Cone Crusher
APS-2460Y4 vibrating screen

APS-2460Y4 Aimix vibrating screener

Sand Washing

If necessary, a sand washing machine can also be configured to send the crushed finished sand that meets production needs to the sand washing machine for cleaning and removal of impurities, making the finished materials cleaner and selling better.


What are the Advantages of the Crushing Solution?

1. Advanced technology and reliable equipment

The production line adopts the company’s advanced technology, mature technology, and reliable performance equipment. The overall production technology and process equipment are at a high level in the country.

2. High-quality aggregates with high added value

This production line can flexibly adjust the discharging ratio of each finished material according to market conditions. The finished materials are of high quality, which can not only meet customers’ high-standard requirements for aggregates, but also bring considerable economic benefits to customers.

3. Multi-faceted anti-pollution design, green and environment-friendly

The conveyor belt is equipped with a dust cover to avoid dust. At the same time, the production line adopts wet production and is equipped with a waste water treatment system. The waste water during the production process can be treated to achieve water recycling and zero waste water discharge.

4. Adapt measures to local conditions and optimize solutions

The production line construction plan is designed by a professional team based on field inspection data and customers’ production needs, and the production operation process is smooth.

The technical support for this crushing solution is guaranteed because it was launched after careful inspection of the project site by engineers. Not only can it produce high-quality finished products, but its impact on the environment has also been minimized.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this crushing solution.

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